Reckoning 7

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"Not around here, damn it. But don't worry. Your body will be fine. Not so much as a bruise. On my honor."
"If you can even call this situation honorable." I say rather bitterly. "No one respects a persons decision to wait for a particular person anymore. Oh you might want to watch out for the rest of the girls my psionic barriers are down." I say taking note of the fact my barriers are down and the crowd was still there.

"Let me out of here!!" I couldn't stand being trapped like this. It was very unsettling to be trapped in the mind of some fourteen year old girl that was taking advantage of Flint.
"Listen, to gain respect around here, you prove that you can get what nobody else could. Snagging a guy would make them stop hazing me for good."

A short laugh echoes in Jessica's mind-cell. "As you wish." She finds herself back out in the real world, but something was wrong. The body felt too light, too small . . . and too avian.
"Well you better act fast cause the others are closing in fast."

I curse telepathically at the girl. No I want MY BODY BACK! NOT SOME BIRD!.

Should've been more specific, miss. I can't touch your consciousness for another five hours without possibly causing permanent damage. Don't worry, you'll get a cracker in the meantime.
"After I finish with getting Leech back I plan on never returning to this part of the base unless I absolutely have to. Now what did you do with Jessica?" I shudder a bit with the thought of the fact I had just been taken advantage of by a fourteen year old girl. This was one memory I wish I could forget.

FIVE HOURS!!! You have to be kidding me.

Hey, you said you wanted out, I got you out. Now, while I clean up here, be a good little birdy and sing.
"The woman who you held the knife to her face."

I figured you would have put me back in my body not some damned bird. And no I will not sing for you.
"Ah. Her consciousness is inside my pet canary for the time being. Let me just . . ." Flint wakes up in his own body.

You'd better. Otherwise, you're a tiny yellow bird, versus a girl who works with tools, fixing spacecraft. I could do whatever I wanted. Your current body laid an egg clutch yesterday, so I have access to more birds.
I stand up and redress myself.
"And why is she there?" I ask her standing in my normal form fully clothed.

Oh I see you put him back in HIS own body.... I doubt he would let you do anything to me right now anyway. I would think that since you couldn't touch my consciousness for another five hours you cannot touch his either. I glare at her as a bird might.

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She shrugs. "Meh. Ticked me off. Count her lucky that I didn't put her in an inanimate object." She puts out a hand. "Call me Talia."

Nope. Moving a consciousness too often may result in permanent damage. You're unstable enough, and this guy's likable. Oh, and there's more than just physical things I could do to you. I could degrade your body while you aren't in it. I could degrade you, by just running a finger down your little spine. This canary has a funny reflex when I do that.

Flint, Natalie's already made her move on Leech. You're too late- Leech hates herself now. I'm trying to talk her out of suicide right now, actually.
The Terran infant seems to have gone back to sleep... for now. Good time to get that delicate undocking procedure over with.

Napoleon is undocking now. Standby.

The Napoleon slides loose of the installation more precisely than it ever could have with a Terran helmsman.
The conscious splits up and my mind wanders away and I lose all the focus I just had. It took me a few seconds to realize my mind was in the mechanical bay from all but one of the minds being female. Wait? Who's the guy? I think to myself.

Arianna wanders out of her room and down the halls.
{ All crews, KLR9 is departing. Repeat, KLR9 is departing.}

Rhea starts up the engine. "That's our cue."
With that Diethelm srapped in and prepped his area, he pressed a button and a green light showed up showing that he was ready. "Ready!"

Raven heard the intercom and braced himself. "I remember what happened last time something like that happened."

I was searching the entire medical bay and I couldn't find Korzis. "Zaros I can't find him!" Then it dawned to me, Seven was leaving on Napoleon and he might have the child. "No, he couldn't have..."
I just look at Talia and shake my head.
"I hope you are happy with yourself Talia. Natalie has done what ever it is she wanted and you got what you wanted. When you can I ask that you place Jessica's consciousness back into her body."

Where is she at?

How am I unstable enough? And why is all you girls find Flint likeable? Are you that deprived of male contact. The canary chips a bit.
She gets a devious grin. "If you insist, sir."

In Natalie's quarters. Trust me, it's a bad idea to go near there. Natalie gave her razor fingernails to better off herself.

He's easy to get along with, little bird. Your friend wants you back in your body, but I want a little fun. Her hand reaches through one-way mesh at the top of the birdcage, towards Jessica as a canary.

Rhea takes off into the Planetary Shield. "Warp engines activating."
"What are you doing now?" I ask rather irritated with her.

Damn it. So now what Shadow?

No you keep your hand away from me! The canary chirps angrily at Talia as it move around the cage avoiding her hand.
"Well, if you want me to move her consciousness now, I can do that. You want it moved safely, I can do that. But not both."

Nothing. Unless you're willing to brave the storm and try to calm her, your work is done.

Talia's long finger strokes the canary's spine, sending a flood of pleasure to Jessica's brain and forcing out a seven note sequence. Talia smiles, and reaches over to do it again.
"I said when you can implying when you can safely." I say as I scowl at the girl aging.

Wait what are you.... Ohh that feels good.....

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