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He frowned. "And all of you manage to fit in these?"
I just smiled. "Please, just let me do this. What all jobs involve hanging around the maintenance crew? If it's dangerous to sign up for Mechanic, then I should sign up for something that gets to work near them. While also being able to promote people who I think deserve the promotion?"
Sara frowns. "The only people down here are Regulators, pilots, and mechanics. And once you're 1A, you can promote anyone up to Z. It's an efficient system, except Natalie's the boss down here. She is unchallenged, because no one ever comes past her rank who's down here, so no one can demote her."

He shrugs. "If you're taller than six feet, your head or feet stick out. You shouldn't be broader than two feet, and if your chest takes up more than a foot you need to lose weight."
I smiled once again. "I already have a ship, so I can be a pilot. And since you said that you are a negative, no one would suspect me having you...Help repair the ship. It shall be a fun game, our own little secret. And you get the help you need as well."
He grinned. "So, might as well get in...yes?"
Sara smiles. "Sure. Go list up to be a pilot and- oops. This is where Nat would tell me I don't tell her what to do, and give some horrible punishment. But you're not Nat." She adds another quick hug. "I'll wait here, unless I get an order to move or something."

The servant nods, and slides into one of the bottom shelves. Diethelm notices, of the 169 shelves, there are only around 15 empties.
A rift opened up and a tendril with a pen went through it. "I'll just cheat." Smiling wide.

The tendril reappeared from the other side and wrote my name down on the paper, under the pilot section.

Diethelm just fit himself in the shelf, his feet sticking out some. But there was nothing else that he could do right now.
Sara laughs. "That's cool. Cooler than my mutation, at the very least." She demonstrates as she speaks. "I Smooth things. If any two objects are made of the same substance, I can mold them into one. Or separate them."
I shrugged. "Ya, I don't have a mutation though. It's just psionics, I managed to master them a couple of weeks ago. Well that particular set."
I look through the Napoleon while Keira went off to do her own thing. I smashed through every door to find Korzis.

Keira reaches the control room. She smiles and pulls out the other device she had. She attaches it to the control panel. "Hello there. I am going to find out what makes you tick."
She points into the empty air. "But that rift thing . . . just a psionic ability?"
I nod. "Yes, the only thing within me is some Protoss DNA that a certain Zerg Queen, injected into me while I was at the academy...So I have no true ability that was natural."
Sara frowns. "Oh. I'm so sorry, I've just made a huge mistake. Pure-strain DNA shouldn't interact with mutant. I've just broken a major rule, instituted by the Upper Circle." She bites her lip. "Tell everyone I forced you into it. I don't want to see you Wiped."
I held our hands together. "No I will not, and if it will make you feel better than I have one solution. Why don't I become a mutant with you? What does it take to become one?"
She cries. "It's a random thing that happens at birth. Someone will find out eventually, and when we get caught, I will claim I r@ped you. They say being Wiped is five minutes of agony, then an inability to remember so much as your own name. I . . ." She chokes back a sob "will do anything to make sure that doesn't happen to you. Please, just say you won't tell people it was what it was. I wouldn't be able to live with myself."
I brought her in closer. "'s all going to be okay, there has to be a way. And I don't know a whole lot of my childhood and memories from that long ago to know if I even have such a mutation?" I tried to comfort her as best as I could, laying my head on her shoulders. "For all we know, I have a mutation. We just have to find that out."
Sara keeps crying. "I . . . I should've asked first. It's my fault. I messed up AGAIN . . . Sara Kiwi, the girl who always manages to do something wrong." She pushes off of Shade. "I don't wanna mess you up, too. You've got a good thing going." She gives Shade the bottle of silver liquid again. "Just drink up and think about me. It's what's best."
I put the bottle on the bed. "No, because then you are suffering just as much. And there is a way out of everything...isn't there? I'll get myself tested for the mutant strain, don't put this much stress on yourself, how could you have known?"
She sniffs. "Like you said earlier, I should've asked. And it'll only be for five minutes. Then I can't remember having had a problem in the first place." She tries to sit up and be brave.
"Just let me do this, I know what I'm doing. Nothing is coming to harm me and if anything I'll just talk to Shadow about it, I know him personally. He might understand."
She nods. "Okay. But if something goes wrong, I take full responsibility. I refuse to let you be Wiped."
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She nods. She lays one hand on Talia's forehead, the other on her stomach. The girl's head glows blue, and Talia heals her wounds. She sits up, gasping. "Holymotherof!@#$thepainiskillingme!!!!"

"Thank you. Just call me on my comm when you want to redeem your favor."
I look at Talia. "She just brought you back. I am sorry for the pain that is coursing through you at this time. I can numb it for you if you wish."

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