World's End II

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So Why do people complain When I miss posts again. Or at least misunderstand them?
Ninjaed again Damn it!

OOC: You said you'd drop it, damn it.

IC: "That's fine. Don't leave the inner chamber. Last time you did that you were attacked."
So Why do people complain When I miss posts again. Or at least misunderstand them?
Ninjaed again Damn it!

OOC: You said you'd drop it, damn it.

IC: "That's fine. Don't leave the inner chamber. Last time you did that you were attacked."

I said that about the Temple.
But fine, I'll drop that too, if no one complains.
Grabbing the staff I took off to where the statues were, yelling out I replied to Rod'nac. "Don't worry, I'll stay in the garden this time."

I'm guessing it's an inner chamber...
"Don't lie to me, Rod'nac. Is the halberd cursed?"

"It is. It may have housed the spirit that attacked Simiras." I walk up to my father's statue. "I know you are still there, father."

Ra'thu: "I wasn't hiding son, I'm always here."

I ignored the stunned gasps and whispers from the men and women. "That halberd, what is it?"

Ra'thu: "It is the halberd of Queen Forth'ra."

"!!! The Blood Queen?!"

Ra'thu: "Indeed. Used in dozens of battles by the woman herself, it has been used to slay hundreds of people of all races including a dragon drake. Supposedly, it can kill more powerful beings, but that has yet to be proven. It is appropriately called, if not imaginatively, the Blood Blade. When Queen Forth'ra died, she came to this temple against its will. Her intention was to use the knowledge to give herself unlimited power. Her magic allowed her entrance, but the temple, with it's limitless power, trapped her in her weapon which had been brought here the day before. She now resides in it as an angry spirit, one that was surprisingly pacified by that girl. Her ability is amazing."

"It must be. What an ironic fate. To be right where you want to be, but sealed from everything you wanted. What do we do with the weapon?"

Ra'thu: "Quite so. The weapon, in its current state, can now be wielded by a person of its choosing. I have a feeling that that person is in this room."

OOC: I'll finish the rest later.
The Tosk had found their own weapons, much more highly developed than the primitive axes and bows that they made. Interestingly enough, they were fit perfectly to the size of the Tosk. As we walked back to rejoin the group we passed the world map, the Tosk standing proudly over the swamp.
A captain walked into the mess hall and looked around for the Alexander brothers. He found them sitting together and walked up to them.

"Stefan and William! I have good news for you! The Red Barons deemed the two of you as worthy to join their ranks. Here are your papers and orders."

The two brothers took their papers. Stefan looked astounded. "This is unreal."

"Didn't you hear? They chose us for our merits. That means they see potential in us! We can't waste this opportunity. According to this paper, we are leaving in two days."
"Get close to the Celestial Gordon! I'll support you with magic."
The amulet was back around my neck and I was near my mothers statue. "I promise that I will come back and visit you again, no matter what happens I will keep that promise."

The statue was smiling, and one tear came out of the eyelids. It was a tear of joy.

With a smile I left the inner part of the chamber and went back to Rod'nac. "Do you want me to go ahead and go back to the garden, or stay here?"
Waiting on you SF.
I think that SF is in a game? And is she accepted?
I'm waiting on you smylez.
I have a chain of events I want to initiate but that means this Dora conflict has to be resolved first...

I know that. But I'm not going to move Cleo out until Dora's sideplot is done.
Ah, I'll tab him in DA.
OOC: Zarkun need you to post as Cleo, smylez. Sonofa!@#$%. I was typing up my post when I hit the back button. I hit the forward button but what I typed didn't reappear. I lost it.

IC: "Stay here for now until we determine who the weapons belong to. I'll ask about the history of the sword and bow after we determine the owner of the halberd. Father, do each of the magical weapons have a spell of possession on them?"

Ra'thu: "Yes, they do. Each of the weapons chooses its master. I noticed Svelena that you couldn't pick up the sword earlier, but you could move the bow. You had to have Rod'nac move the sword. I also noticed that you didn't try to directly move the halberd. You moved it with another weapon. Even with your untrained eye you could tell it was dangerous, right?"

OOC: I know I didn't say that earlier, but screw it. I'm making a retcon.

"Something just seemed- unnatural about it."

"That mean, though, that sword really is mine and the bow really is hers. Who owns the halberd then."

Warrior: "Let me try and pick it up. I've been studying with halberds my whole life. They are my weapon of choice."

The warrior runs over to the Blood Blade and attempts to pick it up. As he grabs it, electricity flows from the handle. The warrior is stunned and unable to move as it flows through him. A moment later, he is thrown a few feet back. Svelena runs over to him to help him up, but it becomes obvious that the electricity temporarily paralyzed his muscles and he is unable to move.

Ra'thu: "Well, we know one thing. It isn't him."

"Yeah, I have a distinct feeling that it didn't like him. Thanks for stating the obvious."
OOC: Have to go get ready for bed, will post in an hour or so.
I saw what happened, the energy coursed right to the warrior and hurting him. Paralyzing him even. "Why do we have to do this? No one else needs to get hurt in order to find out who can use this." I felt a shiver down my spine, the ghost was locked in that halberd, the ghost that tried to attack me.
Isobelle was walking down one of the many roads that littered the human kingdom, she was on a journey to write down all and see for herself the legends of this mysterious world. The pendant was glowing with the essence of the hatchling. "If only you didn't have to do that for me."
Kie was at his post, alas though, he was only watching for the slightest movement that came from the forest, any noises that were suspicious as well. "This is tiresome, waiting just for even slightest movement."
Dora sees the two coming at her. She fires an arc of electricity and gathers the water particles out of the air into a shield and she turns it to ice.
"Get ready Gordon!"

Agathe channels a stream of fire at Dora.
Isobelle then made her way to a town near the forest, she saw many soldiers running back and forth preparing for something. " going on here?"
Kie spotted Isobelle and made his way back into the town hall, he was supposed to tell Kyle whenever someone was arriving. "Sir, someone has arrived, I can't tell who it is though. All I could make out from the person was that it's a female wearing a travelers cloak."
Ra'thu: "Dear child, you are ignorant. War is coming. Heroes are few and far between in our society these days. Our leaders are not as experienced as they used to be and we lack magic powers. A war is coming and we need to harness the power of our weapons or else more heroes will be added to the temple ahead of their times."

"It is true, we need more warriors with special abilities and weapons. Already, it has become clear that this war is a mistake on our part. The humans outnumber us and have more advanced weaponry. So far we have no allies besides for the beasts of the Earth. It was easier for us when the humans were divided."

"But who should get the Blood Blade? You saw what happened when he tried to touch it."

Ra'thu: "Son, have you received a premonition? You have that look on your face."

"Fas'na, front and center."

Fas'na: "Me my Lord?"

"Yes, come forward." Slowly, the smallest and least experienced warrior in my part moved up. She has the appearance and the agility to match. Someone like her may be slowed by the weapon, but if she mastered it, she would move too quickly to be stopped. In my mind's eye, I can see soldiers falling left and right to the halberd twirling in an arc around the tiny Fas'na. However, the premonition could be wrong. It has been before, though it is rare. "Will you attempt to take the weapon, Fas'na?"

Fas'na: "You would have me try, Lord. I am but a humble house kitten compared to the likes of you. I deserve no blade that will not take you."

"None sense. I have taken the sword. You can't take that from me and I will not attempt to take a weapon away from its rightful owner. Again I ask you: will you try and take the halberd?"

Fas'na: "For you, my Lord, I would do anything. I would even give my life to save yours."

I smile in response. "Then try to take it." I watch as the girl goes towards the weapon. It is obvious that she is nervous. She saw what happened. She knows the pain that she would feel, but she does not hesitate. Perhaps, she really is that loyal? She grabs it and the halberd once again sparks and flares. She covered in electricity and her body freezes, but she does not release the weapon. She holds onto it despite the obvious pain on her face. She collapses on one knee as blood pours out of a burn in her hand as the skin splits apart.

Svelena tries to run forward to Fas'na, but I hold her back. Svelena looks extremely concerned. The electricity increases in intensity, but it starts to flicker. Everyone besides Svelena and I scramble away from her in fear. I look toward Simiras. I suppose I could cover her eyes, but she will see a lot worse in the coming days. She needs to prepare for this. Plus, everyone here needs to see Fas'na's sacrifice. The electricity then just vanishes as quickly as it appeared. Oh that is left is the Fas'na's heavy breathing.

Ra'thu: "It seems you have beaten it Fas'na. The halberd of the Bloody Queen is now yours to command. Your family would be proud."

Fas'na T3
Beastman (house cat-like in appearance)
-Warrior under the command of Rod'nac. Extremely loyal. A private in terms of rank and a new initiate. Has somehow gotten possession of the Blood Blade, the ancient halberd weapon of the Bloody Beastman Queen Forth'ra whose angry spirit is housed in the blade.

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