Techsuit Warfare V

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"I can teach you ways to counter her abilities since we have time to pass." I turn back to John Junior. "True but you could have gotten hurt as well."
Ivan looks over. "How?! I have to fight a shapeshifter who.I can't look in the face, and I have no psionic powers or shapeshifting! She goes goo until she pops right into my face, eyes wide open. I fight with my eyes closed, she mops the floor with me."

Junior sighs. "You say that, but I don't wanna feel useless."
"You may not have psionic potential Ivan but you do have some of your mothers traits that have proven rather lethal to me as well as many others. Also you do not need your eyes to see. Your sense of touch an hearing can be used to your advantage when you fight with our sight."

"John sometimes the best battle is the one not fought. I've taken several injuries to learn that myself and many of them were life threatening. Besides you are no where near useless. You have a mix of your mothers abilities and my own. Those will suit you well in time as you learn to better utilize them.'
"Like- hic" Ivan coughs up a small greenish sphere "-what?"

Junior looks up at his father. "I feel that way."
Ginny was watching for the evac when she heard the natives coming. {Command, this is Ginny, where the hell is our evac? We got hostiles moving in and Kayle is out cold and wounded.}

OOC: Flint could hear that, just sayin.
A shadowy figure was approaching the three natives sitting on the rock, it was Kreis but how did I know? I could feel his movements as he walked up to them. A psiblade out, it was all over. All of the natives were taken out by one slash through the spine.

Kreis then looks over in my direction. "You can come out now child."

I went around the corner of the rock and picked myself up. "Did you have to do that?"

He nods. "Yes."
"Like that Ivan... Please reintegrate that before it goes off please. I may have rather powerful abilities but not many can stop a detonator egg."

I sigh and look back at John. "You really are exactly like me at times. No wonder your mother named you after me."
He looks at his father, confused. "How would I go about that, sir?"

Junior nods. "Mom said I was John Junior for a lot of reasons."
Shot's could be heard on everyone's comms and Ginny came on again. {To anyone listening, this is Ginny of the Golden Ghosts. We're pinned down and our leader, Kayle, is incapacitated and seriously wounded. We can't move and the natives are closing in. We request help. Anyone listening, please help.} The shots continue.
"Your mother hasn't taught you how to do that yet?" I am rather alarmed and grab the sphere and run out of the cave chucking it into the sky and pushing it father using telekinesis. I return to the cave that we had relocated to.

I look at John as I return. "Let me guess you also have a fascination for Goliath walkers too?" I smile slightly at him.
Ivan follows his father. "That's actually the first time I've hic-" another Egg flies out "done that."

Junior nods vigorously. "But I keep mine up to Poltergeist par. Haywire missiles and Lockdown rounds make a nasty one-two punch."
I launch the new egg again like I did the previous
"We better get rid of those hiccups. It will help keep them from coming up like this."

"That is a rather nasty combo. I am sure you have seen the one with faded UED markings on it haven't you? It should still be on base in the walker section."
His eyes widen. "The Roaring Beauty is yours?"

Ivan looks confused. "But what are hic- these?"
The demon fires the orb above Dani/Leah and quickly creates his own barrier. "I can feel yours signature. Interesting. But I think we should remove that little ability of yours."
"These are Detonator Eggs Ivan. One of you mothers more lethal abilities."

"Yes though I don't remember naming it. That was the walker I used back during the Brood wars. I think my old uniform is still stored in my locker. I know I still have my dress uniform stored away somewhere in my room..."
Dani/Leah grins widely. "Nice eyes." She leaps on Korzis/Demon, and forces his eyes on her. "Let's see 'em again."

Ivan is in shock. "Mother told me about these . . ." He grins maniacally. "Let's see Sister try me now!"

Junior looks embarrassed. "I, uh, had Lemnos help me take it for a spin. My nickname. Mom got mad when she saw me driving it."
The demon keeps my eyes shut and creates a shockwave, causing a cave in and blast Dani/Leah off of me. "I find your ability irritating. Sadly, I am not allowed to harm you too much, just try to put you asleep. How'd you even get within yours mother's body?"
Dani/Leah laughs. "A trick I invented. is my puppet, to do with as I please."
"Well that is not very nice. I should know. I have spent an eternity killing things." My eyes were shut tightly as the demon creates a shield as the rocks start to fall upon me.
I laugh at Ivan and John.

"Ivan I suggest you learn how to reintegrate them before trying to use them further. John how did you bypass the protocols I had in place? It only activates to my DNA and a few other things that only I have and know."

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