Techsuit Warfare V

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...Kayle is gonna die if someone doesn't respond soon...

Ginny was growing irritated. She couldn't remember the name of the man Kayle had introduced them to. "Brutus, who was that guy Kayle introduced us to?" He thinks for a moment before answering.

"Flint, why?" Ginny grins and switches on her radio again.

"You just saved our @sses." {Flint, if you can hear me, this is Ginny, Kayle's friend. We need help back at that fortress where we retrieved the plans at. We're trapped and Kayle's hurt.}
Dani/Leah scowls, and uses another little trick- she uses her Fungal Spores on the ground, forcing Korzis to open his eyes in surprise. "More power to me."

Ivan lets out a breath. "If you say so, sir."

Junior looks at his father. "Lemnos. Perfect copies of anybody."
The rocks blocked the view and the demon shut my eyes. "F*ck off."

The medics start heading towards Kayle's position with medical supplies. They take a camel like animal and a cart to get to him.
"Oh that man... I told him to never do that. So aside from mad how did your mother take to the fact you were piloting the walker."

"So what other abilities have you noticed you have Ivan?"
Dani/Leah chuckles, as it was still enough of a disruption to snap Korzis's leg.

Junior shrugs. "She said I should never touch it, that someone special owned it, and if I wanted a Goliath I should pilot my own."

Ivan raises an arm, and it splits into five. "There's this." He clears his throat, and a pitch-perfect imitation of Flint's voice escapes his lips. "And this."
The demon lets out a growl and immediately a rip in reality opens up under Dani/Leah. "Your going to hell girly." He starts healing up my legs.
"I wouldn't think I am special... Anyway when we get back I'll help you work on yours. I've been around those things for most of my life and know their inner workings better than most mechanics. Ivan that last bit is rather creepy but I can do that as well. The splitting of your arm is rather interesting..."
Leah's voice gasps. "I'm a quick learner. Thanks for the trick." She opens up a rift, setting free Legend of Zelda cuccoos.

Junior smiles. "Thank you."

Ivan nods. "Only real form-altering trick I have. Ten punches are hard to avoid."
"That they are Ivan, and not a problem John. I've missed five years of you and your siblings lives. I need to make up for it where I can."
Junior hands him a small circular gadget. "Oh, Mom said her boss gave her this, but she'd be more comfortable if you had it."

Ivan smiles. "Need some way to hold my own against Leah."
An crimson energy starts to fill up the entire cave, causing everyone to close their eyes. "Soon this shall burn, and you shall burn with it."
No response. Ginny curses. {Anyone listening, we need fire support, something! We're being overrun as we speak. I repeat, we're being over run!} I was locked in nightmares of all kinds, the battle that had secured us the first fortress most prominent. Brutus had switched to his spear sometime ago.

{If he dies, our only chance at killing Hakrin and capturing the native leader dies too. Brutus out.} The battle was intensifying, but three soldiers versus a bunch of natives weren't exactly favorable odds.
Black Turtle engages. One of them laugh-coughs. {Can't announce we're here, Lorian. Have patience."

Leah's voice comes through. "That body isn't anywhere near as tough as this one. You're just killing off your own puppet."
"Another one of Shadow's gadgets... Wonder why she would rather me have it." I examine the device carefully.
Ginny sighs in relief. {Bout damn time.}
Junior shrugs. "I dunno." The opposite side of the device is marked with a single circular light, almost a button.

The apparent squadron leader guns down nine natives. {Feh. You try making it through to here. Completely surrounded, but thanks to Three we made it through. He will be a little lightheaded, though."
Ginny was too focused on the fight to notice, but Brutus is available to respond. {Thanks all the same. Tell Three we appreciate it.} Picking up Kayle, he starts retreating back into the forest, Ty and Ginny covering them.
The Black Turtle squadron covers their retreat, and one, emblazoned with a stark 6, slides their helmet up. A chill wind passes, and the natives' bodies are ice statues.
Brutus had lead the group about half way back to the bunker when he finally holstered his assault rifle. Ty and Ginny not until they were in the base. Taking him straight to the medical tent, they let the doctors do their thing.
I curiously place my finger over where the light was.
"More than likely it is one of his little devices that does something or another."

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