StarCraft on Dell XPS 15?

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Hey guys. I'm currently thinking of buying the Dell XPS 15 as my everyday computer. And I play a bit of StarCraft.
I'm wondering if anyone is playing SC with the XPS 15 L521X and if so, does SC run smoothly on this computer?

Config I'm looking to buy:
Intel Core I7 3612M (turbo up to 3.1GHz)
NVidia GT640M GDDR5 2GB
8GB DDR3 1600MHz
1TB HDD @ 5400RPM + 32GB mSATA as cache
That's about it

Thanks guys :D
I don't have the computer, but it should run fine on medium/high depending on your resolution.
For the same price I got an ASUS UX31A, which can run the game in low-med graphics in 1920x1080 resolution. I think Dell is still using Sandy Bridge CPUs though, so you're strictly left with the GT640M video card, which can be good.

For video game compatibility I'd recommend going to this site first:
How much is this Dell laptop?

You are probably better off making a Sager or MSI based laptop.
The dell has Ivy Bridge as it has a 3xxx series CPU.

And it costs around AUD$1799 to AUD$1999 depending on the discount.
This is way too expensive.
Consider this:

It comes with better CPU, significantly superior GPU, double the RAM, bigger 7200RPM drive, 1080p matte screen, backlit keyboard... all for $1500 AUD. Even if you threw in the cost for Windows 7, it's still $1600 AUD, cheaper still.

Comparing GT 640M in that lolDell laptop to GTX 670M on that laptop is like comparing a cheap Toyota Corolla to a Mercedes S-series car -- GTX 670M is that superior over GT 640M.
But it's way too heavy (3.1kg) and the battery I believe won't last long. I need it for college
I don't even like Alienware, and the M17x is cheaper than that and has better stuff.

I'd honestly go with something that Hibachi suggests, he knows what he's talking about.
10/13/2012 02:57 AMPosted by ScOtTsdEatH
But it's way too heavy (3.1kg) and the battery I believe won't last long. I need it for college

If you wanted a real gaming machine you wouldn't be going with a laptop in the first place. You cant have both a gaming laptop and long battery life for college. Only you can decide which is more important.

And yes, Hibachi knows what he is talking about.
You aren't going to game on battery anyway. You -need- to be plugged in, because otherwise, these dedicated GPUs will never run at their full potential and your gaming experience will be severely impacted.

The GTX 670M laptop mentioned has Optimus, so battery problem is moot. If anything, the laptop I linked will last longer due to higher-quality battery (8-cell on the laptop I linked is rated for 76Whr, while Dell is 65Whr). Worse, Dell's battery is not user replaceable, while the laptop I linked, you can get a beefier battery if you so choose.

Honestly, the weight difference is 0.5 Kg (Dell XPS 15 is 2.6 Kg), I don't see how that's "way too heavy".
Ok I'll get the Clevo P150EM :D

Thanks man

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