Reckoning 7

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{Teeming with minds, but they seem to have . . . no intent at all. Doing nothing, wanting nothing, feeling nothing. It's disconcerting.}

Leech frowns. "Even if you used your every waking moment to watch her, the next inspection is next month, leaving her at the total mercy of whoever her inspectors are. Bug will sign up for her room, I know it."
"Then during that I can take her place. I doubt either he is psionic and he wouldn't know the difference since I can match her perfectly. I made a promise and I intend to keep it." I look at Leech with a hardened expression.
{That's...different. Any reason for it?}
Leech nods. "And I will help however I can. There is a sense of duty I have."

{Not that I can discern.}

Paging CR. CR, you are needed in this thread.
"Well I might not have to take her place if we can keep Bug from signing up for her room during the inspections. Also I might have a way of 'persuading' him to avoid messing with her. In the mean time just look after her and make sure she stays out of trouble."

I look back over to Talia's body. "I better get her to the morgue. No sense in leaving her there exposed like that...."
I sigh. Maybe coming back was a bad idea. {Right, well, I'll wait for some more back up before launching any scouts.}
The burly girl from earlier walks by. "Whoa. What the hell happened to her?" Leech steps over. "I'd like you to do your thing on her." She shakes her head. "Dead like that, they wouldn't want to come back." Leech sighs. "Help me out here, Flint!"

{That'd be best.} π
"Bug got a hold of her. Tell you what, you do this and I'll owe you a favor what ever you want if I can get it consider it done. Also I can heal her if she is brought back though it would take time." I stand up and deactivate my armor. It all fades back into the bracers on my arms.
She nods. She lays one hand on Talia's forehead, the other on her stomach. The girl's head glows blue, and Talia heals her wounds. She sits up, gasping. "Holymotherof!@#$thepainiskillingme!!!!"
Drac...I have school and I just got back...


Diethelm just nods. "Then I guess I have to go."
I shake my head though. "I want you to stay, but you don't have to be a toy, you don't have to be a thing for someone to use. You are more than that, you don't have to let me do everything to you."
Sara shrugs. "Technically, I do. I'm a Negative. I have to do whatever I'm told and hope I get a promotion."

The servant guides Diethelm downstairs. "Your mistress is quite kind. Do you think she could purchase myself?"
Diethelm hesitated for a second. "I...I don't know. If she had the money, I think she would. But you see, she grew up poor and she has a steady job, but it just doesn't bring enough money in. It just helps her pay for the essentials."
I rest my hand on her shoulder. "No, no you don't. I will not take advantage of you, and I will help you get a promotion, even if it means that I have to join Poltergeist and get demoted. And remember what I said? I said that I would do anything for you, for your kindness you gave to me."
I was extremely close to the Napoleon. Soon enough I come par with it. I grab my Katana and put on a helmet. I leave the Fire Blade in place as I head over to the cargo bay. I nod to Keira as we both jump out. Using small propulsion devices we send ourselves straight onto the machine. I smash open one of the windows with a Psionic blast and pull myself in with Keira close behind. "Seven, where the hell is my son?"

Korzis starts crawling over to the wall with the toys.
Sara smiles. "Thanks. You're being so nice. You know, you're technically an unlisted Z, which means you can demote troublemakers and do whatever you want with Negatives, but just below the rank where you can offer promotions."

The servant curses. "I was born on Tarsonis, man! We got lost and crashed here. My best friend was some chick's lunch!" He bursts into tears. "From what Calliope tells us, your Mistress, Rhea, left here because she wasn't comfortable. I figure I hop on the Rhea Express and get out of here."
I know you are online, red crow. Do not evade my eye.
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I know you are online, red crow. Do not evade my eye.

The eye can not see.
Can't I even have a small break?


Diethelm followed the man ever still lightly. "I don't know, I will have to ask her when she wakes up. I can't promise anything."
"What do you mean by a unlisted Z? And if I have any real way to help you, then I have to sign up and get promoted. I can't leave you like this and you have to be promoted."
Sara takes in a deep breath. "Z is a rank. Each letter of the alphabet is a rank, and when preceded by a number, that's how many times you've gone around. Unlisted means you are not in any job, so you can't rank up. Natalie's threatening to order me to unlist myself if I ever touch her stuff again. She's 1D, and thus can promote, but she doesn't like me, and demoted me to Negative so I have no choice but to do as she says. She ordered me to clean the bathrooms once. She used her mutation to put smell and taste receptors on my hands. I've never wanted to hurt someone before, but Natalie's come close."

The servant nods solemnly. He shows off the servant's quarters: rows of 6'×1'×2' shelves.
I brought her hands closer with mine. "Then let me help you, I'll sign up. You need someone to help you or something is going to end up happening to you."
"This is the room?"
Sara smiles. "Thanks. For everything. But I don't know any jobs I'd feel comfortable with you signing up for."

He nods. "We sleep in the shelves."

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