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{Copy that. over and out.}
Stefan kills his com;
"Alright, we're clear. Bring us in, Torvus."
"They realize we're not survivors, right?" I could see a landing pad light up and I angled Bladerunner onto it, cutting the engines.

OOC: For future reference, the ramp is DNA opened. It wouldn't do for a mark to escape if he was supposed to catch them alive would it?
"Unfortunately, no. Mike and Trevor rule these lands." Phil explained. "You would help us by killing those hell spawns that get near the colony, surely you know of what I speak of, no?"
"That is unacceptable, I should be treated as a king, as that is my rightful position."
Salem was approaching the outpost while running over more Necromorphs. "That's about right, we were mining down here and that's the story. We found something, I don't know what for sure but I just don't know. Once we get there I'll be talking with my fiance and then she'll do a check up on you two."
OOC: Never mind, I'll have to-



A small noise is heard from the jeep, like someone had thrown a pebble at its windshield, or an usually large bug had smacked into it. And resting on the hood?

...A single, roughed up scout drone...

Its a truck ;)

IC: "You're fiance, is that who you were talking about earlier?" Kyle asks.


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"That is unacceptable, I should be treated as a king, as that is my rightful position."

"Well... here we are all treated equal."
Salem nods his head. "Yes it was, something happened back at the town and I'm afraid of what might have happened."
"NONESENSE! I shall assume a higher authority, or die trying! And if I die, who can stop Naazarie? NOONE, NOBODY!"


Javier sat in his office contemplating, suddenly he heard a banging in the vents.
"God help me..." He said, as a necromorph head showed itself, it caught him, and he screamed as it ripped him apart.

OOC:Yes, everyone just heard the scream, and yes, Javier is dead.
Sean shifted in his seat, "What... happened?" he asked.

"How well defended is the mining compound?" Kyle asked resting his hand on Sean's knee.

OOC: You sure you don't want to give him a more epic death? He was a pretty cool character.


"Nobody can! And nobody will, which is why you must join us and help us survive against that tyrant!" Phil was beginning to actually care for the "old man"
OOC: *small detail edit*

IC: The small drone whirs and clicks a few times, its failing hover-drive barely bringing it to head-height of the truck, before falling back to the hood with another *clink*.
He shrugs making another turn. "It's pretty decent, I mean we only had a few manage to break in for what happened, I have no idea." The drone hit the truck and I swerved the truck and it flipped over. "DAMN IT!"
"Naazarie! He's come! Oh god...oh god!" said Garret, quivering.
"No, I don't believe they do.."
Stefan says with a chuckle. As the ship lands, he walks to the ramp, pulling out his rifle and blade;
"If things go sideways, we'll want to get the hell out of here fast. So who is coming?"
"What the hell was that?" Sean asks struggling to get out of the truck.


"No, no! Not here!" Phil assured him, "Out there!" Phil pointed to the door.


"Nothing is going to go sideways!" Markus assured them, "We are all coming."
OOC: Yes, but I'm waiting for someone to come into the office, Please don't do anything after you open the door :)
Salem kicks the door open and climbs out and sees the drone. "I don't know, some kind of drone."
I stand up and stretch, then slap Mark upside the head. "Relasta is in no shape to travel."
The screams were heard from the Mess hall and four men came rushing, after banging on the door several times they resorted to kick it down. After kicking down the door, the four men rush in to clear it.

OOC: The rest is up to you :)


Sean bends over and picks it up, "Is this from the compound you think?"

Kyle approached it and examined it closer, "Its a recon drone, wave, you're probably on camera."
The small drone bounces off of the hood and falls to the ground, twitching slightly. Now that its hover drive was permanently dead, it could only barely twitch, or apply small amounts of force. It lets out a sad sounding click, before stopping movement.

OOC: The thing's roughly the size of a tennis ball...


"I'll come along. I'm starving, and any food that people have would be highly appreciated." And a few things to look for... Noct thinks.
He shakes his head. "No...we don't have anything like this back at the fortified town."
Graal nods. "Sure will, no promises that I'll try to protect myself if something happens."
Linnzie sits next to him and sighs. "What a day..."
Stefan laughs, a harsh unfriendly sound;
"Very well.. If you insist. But let me warn you; in there, you are never safe. Those damned necromorphs go through the ventilation system and can come out anywhere."

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