Reckoning 7

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{Bad recoil?}
I lean against the wall waiting...

I stir a bit in my sleep after the bell rings and the crowd passes through.
I think he's aware of that, and this is more of the "hyperintelligent computer" arc with Seven.
I see Flint but I try to ignore him and follow Sara.
Sara allows everyone to trickle by, and moves after the hallway looks clear. Just as she gets to the middle of the hallway, Natalie stops her. "Well, you look twitchy. Let me fix that. Stand still, Sara." Sara complies wordlessly. Natalie reaches one hand over, and makes that hand's nails into sharp claws.

{Worse. It changes what it hits at random. Like if you hit a steel door, it may become made of cheese, or fire, or even diamond.}

Leech lays Jessica on the bed. "Heavier than you look!"
I gave the girl who called me a weirdo a glance as she passes by. I take note that Shade is following her.
You have a problem with me?

{Wow, that almost sounds like it would be fun to shoot.}

I stir again in my sleep rolling over onto my left side.
My pistol was in my hand and it was aimed at Natalie. "Maybe you should stop before I shoot? Now let her go, I gave her an order to go to her room. So you can just leave her alone while she does as she's told."
Natalie laughs. "I outrank you. My orders take precedence. And if you shoot, I call in the Regulators and get you demoted."

{Until your boot turns to ice.}

Leech locks the door behind her.
A rift opens up from beneath Sara, she falls into it and it closes. "And she disappeared? I wonder where she went?" The pistol was sheathed.
Raven sighed, still carrying Cynthia he made his way out of the ship. "I wonder how those two fared?"
Natalie steps back. "What the . . ." She gives herself a pair of wings.
Sara found herself floating in rift space. "I don't know where she could have gone?"
Raven hit the elevator button and went right in.
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I think he's aware of that, and this is more of the "hyperintelligent computer" arc with Seven.

Oh, yeah.
Sara looks around, as her eyes had been shut expecting some fresh hell from Natalie. "Where . . . where am I?" Noticing the look of the place, she remembers Shade. "Shade? Little help?"

Natalie flaps around. "You didn't just . . . destroy her, did you?" Her face breaks into a grin. "I've been trying to get rid of her for ages! She was an embarassment to Maintenance itself. All Negatives are. So, I rough 'em up and hope they unlist."
{Point taken, I'll be careful when I use it if I get to that is.}

I unholster my revolver and reload it. I figured I better keep it loaded while I was down here. I reholster it and look around the halls.
I shrugged. "I didn't even touch her, I don't know what happened?" I spoke psionicly to Sera. It's going to be okay, I put you in there so she couldn't do anything to you. I'm talking to you psionicly.
Flint sees the small conversation between Natalie and Shade.

{You'd better. I don't want to step into another chewing-gum elevator.}

Natalie nods, and winks. "Sure. That's what the Regulators'll hear, too. I like you. What's your name?"

Sara flounders. "O-okay . . ."
I chuckled. "Biance "Shade" Ravius."

Raven came up from the elevator and saw Flint and me, along with Natalie. "Damn...this place is like a maze. Oh wait, it is."
I keep my distance from Natalie but keep an eye on the two in case Shade might need my help.
"Yeah Raven it is. Might want to head back to another floor."

{I think a chewing gum elevator would be the least of my worries.}I shudder a bit at the thought of someone missing and the shot hitting me.

I roll over again in my sleep mutter something about someone needing to stay away from me.
Natalie lands. "Well, I'd better be getting to my apartment, Shade. I'm only allowed an extra half hour after the curfew bell, and I'd rather not push it." She flips over a small card. "Use this in any Poltergeist computer. It comes in handy, when you're in charge."

{They only have six, but everyone is trained how to use them if they're competent. You seem to be the only new recruit that isn't either a moron or openly hostile, so you'll practice alone.}
I take the card and look at it. "Thanks, I better get back to my ship then." I spot Raven with Cynthia. "And there's my brother."
The card has the simple label of MAINTENANCE MEMBER LOCATOR.

Natlaie shuts the door to her room. A muffled shout escapes, but it's probably just that she left her TV on.

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