Reckoning 7

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Continued from Part 6
"Never said anything about getting what you want, and not everyone wins. More specifically I don't." I say as I stand in the center of the room.
{Shadow, are we clear for warp yet?}
"Pshaw. What do you think? Want access to the rest of my mind? You happen to be in one of the containment cells I've set up here. Or would you rather I show you what I'm doing outside?" The room changes appearance to a television screen, showing a pair of hands deftly undressing Flint. "Am I good with my hands or what?"

The Napoleon is still docked. You want to leave, you call Seven.
"So you have my mind contained in your own...." I say watching the screen. "To bad you won't have your way...." I smile slyly as I knew that I had morphed my body before to prevent them from having their fun.

Jessica I can use some help please.

I wake up from my nap to Flint asking for help. I sigh grabbing my Kaiser blades and walk out of my room to head where Flint was.
"What the- where is it? You Changeling sh*t, where is it?!"
When, where, what?

Do you guys need me to nudge you to somewhere?
Not at the moment.
Leech/Flint - Me &Kroger
Cynthia and Korzis - CR, SF, KO, Me
Stupid docking procedures- KO, CR, Me, Zarkun
I let out a cackle.
"No where you can find it. Now if you would please let back into my body."

I see a woman standing over an unmoving exposed Flint. "What the hell do you think your doing to him." I telekinetically push the woman off of her and rush over to Flint. I cover him back up and stand over him Kaiser blades drawn ready to defend him.
The 14-year-old eyes Jessica. "None of your business." Jessica finds herself in a spherical room.

"Nah. You've got fingers."
"Or do I." I let off another laugh as my body starts to liquify. "I forgot to mention, my body has a bit of a fail safe if my consciousness is removed for so long it liquefies until it is returned." I hit the floor rolling with laughter.

I curse as I am placed in a room. "What did you do?"

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"I have dummy consciousnesses, if you wanna play it that way." Through the screen, Flint can see his body reconstituting.

"You are contained within niche pockets of my mind. You are a prisoner inside the head of a girl a third your age."
Seven ponders to itself. It doesn't exactly want to leave yet, because it likes toying with these Terrans. Then again, it hasn't been ordered to undock, and someone might want a lift...
It has. A message came through that all non-Poltergeist were to leave, as KLR9 is to vanish to an undisclosed location.
I sigh in frustration. That AI was an @ss. {Seven, could you please undock so that I can get the hell out of here? I can't make a warp jump til you do.}
Diethelm could hear the commotion going on, they were about to leave. "Rhea, get ready."
Raven was still waiting for the Force's commander in charge so they can get on with devising a plan against the Commune base.
Thanks to the Protoss DNA, the powder didn't do much and I was out of the elevator with Cynthia, looking around I noticed something wrong. "Where's Korzis?"
What I didn't know was that he was with Seven!
I stop the blast and look at Shade. "I thought you were watching him." I start to wobble.
I was panicking. "I thought you were watching him!"
"I was blasting the door." I was about to fall over.
A shadow looms over the pair. "You two are the least capable parents I've ever seen. If it wasn't for Shadow and Umbra putting me on babysitting duty, your kids'd be suffering from some disease right now."

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