Techsuit Warfare V

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The drop pod hits the ground rather hard causing me to hit the door with a thunk.
I am glad I cannot feel anything right now..... The doors open revealing the tape recorder.
Dani looks at the drop pod. "Cool." She opens Flint and roughly inserts a Michael Jackson tape.
Abore finds himself impaled by rock and teleports off. He was losing blood. But it wasn't all that serious. He looks at Kayle and then at his damaged hands. "Finish me."
I let off a mental sigh as Dani roughly inserts the tape.

Instead of the tape playing she hears my voice.
"Dani its me Flint. Listen we don't have much time. I used the objectification serum to be able to survive the ion storm in the drop pod. I need you to release me so I can explain more."
The storm was moving away, three natives has entered the cave and they sat down. The storm was keeping the Shearheads away but it was moving out so they would need shelter. I could hear them talking and I pressed myself against the rock.

Kreis was watching the whole thing unfold, they couldn't see him and he just sat there, studying them.
I spin the claymore and thrust it through his cut, taking the dagger that was on the ground nearby. "Before I ensure you're dead, where's Hakrin?"
"With our humble master of course." He says with a bow. "Why he has never left his side."
Dani nods. "Alright, just empty your mind. Think of absolutely nothing, and I'll scuplt you back to your normal shape."
I twist the claymore. "Where are they?"
I relax my mind and let Dani re sculpt me back into myself.
"Why should I tell you?" He asks.

I walk outside.
"Because I can draw this out as long as I need. I'm actually hoping to end this peacefully, but you leave me not much choice. Where are they?" The peacefully part was a lie, but he didn't need to know that.
Dani begins sculpting, then sneezes, screwing up. "Stupid dust. I'm running out of time."
I keep my mind clear as Dan continues.
She nearly finishes, with only the left arm to reconstitute, but Flint's body locks. "Damn it!"
"I'll be fine Dani. I should be able to replace it." I morph a replacement for my left arm. "That will do until I can get more of the serum to get the real deal back. Now there is a tracer in your blood that the Night Watch is using to track you. One of them is coming to kill you Dani and I need to get you somewhere safe after removing it. There is a region in the mountains nearby that I can hide you and the kids in where you will be safe from the local creatures and the natives. I will use the tracker to lure the Night Watch assassin away from you and the kids."
She scowls. "If it is what I think it is, then I'm dead anyway." She looks at her arm. An ugly burn marks the area. "Stupid number 59. That f*cker wants me dead anyway. Now I can't get away from the bastard."
I let out a loud frustrated sigh.
"So what now we just have to wait for him to show up and try to kill you?" Frustration is clear in my voice.
She nods. "Guess so. Potassium sulfide glows to him. It's usually a common sleep aid, but it makes people stand out to him. His marks usually have it running through their systems." She sounds bitter. "That's what I am now. His mark."

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