Reckoning 7

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She nods. "You are. I see someone saw fit to promote you- you're a C." Sure enough, a letter C stands stark on Flint's shoulders.

{Hello. You would not believe it. Some moron comes in with a ship MISSING ITS ENGINE. How in hell do you mess up that bad?}
I glance at my left shoulder. "Huh never noticed that I even had those there..."

{Wow sounds like you had a blast. It sounds like something that would happen to me though. You know ending up with the ship but the engine missing. Wasn't ever really good with mechanical stuff. Better at killing things with a gauss rifle or bringing it down with explosives.}
I finish hanging the uniforms and make the bed to the standards that were set.
Talia nods. "Yeah, don't know how they do it. Whatever you're wearing, your rank follows. If you take it off, it disappears. Freaky as hell, and I toyed with it for a week."

{Well, I have run into stupid issues before, but I'll be damned if I see another craft missing its engine.}
I activate my armor to see if it marked my rank on the shoulder pieces. Sure enough it did.
"Shadow always had a way for such things..." I deactivate my armor and look back at Jessica. It was good to see her sleeping rather peacefully but I was still worries about her.
Talia longingly watches the letter C on Flint's armor, then observes her own horizontal line. She tears up. "I don't wanna be a Negative. Anyone is allowed to do anything they want, without retribution. Nat's gonna go nuts."
I look back at Talia.
"So negative is the lowest possible rank then. That means you and Jessica both are in trouble..." The worry on my face shows even more as I look at Jessica.
She nods. "Negative, then the alphabet in order, then stuff like 1A, and the numbers progress and stuff." She swallows in terror. "And anything I'm ordered to do, I have to do it. I don't have the right to refuse." She looks over her shoulder. The clock chimes, signalling everyone in Maintenance having to go to their apartments for the night.
I sigh as she spoke.
"Why would Shadow have such a rank." As the clock chimes I glance at it rather annoyed. "What on Terra is that chime for..."

{Well it could always be worse. The ship could have came back with almost no hull and no engine.} I finish cleaning my room and bringing it up to par standards.
Leech looks over. "Not his idea. The Upper Circle came out to nine to three, in favor of instituting Rank Negative for troublemakers."

Thunderous footsteps approach.

{At that point we build a new one.}
"Ok seems to be a little on the harsh side I my opinion." I turn to see what could be causing thunderous sounds. I was really hoping that it wasn't another rush of women to try to take me for their own.

{I would have figured that. Still sounds like you have had a more innteresting day that I have.}
Leech guides Flint back to the elevator. "Quitting time for Maintenance girls." She continues speaking. "It gets worse. They have no rights as a Negative, so they could be abused without being able to get their tormentor demoted."

{People are stupid with their ships. I fixed a Wraith with a broken wing, too.}
I grasp my forehead as Leech explains more about the rank while leading me back to the elevator. "For the love of Terra... Wait shouldn't we make sure Jessica and Talia make it back to their rooms safely?"

{Like I said, more interesting than mine. All I had was working out and drill.}
She shakes her head. "You wanna go into that crowd again? Wait here." Leech melds into the floor and returns to Talia and Jessica, leaving Flint by the elevators.

{Sad. Your day sounds so boring.}
The bell sound passed. "What was that?"
I frown slightly as I stand by the evavators waiting for the crowd to pass. Leech was right though I really didn't want to deal with the crowd but I felt like I should have stayed there.

{Eh it might get better tomorrow. Starting firearms training for weapons that I haven't used before.}
Sara frowns. "I have to get back to my apartment. Maybe if you walk me there, the others won't issue orders." She hits an elevator button.

Leech comes up on Jessica, as Talia had booked to her room.

{Ooh. Be sure not to miss with the reconstitutor, if you lay hands on it.}
I followed Sara into the elevator, a hand on the hilt of my pistol. "If anything does happen though, I'll try to talk to Shadow about it. He might be able to help."
The elevator lets out, right behind Flint. "Weirdo!" Sara insults him under guise of a cough.
Entity Seven tracks Zaros' progress through the Napoleon. However, its interest is focused primarily on the bridge. Of course, the bridge is essentially functionless on a computer controlled ship, but it is now made important by its occupant.

The lone creature sits at the comm, its multifaceted eyes taking in the displays of multiple screens. One shows Talia's encounter with Jack Bug, another shows Calliope's destruction of her shrunken servant. The being watches these and a few others with evident consternation.

You see now why it is I brought you here. These people, who have
the power to purify their weak universe as the Imperium tried to
do with its strong one, choose instead to allow the existence of
Byzantium and Rank Negative. This world needs a warrior like you,
a true child of strength that can pacify this power that is made evil
by its own complacency. You know what evil it is I speak of, Admiral.

The creature scowls, clicking its mandibles and spitting the word out like a curse: "Poltergeist."

Indeed. I give you this ship, my lord, and my services to this end.

Entity Seven watched with satisfaction as the creature nodded. Between this otherworldy warrior and the weapon playing with children's toys in bay 12, nothing would stop the evil program from implementing total rulership.

The being thought to himself. Yes, I will purge this evil universe with the resources I have been given. And as for this thinking machine, he thinks with a smile, I will deal with it personally when it has outlived its usefulness.
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Calliope's destruction of her shrunken servant.
That's on a different planet, way far out from where everyone else is at?

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