Reckoning 7

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"I'm sorry if we're young and trained for war." I fall over onto my face. My eyes flash extremely bright and I appear in one of the rooms at the living quarters on the bed and my eyes close.
The man walks off. "Whatever, teleporter dude."
I glared at the man. "Okay, I'm sorry if I've been stressed out these past few days, I'm sorry if I just gave birth a couple of days ago, I'm sorry if I'm exhausted and I need a break and rest."
I will undock as soon as I am assured all passengers are aboard.
It would be more convenient if you would sign in at the appropriate
kiosk instead of just yelling your head off.
Ah, I see that CR has thrown me Korzis. I shall come up with something interesting.
Korzis starts crying again and a few electronics around him start to fry.
{Seven, I'm in Excalibur, already undocked and waiting on you. Just hurry the hell up.} I was growing impatient and it was showing.
The only three non-Poltergeist ships
Titan- type unknown, loyalty unknown
Napoleon- BattleCarrier, loyalty Entity Seven
Excalibur- Lorian Cruiser, loyalty unspecified
Stats on BattleCarrier please.

Fine. I am initiating the sequence, but it will take some time. There was...
a minor error.

Meanwhile, a psionic waveform attempts to calm Korzis.
{Thank you.} I turn off the radio and sigh. I hated AI's with a passion.
Korzis starts crying louder and the electronics start to fry even faster.
Think of what would happen if a Battlecruiser and a Carrier were combined. Each BattleCarrier's name reflects its unique capacity, so note one's name.
Endgame- largest, dual Yamato Cannons
Petite Mort- fastest
Duelist- augments reality to always fight one on one
Napoleon- does exponentially higher damage as it nears its opponents
...I used Endgame for my planet cracker...
"I have dummy consciousnesses, if you wanna play it that way." Through the screen, Flint can see his body reconstituting.

"You are contained within niche pockets of my mind. You are a prisoner inside the head of a girl a third your age."

My body begins to morph so my arms and hands are no longer there.

"I am still surprised that you are going for a man that is old enough to be father."

"So you can do what, Play with a changeling human that is old enough to be your father?" I start pacing in the room.
The mental cells contract inward, and both feel their memories and knowledge slip away. "You would do best not to test me. I am in control here, and there is no helping that." The vision on the screen shifts, and the leg on-screen taps the wall, and a knife pokes out of the boot's heel. The blade hovers over Jessica's face. "Get the picture?"
Endgame is the name of my Ares-Class Planet Cracker.
Ah. This is awkward, then.
My mind wanders in my sleep. I meet one conscious that contained three, two seeming very familiar. I slowly start to regain focus and start investigating.
I scowl at the screen and my arms and hands reform.
"Seriously though you really want a man that is old enough to be your father. Come on your fourteen, and I am sure there are much more suitable people than I that are closer to your age."

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