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10/10/2012 04:38 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Salem stepped forward. "Who is he? Is he a family member or a dear friend of yours?"

"Without him we... would... all be dead. Come to think of it." Sean stood up and viewed the sky, "Without him we would have been like the others..." Sean turned and gave a hard look at Salem,

"Dont you understand? Everyone... Dead, gone, taken... They will not stop until everything you hold dear has been taken and devoured!"

Kyle started to sit up and Sean turned around and helped him up. "Are you okay?" Sean asked him.
"Never been happier to see dirt." Kyle said cheerfully. "Did Michael make it out okay?" Sean marveled at Kyle

"I saved your !@# from sure death. You should be dead and all you can think about is Michael? You are a far better man then me." Sean stated.
"No, no its not that. I was just curious if he is okay, thats all." Kyle explained, he then looked at Salem, "Who is this?" He asked Sean.
"Who are you?" Sean asked Salem.
I sigh. "Think about it Mark. If they had a way off this hell hole, do you think that they'd still be here?" I notice that the number of necros around Relasta was dropping, then vanished completely. Should be able to get her soon.
"Unless they just need help... Come on, what have we got to loose?" Mark was beginning to beg almost.


Did anyone even read the Sinister Outpost's Backstory?
Salem looked at the two and went back to the truck and threw the rifle in the back. "Get in...I'll explain on the way back."
Sean picked up his pulse rifle and strapped the Flamer to his side. Kyle just walked to the truck and got in the back seat.

Sean then got in shotgun.
"Lets see.. our lives and this ship. Like I said, desperate people will try to do anything if they have to. But if your set on going there, we can."
Stefan says with a sigh.

yes, I did.
10/08/2012 09:28 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Some would just start going crazy, ripping their teeth out and running into walls. Others would have strange dreams, some couldn’t sleep at all, not even a wink until their body finally collapsed on the floor in one big lump.


War, I know you read the story so far, but did you read Sinister Outpost Backstory?


"I am set upon it. We have nothing to loose, nothing we couldn't loose elsewhere on the planet anyways."
After waiting for the two of them to get in Salem turned on the engine and it roared to life. Putting it into gear he reversed it and did a quick change to first gear. "Okay, I am Salem...Ex Veteran helping with security detail at the mining outpost. We have held out against these monsters and we have done our best to try to find a cure...We haven't succeeded.' The PDA flashed and it was a messaged from Rebecca.
Rebecca grabbed her PDA as she ran out of the mess hall, hiding the wound. {When you get back we need to be in private, I'm afraid something happened and no one can know about it}
After hearing her he said back. {Don't worry, let's just go back to our quarters and we'll discuss it in there.} Turning it off he sighed. "Something must have happened while I was gone.
I sigh. Finally Relasta falls over from exhaustion and I act. Landing, I sprint out the not quite open ramp and grab her, sprinting back and sealing the ramp again. Purging the vents, I take off and head towards the base. "I'll see how it looks from above. If it looks good, I'll land on the outskirts and lock this place up tight."
At the top of page one? Yes, I did.

Stefan nods;
"Alright, what should I tell the base? I'm sure they're eagerly awaiting a reply from me."
"Tell them you have nothing unusual to report and am on your way back. Then let them sh!t themselves when we fly over."
"Right.. because that will get them to trust you guys.."
Stefan shakes his head;
"I think I'll just go with the whole, these are nice friendly people and we're coming in to land."
With that, he switches on his com;
{Base this is Hawkeye; do you copy?}
Uh oh. That's probably me!

Noctalus thinks, quickly pondering a course of action. As a safety, he turns on the nanites in his suit with a quick button press, and not even a moment later, he's wrapped in a gentle blue glow. He swings his Plasmite Thrower over his back, just for good measure.

God help me if I need to get close to these people... I just need to find Dad and get the hell out of here!

OOC: I have a plan for finding Michael. Mind posting some in-driving dialogue?
"Mining outpost? The Apparition is a Frigate." Sean interrupted.
"No, no." Kyle shushed Sean, "That was the cover story, rummer had it that we were really mining in protoss space. Everyone kept quiet though."
"Sean, Let him continue." Kyle gestured toward Salem and Salem looked up from something he was doing.

"Is everything okay?" Kyle asked him.


10/10/2012 05:00 PMPosted by Warhawk
"Alright, what should I tell the base? I'm sure they're eagerly awaiting a reply from me."

"Tell them you found a ship and they are full of survivors, we are on our way."
Mark urged

"We copy. Stefan, what is your status, over." The radio operator came in.

10/10/2012 05:25 PMPosted by morrjo
OOC: I have a plan for finding Michael. Mind posting some in-driving dialogue?

What's in-driving dialogue?
Just some dialogue while Sean and Kyle are talking and driving. Elaborate on some story points! You may hear a *clink*...
"Huh, nice place you got here..."
As Garret said this, he picked up a rock and threw it at a nearby squirrel.

Phil and his buddy looked at each other, then opened the door. They led him to the mess hall. "So do you want to join us? We could use your help, and there are no demons in here!"

"How would I help you? And if their are no demons, then I suppose this place should suffice....Will I keep my position of king here?"
{Inbound in the ship, they're looking for a clear LZ. over}
"Unfortunately, no. Mike and Trevor rule these lands." Phil explained. "You would help us by killing those hell spawns that get near the colony, surely you know of what I speak of, no?"


{Good, bring in the survivors in with welcome. Nice Work Stefan, Operator out.)

10/10/2012 05:52 PMPosted by morrjo
Just some dialogue while Sean and Kyle are talking and driving. Elaborate on some story points! You may hear a *clink*...

Sorry.. Im a little slow.. what do you want me to do?
OOC: Never mind, I'll have to-



A small noise is heard from the truck, like someone had thrown a pebble at its windshield, or an usually large bug had smacked into it. And resting on the hood?

...A single, roughed up scout drone...

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