Reckoning 7

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"That reassuring... Guess that means less chances of getting hit by someone elses stray shot.}

{Leech is Jessica safe now?}
I looked at the card and muttered under my breath, almost as if it was a chill down my spine. "What does this mean?"

Raven came hurrying up, Cynthia held tight in his arms. She was giggling. "I can't get her to sleep..."
{Not exactly. Think about it: You are probably the only person in your launch group with the self-control to be trusted with this thing.}

{Yeah. She's asleep in her room. Why?}

Sara tries to see what's going on. "Hello? Can I get out of here?"
Nervous, the rift opened right back up in front of me and I could see Sera. "Sorry about that?"

Raven was feeling unacknowledged. "Okay, I'll just go back then." After that he went back.
She shivers. "That was what you can do? It's like space, but you can breathe."

A loud thump comes from the opposite side of the door.

As Raven heads to the elevator, it dings. Someone is using it, in another direction.
Raven sighed and just sat down. "Time to wait, time to wait."

I smiled. "Sorta, it's just psionics that's all." Hearing the thump I jumped a bit. "I feel sorry for whoever is in there."
{I was just making sure.}
I look back at Shade. "So what brought you down to this floor?" I jerk my head towards the door bringing my revolver out of its holster.

{Great so now I have to possibly worry about team killers... Extra reassuring. I didn't think that I would be the only one that had that level of self control in the launch group I am in.}
Sara looks at the door with apprehension. "Probably some poor Negative she's going sadistic on. Poor, poor Negative. Not like I can do anything about it but send my pity, but hey." Sara goes off toward her apartment.

{Not excatly. Basically, anyone intelligent enough and trustworthy enough gets a shot. Anyone come with you that fits that description?}
"I'm doing fine Flint, escorting Sera here to her apartment so nothing happens to her." I start to follow her down the hallway. "I'll go all the way to your door if you want me to?"
Sara gets a little nervous. "No, no, you don't have to do that, and you most definitely shouldn't come into my room."
I was curious and intrigued. " there something in there? Is someone waiting to hurt you?"
She blushes like mad, waving her arms. "Nothing's waiting for me to hurt me in there, just that I am used to my privacy is all."
{A few maybe.. You are referring to those who recently joined correct? I only know two people out of that group and that is John Flint and a Spectre mechanic named Jessica. If you are referring to the squad I am in most of them seem rather dull for lack of better words.}

I holster the revolver again. I was getting rather jumpy around here then again it wasn't with out a good reason.
I glance at Sara again. "So your a negative then. Sorry to hear that." I say rather sympathetically.
Admiral, I have turned over control of the ship to you. It is
formatted for single command, and I will assist in any way
you request.

"Acknowledged. As long as I am in command of this ship, you will refer to me by my functional title, Commander."

Understood. Your orders, Commander?

"Give me the coordinates of the Poltergeist primary base. And give me the capabilities of this ship on my data panel."


The Napoleon cruised towards Poltergeist, a being not of this world at the helm. Its armaments and shielding, already heavily upgraded by Entity Seven, were under the inspection of one who had seen and built far, far better...
The panel beeps. Napoleon rapid location change.
Napoleon armor toughness rating now 8th.
Napoleon weapon efficiency now 11th.
I raise an eyebrow. "The hell?"

{Yes, everyone who joined recently. Alright, so you'll be practicing with them.}

Sara nods. "Natalie just hates me, and I don't get why."
I then put my head down. "I see, I'm sorry if I'm intruding any farther now. But I care for you and I will be in guilt if anything happens to you. So I guess I'll see you tomorrow." I turned around and made my way down the hall, all by myself. Taking the care out and looking at it again.
It shines in the light.

Sara opens her door, and Shade can see various posters usually purchased by men hanging on the walls.

Diethelm is woken by an alarm. }Alert. Alert. Servant running. Alert. Alert.{
I just sigh and continue down the hallway. "She's embarrassed for me to enter the room, while we just did something? Maybe it's for the best." Muttering under my breath.
She forgets to shut the door, and it glides open. A black computer stands befor her, and she takes out contacts she was wearing without anyone knowing. She places them on the box, and posters print out of things she had seen.
I managed to reach the elevator, I was already halfway there when the door glided open. "Is the elevator working? You were just standing here."

Raven shakes his head. "No, someones using it."

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