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Im trying to build a new computer and i got most of everything done but i still need the Motherboard, Processor, and graphics card. I have had a few suggestions about the CPU but i dont know very much about these 3 pieces and im looking to be able to run sc2 on high or ultra but still keep a decent FPS rate. My budget will be about 2-400$... Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
Oops, read post wrong. Thought you were getting an entire computer for that much, which would make you crazy.

Anywho, mind posting your computer specs that you're intending to upgrade?

will give you all the info you need on price and performance for the parts.
I didn't make it, but used it recently to build a flawless system that stayed on budget.

Good luck
Any intel processor will work. Id recommend a i3 2100. Its cheap and effective and has the capability to run sc2 on high with 50+ fps.

Any z68 motherboard made by Asus or Gigabyte will work here.

Spend the rest of you budget on a Radeon video card made by Asus or Gigabyte.

Also ram is cheap and depending on what you already have. It MAY or MAY NOT be compatiable. So be ready to spend $50 on some Corsair vengeance LP ram.
I have an i3-2100 and I played sc2 for a week on the integrated graphics before installing my 6770. On integrated graphics, you can play starcraft with low shaders and lighting, but ultra textures, models, etc. and get over 60fps.

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