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I sigh. The ship had detected an outpost to the north and several dangerous things all up and down the valley, but none immediately close. "Well, there's an Outpost to the north. Seems like a good place to start."
Mark looked up at Torvus, "An outpost? What kind of outpost? The apparition is suppose to be a frigate, what would an outpost be doing there?"
"Mining from the scans. We'll know for sure once we get there. We're flying though. I don't trust that we won't get killed on foot."
(I think I'll make my appearance now.)

Voices whispered through the darkness. Some where familiar, some where but distant memories. Two stood out louder than the rest

Wake up. You've been gone long enough, and I am starting to become thirsty again.

Yes, please. Normally I just loooove laying around, but this is seriously starting to become boring.

A groan, booming loud compared to the voices, thundered through the darkness. It took a moment, but the listener realized two things. The first was that she was the one who had made the groan. The second was that she was a she.

Light cracked the darkness, various colors swimming across it. Sensations filled her consciousness, drawing her further into this world. Memory fell into place.

She was Relasta, owner and forger of Andl'at and Fyst, daughter of Daniel, who was dead. And she was in pain.

Groaning again, Relasta found that she still possessed control over her body, and slowly pushed herself up. Some of the pain went away, along with one of the voices. She recognized the missing voice as that of Fyst, and realized that her head had been lying on her hilt.

She shook her head, then winced as sharp pain exploded in her shoulder. She remembered a collision with a wall, and her shoulder being in the wrong place. She looked at her shoulder, and was relieved to find it properly set in its socket. Still, it would be a while before she could safely use her arm.

Andl'at was grasped in her hand, the pitch black metal seeming to create a hole in the air. Barely visible runes covered its surface.

Welcome back.

She winced again. "Wish it was good to be back." She raised her eyes to find three men in the cockpit. One she recognized as the companion her father had been with before he died. Another was the man who had seemingly appeared put of thin air, who had a wolfgirl as his companion. The third she didn't recognize.


She frowned. "Excuse me?" she asked as she looked at Andl'at.

The former companion of your father. His name is Torvus.

Relasta's frown deepened. "How do you know that?"

He pulled me from the door.
I hear the groan and glance over to slowly see Relasta waking up. "Welcome back to the realm of the living. Your sword there was somewhat concerned you wouldn't wake up."
"Okay, fire up the ship then. Also-" Markus was interrupted by Relesta's groans. Mark just watched as she started speaking to her swords.

"Is she talking to herself?"
I shake my head. "Trust me, those swords can talk. I don't know what happened when she made them, but they talk." I glanced at Chiller sitting on my waist. I wanna know how he was forged too, but it could wait.
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"Torvus, Swords dont talk." Mark said in total and utter disbelief. "That is insane."
I sigh. "You aren't the one who had to pull the one leaning against the seat out of my door, so of course you don't know. Trust me though, if I hadn't heard it myself, would I have even said that?"
Markus thought about it for a second. "I guess not... Who is she anyways?"
"Tracer's daughter, Relasta. I only know her name because of the sword."
Mark looked at Torvus. "The sword... Told you her name?" Markus said with his eyebrow raised in disbelief.
I nod. "She forged the sword, so it better know her name. Trust me, it all sounds a lot like BS, but it's all true. I almost left the sword there when it started talking to me."
"Last time I checked, just because you forge a sword, doesn't mean it knows your name. There has to be a reasonable explanation rather then, "Yeah, the swords just talk, deal with it." Mark took a deep breath.

"Let's get to that outpost and find out what the Apparition is doing in protoss space and why it looks like it has gone through God's washing machine and used as target practice."
I think for a moment. "Well, for one, we're in Protoss space. That might explain target practice."
Mark chuckled,

"True, but then would it either be completely incinerated or we'd see the remains of the protoss ship. Not only that, but the apparition doesn't have any military weapons, just what is needed to destroy astroids."
Relasta vaguely caught the men's words. Her head was still buzzing slightly from her shoulder. "You mentioned that you were thirsty."

I am. I have been aiding you as much as I can while you rested. It has been somewhat draining.
She nodded, and rolled up the sleeve on her recently injured arm. Dozens of cut marks and scars covered her arm, giving her skin its own terrain features. Taking a deep breath, she laid the cool edge of the sword on a clear patch of skin and slowly pulled.

A single red drop of blood spilled on from the cut, and a curious sort of not-pain filled her, almost like euphoria. The pain in her shoulder faded, and she could sense Andl'at's satisfaction.

She smiled slightly, feeling a little light headed. "Good girl."
I shrug. "Well, maybe there's a reason we haven't seen any Protoss yet. I mean, there's something not right about what I see on the scanners. You wanna see?"
Mark began to stand up to see the scanner clearer when he noticed Relesta cutting herself.

"Whoa!" is all he could make out, so he just pointed. "What are you doing Relefta!? Relefta? Relesca! No... It had a "S" in there somewhere... Whatever, not the point, what are you doing!?"

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