Techsuit Warfare V

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"Oh those...." I let off a small shudder. "Yeah I've came across a few. It wasn't pleasant either."
I take the meat off of the end of the stick I had and start to eat. I knew I didn't need to eat but it was always nice to enjoy the taste of food.
Leah looks deep into her father's eyes, and Ivan snaps his fingers. "Don't you dare, sis." She sticks her tongue out at him.
I raise an eyebrow at the two.
"Pardon Ivan? What was she about to do?"
Ivan looks angrily at his sister. "She can make herself more powerful by forcing someone to relive a bad memory. She's had me see Ms. Jessica get shot so many times . . ."
I glance at Leah.
"Never do that to me ever. It might make you more powerful but I can force you to live the expierance as well every bit of it. This will be your only warning Leah. " I say rather sternly.

I turn to Ivan.
"You saw Jessica die?" A small hint of sadness crawls into my voice.
He nods sadly. "She took me out for ice cream. Then, I heard something . . . I ran . . . I hid under the table . . . so much blood . . ." He looks about to cry, but hardens immediately.

Leah frowns. "Fine. But something's gotta give."
"I'm sorry you had to see that son. It wasn't right what happened to her. She might have been a Spectre but she was one of the most stable ones I've ever met."

I just glance back at Leah with a 'do not even try it' look.
Ivan tries to look angry and brave. "We know Ms. Jessica wasn't the Spectre that killed Premier Padilla. She wouldn't be so wasteful with ammunition."

Leah creeps up on her mother. "Hey, Mom . . ."
"I doubt it was an actual Spectre Ivan. And your right should wouldn't have used that much ammunition. She probably would have used one of her more... subtly but deadly abilities, or something besides a gauss rifle. She never really liked using ranged weapons unless she had to."

I keep an eye on Leah as she approaches Dani.
Ivan looks confused. "But who besides a Spectre walks around in a Spectre suit?"

As Dani looks over, Leah claps her gaze on her mother. "Payback, Mom." Dani's eyes glaze over, then she crawls off in terror. "No! No! Stop!" Leah maintains her gaze. "That's what I said."
"Someone who wants to cause chaos to gain power Ivan. Not everything you see it what it seems."

I stand up and grab Leah drawing her way from Dani and break her gaze.
"What did I tell you Leah?"
Ivan looks puzzled. "They're really expensive, and a pain to keep in good condition. Who has time and money like that?"

Leah looks her father in the eyes. "Bad move." He is immediately thrust through some of his most traumatic experiences. Dani gasps on the floor. "L-Leah . . .?"
I fall to the cave floor shuddering. Not Char.... Anything but there.

"No no no...... Danial no...."
Ivan is stunned. Dani reaches over for Leah. "L-L-Leah? Are you . . . are you listening?" Leah grins, as she sees her mother has an open wound, through her periphery. She leaps into her mother's bloodstream, and continues the retinue of memories. "Perfect . . ." Leah's girlish voice comes out of Dani's body, and she appears to be having the time of her life. Ivan runs up. Leah uses Dani's hand to swat him across the face, knocking him across the floor.
I keep shaking on the ground as I relive the day the UED collapsed and my brother had died on Char. Tears start to form around my eyes.

"I promised mom and dad I would take care of you Danial.... I failed them and you..."
Leah smiles. She shuts her eyes. "Had enough? Or are you still gonna mess with me?"
I have an idea. Someone was talking about an adult situation once with her, and she was so weirded out she never went near them again. You thinking what I am?
I shudder again.
"Leah that was not necessary."
The memory was still residing in the front of my mind. I try to force it back into the depths of my mind where it was before.

Well that might be our chance to get her to leave your body alone but I don't want to drive her away from us completely.
Leah feels free to open her mother's eyes, as Flint had moved. "Was it?"

Good point. Still, I hate this sensation with a passion. Find something.
"No it wasn't. Why would you force your own father to live something like that again? Just because he kept you from getting your way?"
I alter my face to keep my eyes hidden from her gaze.

Ivan are you ok.

I'll try Dani.
She looks angry, and puts her mother's arm in water, healing the wound shut. "Pretty much. But there is no person out there who I EVER have to listen to again."
I beg to differ, Leah Flint.
"What? Who said that?"
An old friend of your mother's. And no matter who you are, you always take orders from me.

Ivan tries to get up. Leah had used the full extent of Dani's strength, pulling part of the boy's face off. Been better, sir.

Okay. I trust you.

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