Reckoning 7

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He still had his hand on the stick. "But why Byzantium? Did you think that once we lived there that you would have yourself a little toy to play with for the rest of your life?"
She shifts in her seat. "It's not like that! Yeah, I admit, you would be registered as a servant to me, but that just means you can't tell me no. Which is the situation we were just in, right? No change."

Are you bold enough to enter the hangar? Your counterbalances are all roaming about down there- Natalie, who can edit bodies as she pleases and control ice, Talia, who has her mind for use as a prison, and Maria, who becomes four times as powerful as whoever she sees.
Raven went Hydralisk Aspect, his body was changing and he was at the elevator. Just to let you know Shadow, those mechanics took my ship! And I'm taking it back from them and they ain't stopping me!

I was down nursing Cynthia and I pulled the top back up, cradling Cynthia and humming a slight tune.

Diethelm let go of the stick. "Fine...can't be any worse, but you know what I'm going to do if you abuse your power right?"
Before I leave the room I look back at Talia.
"What you got what you wanted from me didn't you?"

The canaries body begins to sign different melodies. I was bored and really couldn't do much in the body of this blasted bird.
Talia shrugs. "Expected something, I dunno."

Good bird. For that, I'm letting you out of the cage for a little while. Just don't go near Natalie's room- she has a cat. The latch slides open, releasing Jessica.

Rhea looks over. "I won't be anything like my friend Calliope, if that's what you're thinking. Nine servants, played with them as she pleased, and wasn't stingy with the whip, either. Rich brat."
"Like what?" I raise an eyebrow in curiosity.

I'll just stay here. I find it might be better to not take any chances and end up not being able to get placed back in my body. The bird remains in the cage but hops around a bit.
She looks over. "Most people say something. It's some politeness-rule-thing, I guess."

If you insist. The cage's latch slides shut with a loud click.
"It was against my will what do you expect me to say, Thank you I had a good time?" I am trying to hold back my aggravation with her. Anger just led me to not think clearly and that is something I needed to avoid right now.
Diethelm sighs and gives the control to Rhea. "This better not be the biggest mistake I made."

Raven pressed the button that was going to lead him down towards the maintenance bay. "Damn mechanics and them stealing m...I mean our ship!"

I was pondering on how I should let Cynthia go with her life when she got older. I wondered.
She shrugs. "Fine. Go be with Leech, then. Maybe you can get the b*tch to leave. She's a horrible neighbor."

Rhea looks calm. "It won't be." The Valkyrie warps off.

Raven finds himself face-to-face with three of the mechanics.
"I'm already down here... I still want a ship though."
Raven spat a nanosteel covered spine from his mouth and it formed a string after it hit it's target...a wall. He then spat acid making the women bunch up together and trip on the string. "Damn..." He then jumped over it and made a beeline dash towards the Choras.
"I am not getting Leech to be with her. I am doing it because I am probably the closest thing to a friend she will ever have. Also have you tried to even get to know her at all. Yes I know that she has an effect on people that make them tired and she feeds off of the radiant energy but that isn't because she chose it. I never chose to let some fourteen year old try to take advantage of me and threaten the life of another friend of my to get to cooperate. I didn't choose to become a human protoss hybrid either. And for your information the person who I would rather be with instead of anyone here isn't even here on base, she is on Byzantium." My voice is elevating with each sentence.
Talia frowns. "Byzantium? Who lives that far out?"

One girl chuckles and catches Raven's foot. "Gotcha."
"Like you would really care." I scowl at her.
Before Raven hits the floor the tail that he gained from the aspect knocked the girl to the side as he did a somersault with his two hands. He was calm and collective.
Talia looks offended. "Look, dude, I wanted something badly, but I'm not callous."

The girls snickers, and takes a deep breath inward, pulling Raven closer.
"Shadow. Can I please get a ship?"
Raven secreted a slimy acid that loosened the grip from the girl and he slid out, he barreled it for the ship.
"Her name is Dani Glitsrinn if you really must know."

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