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Note, some characters will eventually die. Terran only. I may make minor changes to your character.

Character’s Name:
Brief Description: (Including marine suite)
Rank: (Under Colonel)
Weapon: (Must be a typical Terran-type weapon, some customization)

Introduction (By Duke)
~Day 1~
Colonel Resnov Keelson Sat in the back of the Hercules class transport ship, his hands on the grips. The shaking calmed as the ship pierced through the atmosphere. He had heard stories, rumors, of the planet he was now flying above. Originally colonized by a military detachment from the confederacy days, the planet Tuxlar became “marked”, shortly after both the detachment, and search squad disappeared off the scope, only within a few weeks of their arrivals. Since that time, no Terran had gone within an AU of Tuxlar. That was over 30 years ago, and now, the Dominion was going there too. Out of the entire squad, Only Commander Cooper knew why.

There was a thud as the transport hit ground. The ramp at the back opened up, and a gust of host, dry, air blasted in. Heat waves could be seen emitting from the bare, dried up rock ground. The men began to walk out into the hot Tuxlar sun, Resnov followed. As he stood at the top of the ramp, he threw is cigar down, and looked around. The immediate area was just barren dried rock, in the distance; there were walls of rock, somewhat like mountains. Resnov wiped sweat from his forehead and swished his visor down. He went down the ramp and looked up. A blank barren sky, tinted brown with dust was the only thing to look at, except for the other transports, which were just landing.
Resnov went over to the other marines, who were sitting on a large rock. One of them was talking.

“What duh ya’ll recon Emps wants this here rock fer anywho?”

A marine answered.

“Who cares, all we got to do is what we’re told.”

The final transport landed, out walked CoCooper, and his personal guard of suck-ups. The squad now consisted of 75 Marines, 6 tanks, 16 marauders, 8 Firebats, a ghost, 15 reapers, 10 SCVs, the Officers, and CoCooper. Additional supplies, hardware, and air support would be detached from the orbiting Battle Cruiser, the Taskmaster.

CoCooper stood up on a nearby rock and blasted out orders through the comm. Soon, the squad was ready to move to a cave in one of the rock structures in the distance, the reported, original base camp of the confederates was down there. It was only a five minute walk to the caves, but the non changing landscape made it seem longer. Soon the squad reached the mouth of the enormous cave. What they saw was shocking. Confederate marines, at least 6 of them, all dead on the ground. Many of the squad went closer to investigate. Resnov stood over one of them, he looked at the shattered visor, which revealed a skeleton, with a bullet hole in it. One of the marines stated the obvious.

“These marines, they, they killed each other.”

Everyone began to look around, at the bodies, and at each other. It was not log until Commander Cooper noticed that the ghost was missing.

“Hey! Where’s that ghost gone to, gah, what’s his name…Thri…Thribs! Where is Thribs!”

No one responded.

“Anyon…” Before CoCooper finished his sentence a marine, who had gone deeper into the cave came around a corner and said.
“Sir, You’ll want to come take a look at this.”

Cooper looked at the marine and nodded. He then ordered the reapers to scout around for the missing ghost. Everyone else followed the marine down the cave. Judging by the walls, this natural cave had been carved much deeper by Confederate SCVs into a tunnel of sorts. Down a hall, that traveled through most of the “mountain” there was valley, like the one they had landed in, except much smaller, only about 2 square kilometers. The Confederate base was still there, as everyone had hoped, because now, all they had to do was get it up and running again. About 20 more bodies were littered around the base, which consisted of a basic command center, barracks, supply depot, and a missile turret. Aside from some gun damage and age, the base was in decent condition. All they would need is some power.

Cooper gave out orders, and then gathered his guard, the sub commander, and Colonel Resnov together.
“We’re going to be rummaging through any files left at the Command center. Anything important you find, like orders, you will give to me.”
There was a unanimous “Yes Sir!” and they headed to the command center. To their surprise, the command center was unlocked, they simply walked in. It was cooler inside, and Resnov put his visor up. He began by rummaging through a file cabinet in the dusty cargo room. It was mostly filled with junk, ranging from supply details to goliath blueprints, but when he came to the crew manifest, it grabbed his attention, and he pulled it out and began looking through it. Corporal Aaron Rill, Private Abe Whitmore, Captain Arcturus Mengsk…Resnov stopped. He looked at the picture, it even resembled a younger, and now, Emperor Arcturus Mengsk. Resnov stood in amazement, looking at the picture. This was THE Arcturus Mengsk, among a crew that was supposedly dead. He heard someone coming, and he quickly slipped the crew manifesto back into the cabinet. It was only a few second before Commander Cooper was right behind him.
“Find anything of interest Colonel?”

“No sir, just a bunch of supply detail.” Resnov lied.

“Keep looking, I want anything you think important handed to me.”

“Yes sir”

As soon and CoCooper had left, Resnov retrieved the crew manifest, and dropped it somewhere down his suite. Resnov then switch his attention to a nearby cabinet. He let his thoughts wander. There’s something %@#@y about this mission, and I don’t like it one bit! Since Colonel Resnov was in the inner circle of squad leaders, he was privy to extra knowledge, but this particular mission was highly secret even for him, the third in charge. After the scourging through the command centers files, the officers gave their reports to CoCooper. Most handed Cooper files of only minor in significance. When it was Resnov’s turn, he handed the Commander some maps of the area, but kept the manifest to himself.
I'll work more on it tomorrow. I'll try and space it out, I did it in word, and the format does not translate properly.
Interesting, but I would add a tl; dr section for those who aren't willing to read so much. Also, what is a "coronal?"
A misspelled word, I'll fix it, soon.

- I meant Colonel
Name: Duke's Characters

Character’s Name: Resnov
Brief Description: Tall, dark brown hair that is starting to grey, a full and respectable beard, and dark brown eyes. Marine suite shoulders have been painted black with diagonal yellow stripes, feet are the same, Visor has a yellow outline.
Rank: Colonel
Weapon: Gauss Rifle, with increased RPM.
Strengths: Intelligence, observation skills, deductive logic, always suspicious.
Weaknesses: aim.
Back-story: A successful Dominion Officer. But has always been suspicious of the Dominions intentions.

Character’s Name: Colin Cooper
Brief Description: Short, light brown hair and eyes, long sidburns. Suite makes him look taller, typical, unmodified CMC-300 suit, with the exeption of rank markers.
Rank: Commander
Weapon: Mid-range non-scoped .45 caliber semi auto rifle.
Strengths: Aim, technical knowledge of Dominion equipment, privy to the even the Dominions darkest secrets.
Back-story: A former Confederate officer that switched over with Alpha squad, a friendly acquaintance with the Emperor.

& Narration

P.S. Co, in the name CoCooper, stands for Commander.
Hm... Mengsk... as a marine? You are seriously altering the story... XD

Miiiiiight join.

edit, added a period XD
Space between different people speaking please. Not just paragraphs.
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what is a "coronal?"

10/17/2012 06:20 AMPosted by Duke
I meant Colonel

Quoted for convenience. Duke, if you click on each quote you can edit it.
Seems pretty good, may input my character sheet soon. And the "squad" is more like a platoon. A squad consists of 4-10(ish) infantry units. Also about what time does this take place?

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