Reckoning 7

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"I know that feeling...." My mind wanders a bit towards the first time Dani and I were together and Umbra's corrupted sense of humor. It then goes to the most recent event with Talia.
"Leech it isn't your fault. Our bodies are rather complicated in their feelings. Our minds know what is right and wrong. Our bodies don't concern themselves with right and wrong just what feels good and bad."

Which one Dani or Leech?

I make it back in time to start my workout with the rest of the squad.
Leech shakes her head. "I just feel so filthy. And the elders condemned same-gender relations with pressing." She shudders, as if remembering a public pressing.

Either. They kinda scare me. But Leech finally got what she deserved. Little miss clean Catholic'll never go near any of us.
"You didn't want it did you? It was against your will so I do not see why you feel filthy."

I don't even want to know what was done to her. So how much longer do I have until I can be returned into my body?
The servant program studies Korzis, puzzled. Its records show quite clearly that Mozart has a positive influence on babies.


Well, as long as it makes the infant smarter like it's supposed to...

It tries plopping a few toys in with him, then prepares to study his reactions.
Korzis looks at one and picks it up and tosses it upwards about a foot. He grabs another one and starts smacking it down on top of another.
Leech shakes her head. "I didn't want it, yet now I have the strangest urge to do it again." She is shocked by her own words.

Well, just know that your body will be an option in four hours.
Raven heard an explosion within the Choras. "No they didn't...those !@#$%es."

Diethelm was looking at the planet. "So...this is Byzantium?"
"That is because your body is compelled to. You can fight it off I am sure of it."

Hmmm There really isn't much for me to do. This is going to be a long four hours.... My voice is rather saddened in tone. It was depressing that I couldn't do much of anything.
She looks frightened. "But-but what if I can't?!"

If you like, I could let you out around.

The ship sputters and dies.

Rhea nods. "Yup. My home."
Diethelm sighed. "It's actually quite beautiful."

The lights turned off and the reds turned on. "This is why I make sure they don't take it in the first place. I bet this was all a ruse to get me to come down here!" Raven was angry and he was still in aspect.
"I know you can Leech and don't think about what if you can't. That will just inhibit your ability to fight it."

Might as well don't have anything else to do.
Rhea slowly comes in for a landing, and another girl is waiting. "Diethelm, I have some old servant armbands in my pack. Lock them on."

Leech smiles. "Thank you for your confidence." She sighs. "So much for being pure. Father will be disappointed."

Alright. See if it's natural or learned. The latch opens.
With a sigh he reaches for them and puts them on. "Are you sure that this is a good idea?"
"Leech I want you to remember this. Back on my home world Earth a lot of the nuns from when Catholicism started to even in my time were not pure when they joined and sometimes even after they were not. Priests are the same. There were several instances of their purity was in question."

The canary bird hops to the edge of the cage and stretches it wings out. Well here goes nothing. The bird leaps out of the cages wings flapping. It manages to fly for a few minutes before falling towards the ground.
Rhea shrugs. "Best one I have." The Valkyrie puts down. The girl steps up. "Rheeee-yaaa! You're finally enough in the black to afford a servant?" The girl eyes Diethelm. "But you got ripped off, no matter what you paid." Rhea looks nervous. "Calliope? You're still here?" "Yeah! You always get the best prices near ports."

Leech looks shocked. "Was it all a lie?!"

Talia puts out a hand. You OK?
Diethelm just grunts in annoyance and crosses his arms. "Rhea, I'm going to go ahead and grab our stuff from out of the Valkyrie." Before he leaves he glares at the other girl.
Calliope laughs. "So, you didn't go for a big one, or a smart one- he's THAT kind of servant? But what happened to what you said before you left?" Rhea goes bright red. "I was young and foolish." Calliope smiles. "You don't 'grow up' in three years. Here." She cracks a bullwhip. "Ben! Carry her!" A large man with his mouth stitched shut puts Rhea on hos shoulders.
Diethelm grabbed all the bags and made his way outside, he then noticed Rhea being carried by some man over their shoulders. "What's going on here..." As he approached, he wasn't afraid to do anything either. "Put her down."
Sighing with relief, I give the fleet wide launch order and we all vanish into warp, coming out at the planet where we'd run into the strange ship. {Shadow, I'm back at the planet. Something...seems off about it.}

OOC: Naits, now would be a good time.
{It indeed felt like a trap.}

Calliope looks angry. "Get control of your servant, Rhea. Before they Pacify him." Rhea looks nervous and confused. "Um, uh . . . keep your distance, Diethelm. Before I'm forced to punish you." Her eyes look pleading. Calliope snorts. "You suck at keeping control. No wonder you're poor."

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