Reckoning 7

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No problem. Go get one.

The girl simply keeps up her long inward breath, dragging Raven closer.

Talia loses all color. "You won't . . . tell her what happened, will you? Please, sir, I meant no harm!" She falls to her knees.

Leech strides by, and is kept from slashing at herself by psionic barriers.
Raven spat a Bio Bomb Spine at the girl and it exploded in her face, the breathing stopped and he had finally made his way to his ship.
I browse the selection of ships.

"I need you to place what would be in the hangar."
She gasps for air. "Help! Can't . . . breathe!" She puts her hand to her throat, where she was choking on bio-bomb debris. The other two girls ignore her and close in on the ship.
Raven shut the doors shut and locked them good. He had to start it up and get it out into space and land back into the hanger instead. "Damn women!"
I ignore Talia and walk out of the room. I see Leech pass by and stop her.

"I'm sorry I couldn't get to you in time."
A massive array of ships lines the wide hangar, with two- and three- seaters making up much of the selection. Some craft are familiar Wraiths, Scouts, and other such craft, but many of Poltergeist design are scattered about.

Leech continues to attempt to slash at herself. "I'm filthy. Evil. Don't touch me, this . . . horrid influence may spread."
(Think- she was raised conservative Catholic. Think of what Natalie could have done to provoke something on this scale.)

One tech leans over the ship, and spits in a bio-bomb identical to one of Raven's.
I choose one of the Poltergeist ships. It had a small cargo bay and a cockpit with three seats, but places to put more. It looked like it would only require one person to fly it though. "Hell yeah!"
I shake my head. "No your wrong Leech. Your not filthy or evil."

The movie ends and I look over to Cara. "So I should probably get back to my quarters soon. Thanks for dinner and a movie." I stand up and gather the rest of my cloths.

Whats your problem. Dani isn't that bad. The birds head tilts slightly as to look curious at Taria.
Poltergeist File
The latest and greatest in armored cargo cruiser, and the only craft besides my own Vengeance to be installed with Jigen-tou armor option.

Leech looks confused. "But all that happens is punishment or a test, and there is no need to test my faith. And what just happened was filth."

We kinda got threatened by her.
Really why?

I look at her curiously. I wasn't sure what happened in that room but what ever it was Natalie did had really done a number one Leech.

"I'm sorry I wasn't able to stop her Leech. I should have tried harder and now you have to suffer for my failure."
I walk out and look for some paint.
Cara nods. "Come back over later. We should do this more often."

She has a freaking temper.

Leech shakes herself, and goes to strike herself with the new razor fingernails Natalie gave her.
I find some red paint and grab it. I grab a brush as well and paint onto the side, FIRE BLADE.
I smile at Cara. "Yes we should. Maybe next time we can try a few things..." I give her a wink and I finish dressing myself.

Only if you push the right buttons.
The man you were just with, John Flint is his name if you didn't know, has history with her. Rather the fact he hasn't gotten over her since the parted about six months ago. I don't get what she saw in him either.
The canary chirps again.
Cara playfully throws a couch pillow. "Tell me."

Oh, no . . . I just . . . her boyfriend? Oh, no, no, no, I'm gonna die. Talia removes her hand from the cage and falls to her knees in despair.

Leech snags the pistol off Flint. "I refuse to be filthy."
"Oh but the fun is in making you wait." I give a sly smile as I walk for the door. "Maybe tonight after I get done with my workout.

I pull the revolver out of her hands and unload it. "How in Terra are you filthy Leech?" I holster the revolver and make sure the ammo is secure in one of my pockets.

Not exactly her boyfriend. I think she left him for a chance with and ex of hers. Flint never really told me the details he was rather depressed for awhile still is I think. He blames himself for not trying harder to win her over. I think you'll be fine though Flint won't let you get killed over this.
Cara sticks out her tongue. "See ya."

Leech shudders. "She . . . she . . . and I . . ." She looks at herself. This last part is whispered: "I'm no virgin anymore."

Sounds long and complicated. Like a math test.
I remain quiet and look Leech in the eye.
"She forced herself on you? I'm sorry I couldn't stop her Leech. I tried and failed."

I grin as I head out of the apartment and make my way back to the elevator to get back to my department.

It is rather long and complicated but all in all you'll be fine.
She cries a little. "The worst part is that she kept me capable of feeling sensations. It felt wrong in my mind . . . but my body has no moral qualms."

Hopefully. I hope I never see that woman again.

Rhea and Diethelm exit warp over a blue world, flecked with green. White swirling clouds lazily drift over the islands.

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