Blank screen after logging in

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Can only log in as a guest, smeh :/
Cant log into NA but can log into SEA.

I've deleted my cache. And doesn't help.

I find having the dual client setup for SC2 for SEA/NA has been very buggy since the beginning. Also get lots of version mismatch and unexplained down times. Might be worth Downloading the NA client.
Getting the same issue. Tried removing the folder but after doing that I still have the same issue. It is probably on Blizzards side since so many people are having these issues.
come on blizzard, not only do you guys do patches during the hours i don't work, now there are ladder issues.
anyone find a solution i have the same problem too. i played last night and now this morning stuck on the spaceship screen with the back button.
help blizz
With wireshark, I am getting Header Checksum errors, with this "IP Checksum Offload"? shows the header as 0x0000 and it should be 0x7e79. Something to do with their end. Each time it appears to be an ACK packet and the returning packet seems to be wrong.
Same issue here, entered info, logged in, now all that shows is the background with the "Back" button on the bottom left corner. From what I've read, its most likely an issue with Blizzard's side, not playerside.
Same thing.
same problem
my console is flooding with messages from the blizzard agent app deferring delete of roots
same problem. blizz come on, sort this out!
shadow, can you try the suggestions from this sticky?

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