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I've decided to make a cool RP, I'm not much for RPs, but I figured, why not. I don't plan to make many, so the ones I make should be good. Also, at the end, feel free to give me story idea for my "Commandment of the Just" Story.

Here is a little of what I'm thinking about for my RP

Tempting Fate

something about a mysterious planet, a squad sent there for some reason, a creepy commander with his own intentions (me) a tribe of rouge Dark Templar defending something... It's kind of a death mission for the squad. people will get picked off occasionally, and near the end, the squad will split up into small groups and it becomes a free for all, because of an argument... And the end?, I'll keep that to myself.

I've left holes on purpose, but I'm wondering if you would like to add something.

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