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"Come on! Please?" Kyle banged on the door one last time in frustration, then turned around and leaned on the wall.
(Given that she was pretty much drenched in Necro blood, I figure that Relasta should have more severe symptoms than the others.)

Gradually, pain begins to build in Relasta's head, and she lays Fyst down beside her. "Ugh. Since when do headaches appear after a fight."
Graal turned to her as Linnzie started to drift back into sleep, she hadn't gotten much for the past couple of days. "If you want I could help dull the pain for you?"
Does that mean you forive me? :DDD


Markus then realized he too, had a horrible headache. He burst out of the cockpit.

"You have it too!" Markus said. He didn't wait for a response from her, he ran straight for the ramp. Pushing the exit button several times to no avail.

{Torvus, Open up!}
{Right, right...} I hit the button on my PDA, opening the ramp, then pull out the flask I carried and took a swig of the rum. A flask a day keeps the doctor away. And it helped alleviate the headache I'd suddenly developed. Man it was gonna be a long stay.

OOC: I suppose. XD
The pain was building, and she was actually starting to sweat. "!@#$. Please do, feels like somebody is drilling a hole in my skull. Is it hot in here? When did it get so hot?"



Markus ran as fast as he could to the room he met Mike. The door flew open and Mike and Trevor were discussing something when he interrupted.

"Me and my crew are starting to get the disease!" Markus yelled.

"We all have it, there is nothing we can do." Mike told him.

Markus clearly wasn't satisfied with that answer. He rushed to the security room and found everything he could on symptoms of the disease, after grabbing six he turned around and ran back to the Bladerunner.
Thanks to the environment and the creatures that Graal and Linnzie faced before in their life, whatever was going on inside of them was weak and slow.

Graal placed his right hand on her forehead and the energy he was releasing into her was helping to dull the pain. "Is that better?" He notices her sweating. "Maybe you just need some fresh air?"
I need an answer to my question... Which was where is the mess hall.
Thunder, wbu. We cool? I cant apologize enough. I wish there was a stronger word then just... "sorry"

Markus ran past Sean who chased after him.

"Whoa, hey! Where are you going!?" Sean yelled after Mark
"I'm studying!" Markus yelled back.

Sean gave up pursuit and began looking for Mike.

Markus arrived back at the Bladerunner.
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I need an answer to my question... Which was where is the mess hall.

I have an answer to your question... most likely... And its a friendly answer dont worryXD
I never closed the ramp.
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I will forgive you this once. But not again.

The pain her head changed to more of an ache, but continued to build. "Drill to hammer. Oooooh, !@#$ %^-* fuuuuuuuuck. Not good, not good."

Calm down.

She glared at Andl'at. "Calm down? You want me to calm down? I just got heard that I'm infected with something, and you want me to CALM DOWN!" Her voice rose to a shriek.

Yes. Due to your greater exposure, your symptoms will be greater than the others. Becoming agitated will only exacerbate your condition.

"CONDITION! I DON'T !@#$ING KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING, AND YOU CALL IT A CONDITION!" Sudden rage flooded her, and she hurled Andl'at at the opposite wall, where the sword became firmly stuck. Rage was replaced by regret, and she rushed over, trying to pull Andl'at free. The blood covering her clothes and skin grew damper as she continued to sweat.

"%^-*, I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry."
Graal immediately stood up and put his hand on her shoulder. "Just please calm down, just rest and I'll watch over you to make sure nothing happens...okay?"
Salem came over with an antibody and injected it into Rebecca, the arm wouldn't get infected from bacteria now but it still stayed black in the veins and around the wound.
Better to be safe then sorry... again... No... Never again will I piss off the regular's here.

Anyways, you had a question?

Markus runs in and starts playing the audio logs.

"Day 15" Said a man who was obviously in a lot of pain and under stress. "Everyone is starting to get major headaches... someone said that Ryan's gone... missing.. disappeared! I dont know how much longer I can take this." The man gulped and quivered, "This is hell I tell you... HELL!" He shouted.

Something was heard climbing through vents in the audio log, it then cut abruptly.

Markus was shaky, but he put the next one in.

"Please, my son he... he is... not doing well!" Said some women who was hysterical. She continued trying to say something but nothing could come out from her weeping. A explosion was heard, then baby crying, then a mother screaming.

Multiple gun shots were heard then it cut abruptly.

Markus just scanned the ship to see the other's reaction.
Torvus asked where the mess hall is so he can take the supplies he retrieved there.
"The mess hall is down the hall, first double door on your left."
Graal turned towards Mark. "You god damned bastard! I'm trying to calm things down and then you burst into here playing things that could be linked to all of this! Good to know what's going on but this isn't the time or the place."
I nod. "Thanks finding it I walk in...only to find most everyone dead and the survivors horribly confused. "What the hell happened in here?!" Among the dead humans were dead necromorphs as well, but not nearly as many as there should have been.
Markus just looked at him.

"These audio logs contain information that is critical to our survival!" Markus shouted. "My head is going to explode soon and these logs will tell me how much longer I, we, will survive!"


"The attacks are getting worse!" a survivor told Torvus. "We wont last another week..."

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