World's End III

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"Airships are tools of the wind, Celestial, remember that. If I so bid it, your masters precious ship would fall to the ground in pieces." Redge glared at the machine. Kyle looked at Roy.

"You knew from watching Yoka fight him that you didn't stand a chance. Your friends folly killed them, not Rod'nac. As for a powerful mage, these blades have slain more powerful, I'm sure. I do not know their full history, but I know enough to know Celestials should fear them." He taps the Guardian on the chin, making it recoil in pain again.
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"I don't wish to fight. He would only invoke the wrath of the temple."
"Yesss, you sseem more reassonable than your friend here. He ssseemss to be almost looking for a fight. We do not want that either, but if circumstancesss require it..."

The Guardian's voice trails off as the drone of engines is heard, and a vast shadow covers the ground.

The creature jerks away from the blade as it taps it's neck plating. It hisses in response.

"I would recommend not doing that if you wisssh to remain in one piece. And as for what you sssaid, I highly doubt it. And no, you could not harm the Tranquility if you tried. Would you really think that a mage as experienced as Ssynthisss would leave hiss flagssship without arcane protection?"

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You knew from watching Yoka fight him that you didn't stand a chance. Your friends folly killed them, not Rod'nac.

Roy: "You treat them like deer that tripped over a root! The fact is, he killed them."

OOC: *shrug* Perhaps a silly metaphor, but he is a hunter... And a deer that trips is easy prey.

IC: "Kyle! Do not hurt anyone in the vicinity of the temple. You will be killed by its guardians. Let us try to talk to this man."
"No, but I suspect he hasn't had to worry about a true wind mage either." Kyle chuckles.

"If you were going to hurt me, I think you would have done it by now. Either way, there isn't any of you stopping us when we go to leave. The Hex blades have been forged with powers older than the magic that brought you back to life. I'm just not too worried." He shifts his attention to Rod'nac. "I can't help he's a celestial. I'm not even sure which group of runes he's feeling." He then shifts to Roy. "Tell me, did you and your friends watch him avoid each attack Yoka delivered to him?"

OOC: I still feel that outside the temple is a safe place to fight...
OOC: Good night. Will continue tomorrow.
"You like pushing your luck, Kyle? This is not the time to make threats! We are trapped between a temple that kills anyone who fights near it's perimeter and a fleet of suspicious and edgy warriors. Try and think this through for a minute!"
"I think edgy is the wrong choice of word. We'd be dead if they were edgy. But, let's keep in mind this thing came at us with the intention of forcing answers out of us, by any means necessary. You do the talking, I'm going to have my men make camp."
I rub my eyes. "They have a sign that says that they'll shoot anyone who walks outside of the perimeter. That doesn't seem a little harsh to you?""

"Right, then. Tell me about your leader."
"No one told me there was a sign. Let me see it."
"Over there."

OOC: I forget exactly what it says. It says something about how all friendly people who pass this sign will be okay. Anyone who is of questionable friendliness will be shot. You broke the sniper's scope, though, so...
Kyle reads it over and grins. "Well, seeing as Redge saved us the trouble of worrying about the sniper, we don't have to worry about the sign. However, I don't see how anyone could shoot us with the many rocks that are in the way."

OOC: I remember that part of the description.
"Depends on where they are positioned. I've heard of projectile weapons that shoot balls of lead at incredible speed."
"We, humanity that is, have them, though you'll rarely see them used. The materials to make them aren't cheap."
"I would think not."
"And I know the military hasn't started use of them. Like I said, essentially a rich man's toy."
OOC: Okay, this is a little silly. Zarkun, you are a hunter, it seems weird that guns are so rare and yet we have spiral bore rifles instead of smooth bore...

IC: "I suppose we are lucky then."
I know, I know. It's been bugging me this whole time.
Kie sighed with disgust at all that happened. "Captain, don't bite of more than you can chew...Just because you have one of the more powerful ancient weapons of man...doesn't mean it can handle everything."

I was uncomfortable, I didn't know these humans yet they knew me. "Rod'nac? I still don't know these people? Can we just move away from them?"

Isobelle chuckled at everything. "Humans, Beasts, and Machine with got to love it when you mix strange together." The pain was coming back, but wasn't to much so it wasn't noticeable by the others. "I'll be on my point in being mixed up in your useless coup."
Kyle glances on Isobelle. "That's assuming they let you leave. You try to leave on your own, they may not let you." He then turned to the fox girl. "We don't really know you outside of when we saved you, and you were unconscious then. Destiny seems to favor you though, and I always feel the tug of Destiny."
Seth walks out of the temple and onto the scene. "What is going on here?"
The bow, Milia, was in his left hand, and strung.

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