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I chuckle. "Only because you're using a rifle. But yeah, we've fought them. How'd this all start?"
"Well how far back do you want me to go? The infection? The disease? The arrival? The Necromorphs? The insanity? The list goes on." Mike explained as Trevor was examining something on a table in the background.
"Let's start with the cause of the infection and disease."
Trevor looked at Mike as he hesitated to answer.

"Well... we dont... exactly know for sure." Mike looked back at Trevor and they made eye contact. "from my point of view I was sitting at my desk when someone came in claiming they found a xel'naga artifact. I told them they were insane, after digging a little further I discovered the miners had, in fact, discovered a Xel'naga artifact. I had it shipped to the Apparition via. Shuttle." Mike paused and took a breath.

"It may or may not be a coincidence, but after that people started to get major headaches, and doing..." Mike stopped as his mind was refreshed on all the terrible thing's he has seen. "terrible things... to themselves and others. When people started to die, we buried them accordingly but... One morning the graveyard was filled with holes... holes above each gravestone."

Mike's eyes portrayed fear and regret. "Those... things, attacked us in our sleep! Dozens of families were killed... Families... Murdered!" Mike raised his voice when he spoke the last two words.

"Further information will be stored in the security room, there are plenty of audio logs to answer every question its just... I haven't the guts to listen to them. Please, really, right ahead..."

Markus shifted a little
At that moment, a man burst into Mike's office.
"Javier's dead!" He said, panting.
"Javier?" Mike said "God, why!?" Mike cursed.

"How? What happened?"
"No idea, but he's not in his office....blood...blood EVERYWHERE! We've looked all over, nothing, the vent is busted open..there's someone else in there, he's he's been ripped in half! And 3 others are missing too! Oh's HORRIBLE!"
I glance at Markus then at the man who had just burst in. "Mind showing me to the room? Maybe I can figure out what happened."
"Calm down, calm down!" Mike assured. Mike took a deep breath. "We have to find a way out of here... He was our chief investigator in top ideas of how to leave this place." Mike explained.

"You're excused, sir. Mark the wall of death and write his name on the Wall."

The wall of death was to tally each and every person that died so that one day, they could be remembered.
"Oh god....I don't think you want to see it! But....but if you must....but certainly you mustn't! I god why!" The man said, bursting into tears and falling on the floor.
"Tha-.....that man in the there....the dead one....HE WAS MY DAMN BROTHER!" He continued to weep on the floor. "OH GOD WHY HIM?!"
I sigh, turning back to Mike. "Sounds like things are escalating. I have a ship, but it isn't big enough. Do you have a radio tower that could reach the Lorian system? It's on the outer fringes of Tal'Darim space."
Stefan steps forward, knees down in front of the man, resting an armored hand on his shoulder;
"What's you name, son?"
He asks, a note of compassion sounding strange coming from the well armored figure.
"Paul...Paul Airson sir."
He said this while wiping his eyes, his weeping for the moment stopped.
"Thing's aren't escalating, but supplies are running out, and we cant figure out how to grow anything on this God-forsaken planet. Nothing grows! The only steady supply of food is on the Apparition, but we lost contact with it about the same time I sent the Xel'Naga artifact to it, the only contact we have is a few escape pods that have landed in the south. Whoever is in those escape pods might be the key to this whole thing!"

Markus shifted again, clearly disturbed to some degree, "Where, exactly, did they land?"
"Paul? do you have any other family here?"
Stefan asks calmly.
" only my...only me."
I glanced out the doorway and stepped out, letting Mark get the details. After a bit of wondering, I manage to find the room it must of happened in. A sound could be heard in the vents, and I kept Glacies at the ready. {Mark, they aren't kidding. Those things are skittering about all over the place in there. I can hear them.}
"Go write your brother's name down, it's the best that we can do for him right now.."
Stefan says, standing up, offering Paul a hand.
"Please, by all means, take whatever you wish. Shelter, food, water, whatever you need!" Mike insisted, "We wont survive a month out here!"

"I know, how often are people dying?" Markus asked

"One to two people are dying a day. Some refuse to leave their homes, others are just purely insane."
"Tha-....Thank you." said Paul, as he ran off to write his brothers name down.

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