Reckoning 7

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She shrugs. "Well, I don't exactly have anything planned for five hours. What do you plan to do?"

You like that? Good. You'll be having this happen for a while. Talia's finger repeats the motion several times, mostly to hear the short reflex tune. Another finger lazily flips a cracker near Jessica. Eat up.
"Rhea you ready to leave?" Diethelm asked.
Raven was walking back out of the room and he went to the hanger bay to check out the Choras. Then it dawned onto him. "God damn's not here." On the ground was a note.

We took it to the Mechanic Bay so...were going to work on it.

He sighed.
"I plan on finding Leech. Now if you will excuse me..." I start to walk towards the door.

I eat the cracker since that was bout all I coulld do for now.
Rhea guns the engine. "Yup. Next stop: Byzantium!" The warp engines flash.

Talia pouts. "Bye, then."

Now will you sing?
A small Spider-mine like drone moves away from the hangar where Rhea and Diethelm were, snickering.

When the warp engines flash, there's an unexpected popping noise, then the noise of something powering down violently.

A servant program monitors Korzis' life signs, then gives him a small amount of high-nutrient solution.
She curses. "Stupid faulty UED tech! Argh!" She screams and hits the steering stick. "Watch for danger, I'll go see what the problem was."
Diethelm nods and prepped the weapons on the Valkyrie, keeping an eye out for anything that could be trouble.
Korzis opens his eyes and rolls over. He crawls over to a panel and starts smacking it.
Suddenly, the star chart flips open before Diethelm, and he sees notes on their destination.

Poltergeist File
A strange, watery world, it has been mostly isolated from the rest of Koprulu. Stranger yet is their striking matriarchal society- only women have rights, and men are enslaved, identified with heavy gold bracelets. This planet has no Zerg influence, and only occasional Protoss visitation. They are currently aligned with Poltergeist, permitting the Council has one Byzantine member.
ShadowFury, I'm calling BS. The small infant would not be put in a room with the FREAKING SHIP CONTROLS.


The servant program notcies its charge has awoken and begins playing some Mozart on the nursery speaker system.
Diethelm was eying. "You have got to be kidding me, was this really the ruse all along?" He watched Rhea as she was floating around outside working on the ship.

Cynthia started to cry, she was hungry and needed fed. "Don't look if you value your life." I said.
"Who are you talking to CR?"

Korzis hears the music and starts crawling away from it, not showing any signs of falling asleep.
I was talking to anyway who was nearby her.
Rhea gets it fixed. "Damned overcharge fuel line snapped." She sees the open star chart and flips it closed. "Let's try this again. Next stop: Byzantium!"
Diethelm puts his hand on the control stick. "Tell me the truth, why are we going to Byzantium where only women have the power and men are slaves to their every whim?"
She looks at the panel. "It's out of the way, I have friends there, and you'd look good with gold armbands."
I start to exit my room very drowsy. I walk into the hangar bay and look around. I really wish I had some sort of aerial vehicle. "SHADOW!" I say, being way to exhausted to find him mentally.
He just stared her down, giving her an angry gaze. "It doesn't matter, I'm not going to live the rest of my life as a slave to someone who I am starting to love. It's just wrong and I deserve just as much freedom."
I had grabbed Cynthia and I pulled my top down. I started to nurse her.
She taps the keys nervously. "I don't know any coordinates besides here, Byzantium, and Tarsonis. I suck at this."

What is it, Zaros? Screwed over again?
"No. I would like some sort of craft that has the ability to fly through space." I say with a yawn.

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