Techsuit Warfare V

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I nod. "If the Falcon groups are willing to do that, then we need one. Also, do you have something that'll return me to my normal age? Damned losers put me on that weird @ss age reversal rock."
"What being younger that bad?" I smile slightly at Kayle. "You know I have been the same age for thirty years not aging at all. The only physical changes I have noticed that on myself is that I am starting to take on more protoss like features."
I sigh. "I have a family who will wonder what happened and I'd really rather not explain, especially to Uncle. I just got Falzar. I'm not about to lose it."
"Point taken. Be careful with that form too. I remember it tends to be quite aggressive and I don't want to have to incapacitate you."
"Don't worry, I've spent a lot of time studying the ups and downs, running sims with it. I know what I'm doing."
"Good just keep in mind what I said. I won't hesitate either especial if it involves keeping my family safe.."
"I understand. However, Uncle told me that he only went full power once, and that he and Abel came out of the fight that it involved pretty beat up. What happened?"
"Not much that I care to speak of right now least at this time."
Joan smiles. "They called me paranoid. You remember the Sara Act, Flint? Passed about thirty years ago now?"
"Yes I do. What of it?" I look at Joan curiously.
She reaches up to her eyes. "Remember what the girl it was named after was famous for carrying?"
I ponder for a minute. "Wasn't it contacts that would allow her to take pictures of certain things that she wanted? If I remember right that is what got Natalia demoted a few ranks."
Joan pulls out camera contacts at that moment. "Precisely, Mr. Flint. Camera contacts. Which I made copies of, to soothe my paranoia." She laughs a little.
"And these contacts are part of your plan how now?" Check Leah again to make sure she was still asleep.
She smiles. "I looked at everyone involved, what was happening, what they were doing. I have images saved that'll get these Falcon boys put away for a good while. Or, better yet, give 'em a new life on Byzantium." She closes her eyes, lost in her imagination. "Maybe make a call to Ms. Calliope?"
"So were they under orders to retrieve the files?"
I chuckle. "I heard about Byzantium. Heard some guy named Diethelm had fun with it too. Of course, there was also a lot of sarcasm."
Joan snorts. "Like I care where they got the idea to come after the Files. Dad's the only one who has the kind of access they wanted. They seemed to be after one in particular, that required 9G access." She laughs. "9G! I'm only registered as 7T!" She turns to Kayle, still laughing. "No man would speak well of Byzantium seriously."
"No surprise that they tried to go through you first. I am not sure they quite understand how Poltergeist functions."
"I don't even understand it..." I mutter. Seriously, why not a regular ranking system? "What exactly would require that kind of access?"

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