World's End II

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I sat down next to the tree. "I...I see, at least you are more useful than me. I'll just get in the way and I'll never be able to achieve to anything besides getting my head cut off."
"Your a 13-year-old girl, my lady. You will have time. Perhaps, one day, you'll become a hero like Rod'nac."
"I just don't know what to do though...I'm not ready for anything, and I'm scared about sacrificing at all. I've seen what happened to some people and it scared me. I'm nothing like Rod'nac, I will never be able to amount to anything and I'll never be able to bring honor to my family name like...mother."
"What have you seen my Lady?"
I started to cry. "It involved mother and I don't want to talk about it!"
"I'm sorry I asked my Lady. Is there anything I can do for you?"
The crying continued. "No, I don't need anything. For I'm only a coward who can't even fight back my memories."
I lean over and I hug her tightly. "My Lady, you were wrong. You're a credit to your race to have survived this long. Whatever happened to you must've been terrible."
I let her do what she's doing, my tail naturally wrapping up around her. "I am wrong. I only survived this long is because someone saved me. If they didn't then I would be dead right now. I can't do nothing by myself."
"That ghost. Rod'nac said it was his father. I- That confused me. This place is... interesting to say the least. Any ways, that ghost said you pacified the Blood Queen which resides in my new halberd. If I understand him correctly, then that's what let me wield this weapon. You allowed me a chance to help our people and, even though it was an accident, I am eternally grateful for that." I lower my head onto her shoulder and close my eyes. "You have accomplished more than I have my entire life."
I try to shrug away from her, but I couldn't. " have accomplished more than me. You're actually going to be of some use than I ever will. And I didn't pacify her, I just made her go back in. I had nothing to do with it."
I lean back from the hug, but I keep my hands on her shoulders. "You're too modest. I love royalty like that. You had everything to do with it. Do you know the story of the Blood Queen?"
"I am not being modest, I'm telling the truth and why wont you listen to me? And no I don't know who that is, nor do I want to.""
"Forth'ra may have been your ancestor, you know? Why she would attack you is beyond me, but it's amazing that you stopped her. She had incredible magical ability." I stand back and stab the Blood Blade into the ground. I sit cross legged next to it. "They say that she could kill celestials by herself and that she was the greatest beastmen practitioner of perception magic. Very few beastmen have ever been able to use perception magic."
"So...we may have been related and she may have been able to use perception magic and so can I, it doesn't matter. I want to be left alone...please."
"Very well. I just mention it, because you managed to DEFEAT her in a magic battle. That's... impossible. It's never been done before."
I was feeling angry. "And I did that by accident, I was scared and didn't know what I was doing! For I still don't know how to do it and it just happened! Don't compare me to someone else! A lot of things happen when your scared..."
"You defeated her by accident?! Dear heavens..." I just look at the girl in awe.
"Just leave me alone!" With that I broke out of the grip, I walked over to the bloody lake, turning around I faced her. "Why can't I ever be left alone, why don't I just end my life!? It will end all the suffering that I will have to live through in my life!" I was venting magic and it was disrupting the garden, damaging some of the plants.

Almost as if it was angered, the blood from the lake formed a hand, grabbing my leg. My eyes were fulled with terror, I was scared. It pulled me into the lake and I started to sink in it, the blood pulling me down.
"What?! No!! Lady Simiras!!" I run to her and grab her hand as she's sinking. Blood starts to pool in the air. Her magical outburst caused damage and the temple is trying to deal with the threat. A streak of blood shoots out and covers our hands. Apparently, it isn't please with my defense of her. "My Lady! Stop the flow of magic to appease the temple before it kills us both and adds us to the pool!" I start to get pulled into the pool as well. I look back at the Blood Blade, regretting leaving it there. It glows with an eerie light. It's as if flames dance on its surface

Is the blade... laughing at us?

Angered by the thought, I redouble my efforts to pull Lady Simiras from the blood lake.

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