Reckoning 7

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Talia looks at Flint and nods.

The burly girl smiles. "Call me Tombstone."
"Right, thank you again Tombstone."

I return my attention to Talia.
"Just relax. You feeling ok?"
She nods quickly. "It hurts. Just get to work."

Tombstone walks away.
I place my hand over her arm and create a small wound to allow my cells to enter her body and numb the pain.
"Sorry this should help..."
She begins to breathe more regularly. "Being resurrected, you forget how to breathe."
"Just remain calm. Is there anything else I can do?"
She laughs. "Besides remind me which bodily functions I need to perform to live? Not much."
"Breathing, eating, passing waste. I probably couldn't tell you them all simply because I never really think about the basic things I do to stay alive... Damn I take that for granted that I just do it instead of thinking about it."
Talia frowns. "That's the downside to Tombstone's 'resurrections'. You have to consciously think through your every function. You forget to breathe, you asphyxiate. You forget to eat, you starve. You forget to tell your heart to beat, your limbs go pudding."
"Wow.... Does it ever fix itself so you don't?"
She shakes her head. "Nope. I think the longest someone's lasted is three days, because they forgot to BM."
"Wow that's not good... Leech did you know about this?" I look at Leech with a curious look on my face.
Leech nods sheepishly. "I find it appalling. What Tombstone does is unnatural and wrong. The dead stay dead."

Talia begins to choke. She remembers herself, and breathes.
"Then why did you ask for her to be revived?"I was confused now with Leech's decision.
She shrugs. "You were panicking, so I . . . bent my worldview a little. Trust me, if I could find your brother's body, she would be doing that to him as well."

Talia looks over. "Do you think I should eat something?"
"Probably Talia. Here is a meal bar." I hand her the bar. "Just remember to have your body digest it."

"Leech I wasn't panicking. I was rather unhappy about what had happened yes but not panicking about it. As for my brothers body it was never found the only thing of his found was a helmet and his weapons. He was listed as KIA after that."
Talia greedily scarfs down the bar, and swallows it rather quickly. "Can do."

Leech frowns. "Oh."
"I am not upset about your intentions Leech. In fact I find them most helpful in at least knowing that someone is wanting to help like that. Thank you."
I turn back to Talia.
"I am sorry if I had know the side effects then I wouldn't have had you brought back."
Talia smiles. "Well, I'm happy to be alive. Maybe if you get promoted to 5G or something crazy like that, you come back down here, get me promoted out of Negative?"

Leech smiles. "Glad to know I'm helping."
"It is possible. I am not even sure I am part of Poltergeist yet though. I would need to do the same with Jessica though..." My gaze fall back over to Jessica who is still asleep on the floor.

I finish cleaning up and decide to organize my room. I might as well keep things neat here since I am back in the military. I decide to call Cara over the comm while I hang up my new uniforms in the closet making sure that they are pressed and neat.
{Hey Cara.}

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