What were/are the most fun RP's?

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My question to JoeyRay's is what are the most fun RP's you have ever been involved with? This includes ones that are still alive now. For instance, Darkest Heart, could be your favorite RP you have ever been involved with. It doesn't have to be one thats dead and gone.

The reason why I ask is because I am, as some of you know, putting together yet another RP. (Shocking I know.) This one is going to combine the sequel to Ghost Ship and the triquel The Dishonored. And I want to study your favorite RP's to get a sense of what a successful RP looks like.

And because I'm curious what you people's fav. RP is :)



Oh, and what was your favorite part of your favorite RP :P
I have liked all RPs was involved with.
The Warren- randomness+combat=hells yeah!
PKA- It's a great plot, and everyone develops their characters really well.
Techsuit- Techsuits. That is all.
Reckoning- the mysterious plot.
Amnesia- You can never go wrong when it involves a Xel'naga artifact and when a mysterious race shows up.
Drac, you just named every RP You've ever been in...
But if they were the only RPs he's been in, then it's ok? He still answered your question.
"PKA is a good RP for starters and has many sub plots making it a great RP.

"Order Comes Chaos seems like it'll have a good plot development, and I think it is where I shall develop my new race the most.

"Techsuit is a meh so not the funnest.

"I find that Z&Z 2 is one where it is an Open Worlds RP where you can do almost whatever the hell you want. This makes it the funnest."
PKA, DH, From Order comes Chaos, Z&Z 2, and that's about it.
I'm seeing the same answers alot. Thanks!

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