Reckoning 7

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I run back to the door and open it and flee towards the elevators where I knew Flint was probably going to be in a matter of minutes.

Thank you Talia...

I sprint out of the elevator towards the room where Jessica had last been.
You're welcome. Get this bug in trouble for me.

Leech comes up in front of Jessica. "What happened?"
I jump as Leech appears in front of me. I slip and hit the floor landing on my cloaking device causing it to fail. "Talia just got demoted to negative rank as did I. There was a big man that had spines all over him and he was forcing himself on her and was about to do the same to me....." My voice was shaky and I was still rather frightened. "Where is Flint?"

I had passed where Jessica was and did not notice her. I see the open door to Talia's room and pick up my pace as I near the room.
From within the room, Flint hears bloodcurdling screams. A hoarse voice comes through as well. "Shut up, Negative. You don't matter. No Negative does. I'm making it short."

Leech shuts her eyes. "Jack Bug? His barbs will have torn into her flesh."
"It did she looked horrible...."

I cringe as I hear the scream. I enter the room psi-blade at the ready and my revolver in my other hand. I look around to see if Jessica was still here. I couldn't sense her nearby....
"Where is she?" I say rather sternly.
Jack turns, allowing Flint to see the mutilated Talia. "Where's who?" Talia coughs. "Shut up, Negative. This is mercy where you are concerned."

Leech cries. "Poor girl. Rest in peace, young one, and may you enter heaven."
"Jessica, the other girl that was in this room."
I look at Talia and immediately feel bad about responded to her earlier.
"I am sorry about how I had spoken to you earlier Talia."
She shakes her head. "I-i-it's . . . o . . . kay. You wer-were right." Jack smacks her across the face, his barbs further destroying what remains of her face. Her pelvis snaps, having held his weight for too long.
"I wouldn't do that again if I were you." Anger was starting to take over.
"Talia that doesn't change the fact I could have reacted better than I did."
Jack shifts his weight, sitting on Talia's knees. "She a favorite of yours? By all means." Talia screams as the barbs on his back tear into the frail cartilage. "Don't worry! No regrets!"
"Not exactly a favorite of mine but still. Now I suggest you leave."
I still had my weapons in hand and my armor on.
"No problem, dude. Have your fun." Before standing, Jack bounces a little, snapping Talia's legs. He dresses and leaves. Talia cries. "That hurt. Real bad." Her skin is paper-white, what remains of it in any case.
"Just sit still." I walk over to her and pick her up carefully. "Now lets get you to the medical bay."
I walk out of her room carrying her to the elevator so I could get her to the medical bay. "So where is Jessica?"
She shrugs. "I told her to run, and she did." She smiles. "Thanks, but I'm going . . ." Her eyes slowly close "going . . ." Her pulse drops "gone." With that, she sneaks in a quick peck on the cheek and dies.
I sigh heavily and continue to carry her to the elevator. I see Leech standing next to Jessica who was still on the floor.
"Is she ok Leech?"
Leech nods. "Jessica is fine. Shaken up, but otherwise fine. Oh, and she talked herself into a nice nap."
"That isn't her first time experiencing something like that either though last time it was her in the victim spot." I let off another sigh. "This has just not been a good day..."
Leech shakes her head. "And she didn't exactly get along with Tombstone, so she is staying dead. That Jack Bug is a monster, but he only dares go after Negatives, who aren't allowed to fight back."
I was still having the scientists run scans on the planet and I figured it would be a good idea to see if Shadow had found anything yet. {You find anything yet, Shadow?}
"If he tries to touch Jessica he will find himself dealing with me...." I set Talia's body down on the ground and go over to Jessica. "I promised you nothing like that would happen to you again and I am going to maintain that promise."

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