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I keep listening and notice there's also something moving through the ground, a slight rumbling was easily registered. {Mark, see if they have any long range communications. It's their only hope.} I was tempted to draw Incendia, but I didn't feel it was necessary. Yet.
Stefan sighs and leans up against the wall.
OOC: Please, no demons in this RP.

"Do you have any long range communications of any sort?" Mark asked Mike

"On the Apparition there are communication dishes that could reach Korhal and back, but it is illegal to be in protoss space, so nobody tried to communicate with anybody. Not that that matters now, The cheif communication officer's assistant died here, in the mining compound. I'm sure she'd know. She kept several audio logs too, they might be in there."
{Torvus, we have to help these people out... They've been through hell and I'm determined to bring them back. I... I... Am going to be in the security room. I want you to join me... I'm starting to get a headache... the first symptom of this disease... I dont think its safe to do anything alone anymore.}
Not a demon, another form of Necromorph, this one made from several and a brute.

IC: I start walking back towards the Security room, watching any vents for Necromorphs, though none of them came close to me. {What they say about comms, Mark?}
"So, where will I, the king, stay?" asked Garret.
{They said the only communication dish they have thats big enough to convey a message that far is on the Apparition, but they lost communication with the Apparition ever since the Xel'naga artifact was shuttled up to it.}

Mark paused

{That's why the escape pods that crashed nearby are so important! They sent one man to check them out but he hasn't returned yet. They also said the chief communication officer's assistant died not too long ago and she kept an audio journal. If there is any hope left for these people, it could very well be in that audio journal. It's kept at the security room.}

Markus reached the room, it was empty. There were two chairs, multiple televisions, multiple audio logs scattered on the table. Markus sat down and started looking through them. He found one with blood stains on it. Hesitantly, he put it in the machine and it began to play...


"Wherever you'd like! Just not in other people's rooms is all we ask!" Phil explained.

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"Hmmmmm, I don't know where exactly to go....would you mind showing me the way to my throne room?"
{Right. Well, the things are everywhere in the ventilation system. If you listen close enough, you can hear them. Think they have a medbay? Might have some supplies in it.}
{Ask Mike...} Mark's voice had changed. It sounded like it was filled with sorrow, regret, and pain.


"Sure." Phil said. Phil's buddy had left a while ago, after he saw Garret wasn't insane enough to kill. Phil guided him to through halls and corridors until they arrived at an office that was abandoned.

"Here we are!"
"Excellent! Thank you sir, now where might I get some food?" asked the old man, as he immediately began arranging his things.
"I ought to make you a nobleman for your kindness!"
{Right...Mark, you need sleep. You haven't slept since that battle with Diego.} I stop by the main control room and get some directions to the medbay and head that way. Apparently it had gone dark, and they had a good idea as to why. {I'm heading to the medbay. Once you find what you're looking for, head back to Bladerunner and let me know when you get there. I'll open it up. Safest place for us to rest anyways.}

OOC: Last post. Night ya'll.
{Okay...} Some screaming and screeching was heard from the audio tapes. It suddenly clicked off. {You're right... you're right, you're right.} Mark stood up and walked to the Bladerunner passing by injured people and sleeping men. When he arrived at the Bladerunner he messaged Torvus. The ramp opened and he entered the ship. The ramp closed and Mark sat in the co-pilots seat, kicked his feet up and fell asleep.
Salem and the other two made it to the gate and he pressed the intercom. "I got a couple others from the escape pods, open the gate and I'll come in."
Graal looked right at Relasta in the eyes. "Don't regret what you did, you couldn't help yourself and Torvus told me that it had something to do with your....weapons. Well you see, I have had issues with mine before to, maybe not as severe though."

Linnzie nods her head. 'But they also tried to save us before."

The voice came back. I have to go for now, damn that hunter and his contract. You kids have a
I walk around, with my rifle on my back. Using psionics, I keep an eye out for enemies, waiting for one to jump out at me. I was a bit on edge, but it was nothing unusual.
Relasta swallowed. "Yeah. Sorry about.....what I said. And, it wasn't an issue, she kind of is supposed to do that."

Kind of? Whaddya mean, kind of? Damn right that's what I do!

I don't think you are helping.

She gritted her teeth. "Shut up, both of you." she hissed, then sighed. "Basically, using Fyst makes me go overboard. At the time, I wanted to kill you, just because I could. And I would have, if that Necro hadn't jumped me and pissed me off." She shifted uncomfortably. "And,'s not always her." She glanced down at both swords. The runes covering Fyst seemed to catch the light, as if she was winking. Andl'at remained as pitch black as always.

At that point, Relasta noticed that she was covered head to toe in Necro blood. Her clothes were damp with it, and what skin was visible had been dyed red. "Oh, !@#$. Really Fyst? This is gonna take forever to get out of my hair."

Big deal. So you got a little spatter on you. At least our main problems got solved, you really need to let me out more. Isn't it fun when you do?

She scowled at the red sword. "No."
I reach the sealed door to the medical lab with four guards outside of it. Appearently they weren't taking any chances on an out break. "I have clearance to go in there."
"ITS SALEM!! BRING 'EM IN!!" The gates opened


"That's what the last guy said." One of the guards said worriedly.

"You've never fought them alone before have you?" One of the guards said quivering. It took ten seconds for another guard to finally speak up.

"Okay, we wont stop you, but please wear this rope." The guard suggested to Torvus handing him a rope.

"We dont want a necromorph with your muscles and armor."


Markus darted up and looked around. He was breathing really hard and the chair he was in was all sweaty. He couldn't remember his dream, other then the fact it was the most terrifying dream one could have. Markus shifted in his seat and heard Graal, linnzie and Relesta talking.


All characters start to experience really bad headaches.
10/11/2012 10:08 AMPosted by MarkusDaWise
All characters start to experience really bad headaches.
Just one thing...I'm sorry but you have to give me a good reason please?
I get the feeling NOBODY read SO's backstory...

Read the !@#$ing backstory...

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