Techsuit Warfare V

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"Then we will be ready for him. This planet is deadly and I know how to use it's local wildlife to my advantage." I say looking into Dani's eyes.
Her eyes sparkle with hope. The dramatic scene is interrupted by Ivan tugging on his mother's sleeve. "When's lunch?"
"Oh right I'll be right back with lunch. In the mean time Dani there is a cave near by about forty meters into the treeline over there. *I point to my left* That should allow us to stay sheltered from the rest of the storm and work on preparing ourselves for agent fifty-nine. I'll meet you at the cave in about fifteen minutes." I head off into the woods and start to hunt for something for everyone to eat.
Dani and the triplets take shelter. As Flint goes into the forest, another bird perches on his shoulder. Its body heat burns into him.
"Really more of you birds?" I shoo it off of my shoulder to keep from getting anymore burns. I find one of the local herbivores that wandered these woods. They were few and hard to find since most everything here ate anything that wasn't a plant. It looked very similar to deer from earth but its horns were larger and sharper.
I draw my psi-blade as I approach it calmly and quietly. It lifts it head up and looks at me and looks like it is about to run. I attack its mind stunning it followed by me charging it and running my psi-blade into its skull.
I pick up the deer and hang it from a tree to drain the blood from it while I clean the corpse. When I finish I head to the cave with the cleaned corpse.
Leah's reaction is horror, but Ivan appears entranced. "Teach me how to do that."
"Maybe when we get off of this planet Ivan. It is a good skill to know if you are going to survive anywhere. Now I am going to collect fire wood so we can cook the meat. I'll be back shortly." I leave the cave again to go collect wood from near by dry dead trees gathering enough for a decent fire and return to the cave. I start setting the logs over some kindling made of twigs and leaves.

"Now I just need a spark....." I start to look around the cave to see if there was any flint stone around.
Ivan looks disappointed. "Ah, well."

Ba dum tss!
I grumble as I cannot find any flint stone around.
"Dani do you happen to have a lighter or any matches?"
She fumbles in her pack. Ivan pulls a lighter from his back pocket. "Preparedness is the first step to victory."
"Thank you Ivan and that is correct. Unfortunately I lost my lighter a year or so ago. You want to light the fire?" I look right at him.
He nods vigorously. "Yes, sir!" He dramatically spins the lighter and ignites the wood pile.
"Thank you Ivan, and you don't have to call me sir. I am your father after all." I take out a combat knife and start cutting off strips of meat while the fire starts to burn. "The fire should be ready to start cooking the meat in a few minutes."
Ivan shakes his head. "I insist, sir. You are an experienced soldier, and I but a cadet. Rank is everything."
I let out a laugh. "Alright then. Here." I pass him and extra combat knife. "That was my old knife from when I was UED. Keep it you'll need one eventually."
I take five sticks and sharpen points on one end of each one. I stick a strip of meat on the end of one and place the meat over the fire. "Fire is ready for cooking." I pass the sticks out and gesture to the strips of meat that I had trimmed off of the corpse. "Take your pick of the meat it is all edible aside from the internal organs. Found that out the hard way my first month here."
Ivan takes a leg, Leah another, Junior goes straight for tough shoulder. Dani seems indecisive.
As he rotates it, Ivan ponders the gift. "Thank you, sir. Any Brood War officer warrants my respect."
I remain silent as the meat that I chose cooks. It still seemed like yesterday I was in my Goliath on Braxis. Memories from losing my friends there and on Char still press on the edge of my mind.
"Not a problem Ivan." I say a little absent minded.
Leah perks up. "You fight a Torrasque?"
"Huh what?" I zone back in. "I'm sorry Leah what did you ask?"
Leah edges closer to Flint, still kind of nervous around her mother. "Did you ever fight one of those Torrasques? Mom said she did."

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