World's End III

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After a bit of wandering I sit down. A man approaches me. "Yes?" I ask.

"Um, would you mind helping me with something?" He asks.

"What is it?"

"I was wondering if you could go to hell." He answers. "So don't struggle." He draws a knife.

He finds a barrier of stone pull up above him. Imbuing myself with void energy I hop on top of it. I look down at him. "Do you really think it is wise to challenge a Void mage? Or to challenge a Sylt'ar for that matter?"

His face turns to a sneer as he attempts to climb up. "I'm going to disembowl you Sylt'ar! YOUR KIND SHOULD NOT EXIST!"

"Looks like we have a racist over here." I say as I lean back and relax while he attempts climbing the smooth stone surface.
"Okay, if that is your wish." I kneel down and place her in a sitting position with her back to the wall. "I'll be back soon." I go into the chamber and I walk up to the statue of Ra'thu. I sit down in front of it and lay the halberd next to me. I still feel very uncomfortable with it with me. "Are you there?"

Ra'thu: "You guys are making me spend a lot of energy today. If I was alive, I would probably be unconscious from exhaustion right now.

"I'm sorry I caused you trouble, I-" I look up at the statue, but no apparition is there. "Umm, where are you?"

Ra'thu: "I'm here. I'm just too weak to cast appear directly after I spent what little I had left reviving you. That's why I had you come here. I'll ask my question again. What the hell were you thinking when you called on Forth'ra for assistance?"

"I was desperate! I thought she would be willing to help one of her possible descendents."

Ra'thu: "You obviously didn't realize who you were messing with. There's a reason Forth'ra was not allowed into this place. She is not a hero. The Blood Queen cares for no one except herself and maybe her master. She would especially not like someone who defeated her in a magic battle. She is manipulative and very powerful. Remember that."

"What happened to me when I jumped into the pool of blood? Will it happen again?"

Ra'thu: "Who's to say? It could happen very often, indeed."

My eyes go wide and my heart, wild. "What?! What did she do to me?!"

Ra'thu: "She used her perception magic to break your spirit and cease your mind. She-"

"How?! She was pacified you said!"
Roy: "Excuse me. You're a krynar, right? Can I ask you a question?"
I could hear all the commotion, I was covering my ears but I kept on hearing every word of it. And I would probably be of fault somewhere in between there. After hearing them say pacified, then they would yell at me for not doing a good job.
Isobelle turned around and saw the human...known as Roy. "Yes...what do you want to ask me about? I'll try to answer to the best of my knowledge."
Ra'thu: "She was pacified. However, you call for help stirred her up. As the owner of the sword, she obeys your commands, but she determines how she fulfills her duties to you. You wanted to save Simiras and she granted your wish. To power her magic, she drew energy from you, because the temple would have reacted poorly if she took it from the surrounding area. She then saved Simiras on your behalf, though I doubt she liked it."

"This blade- This cursed blade has such power over me?! If that's the case I don't want it!" I kick it away from me. It slides across the floor. Energy surges from the halberd, engulfing the area with light. I avert my eyes and panic. I scramble from the display. "Why is the temple not reacting?!" The blade starts to dim, but I see spots. When my vision clears, the halberd still has a soft yellow and purple glow to it.

Ra'thu: "Forth'ra is simply showing her frustration. It was a simple display and she made no threat to the temple. You can not simply give up the blade. You are its owner and her master."

"I can and I will! I will not let myself be controlled!"

Ra'thu: "ENOUGH FAS'NA!"

I flinch taken aback. I stare at the statue.

Ra'thu: "You DID allow the blade to control you! You asked the Queen for her help."

"I did not! The blade froze my body in place and took control of me!"

Thor'in: "My son, you are being too harsh again. You must really relax."

"Wha-" Another ghost appears from the statue on the right. "Who-"

Thor'in: "I am Thor'in, Rod'nac's grandfather and Ra'thu's father. I've heard enough of this. Fas'na, was it? Why did you take up the Blood Blade?"

"I did it for my people. For Rod'nac. But if I had known what it was capable of I would never had taken it up."

Thor'in: "Child, surely you know of the stories of the Blood Queen. They are passed down from generation to generation. The Blood Blade was never meant to see battle again. It was known to me that Forth'ra had been sealed in the blade and so did Simiras' mother. It is knowledge passed down through the royal family, but no one knew of its whereabouts. To think that it would come into the hands of one as young as you."

"I know of the stories, but I can't believe of the amount of power she still holds in death or hard it would be to seal her power. I don't want the blade if I can't control it."

Thor'in: "You can control it my dear. Forth'ra can be pacified, but her spirit can not be sealed. Only one of incredibly will can subdue her for good."

"Well, it obviously is not me! I failed in my duty. I failed Lady Simiras. I lost control of myself."

Thor'in: "You did fail Fas'na."

I look at him stunned.
Roy: "I'm curious about why a Krynar would come to a village under the protection of the human military. It is quite unusual.
I could feel the sadness coming from the room. "She sacrificed to much...And then she is blamed for her sacrifice."
She shrugs. "I just came because I'm a Scholar and I do research at times."
Thor’in: “Did you want me to lie to you? The fact is that you gave in. You beg the queen for help instead of using your own skills to save Simiras. You had the ability, but your self-doubt clouded your mind. Rod’nac had a vision of you wielding the halberd on your own, but the blade is just a tool for you to use. It is not a crutch, but you tried using if like one. That was you downfall.”

”I’m worthless without a weapon! I took it so that I would have the power to protect those around me!”

Thor’in: “You are stronger than you know. When you first grabbed the blade, that electricity should have killed you on the spot, but you held onto. It was incredible achievement.”

I look down at the floor. ”…”

Thor’in: “If you learn to relay on your own abilities, you will learn to wield the blade.”

”But I’m scared.”

Thor’in: “That is good. That fear will prevent you from doing anything rash. Remember, Forth’ra is your servant and you are her master. Never allow her to take control.”


Thor’in: “Will you take up the challenge?”

”…” I look up at him finally. “I will serve my people. I accept the challenge.”

Thor’in: “Then take up the blade once more and fight.”
Roy: "Is that so? What do you study?"
I just got up, I could stand up again and I walked away from the chamber. "She was under pressure, what else would you have her do?" Muttering under my breath.
Isobelle laughed and then smiled. "Sure, I'll tell you. I study all manner of things, from mysteries that have never been solved that may be the key to something bigger, to legends that may or may not exist. Mostly in that field."
OOC: I am so sorry if Fas'na's subplot sounds cliche like it was from the anime Bleach or something. My humblest apologies.

IC: I walk out the chamber with the halberb on my shoulder. I felt more confident now, but my mind is clouded with doubt. This will take a while to get used to. I look around, but I don't see Lady Simiras in the hallway. Did she hear us? I should've left her further away, but I wanted to make sure I was close enough to help her. "Lady Simiras? Where did you go?"
Roy: "Legends that may or may not exist? What do you mean by that?"
I stopped at a corner, ears were perking at the sound, while the tail was swatting at the dust. "I'm over here!" I beckon out, upset from the talk they had.
"It's easy to explain, find out if those legends are real. Experience them for myself. Like the Hex Blades...I find them to be clumsy in the books, but what'll you know? People actually have a weird preference over them."
I walk up to her and sit down with my legs crossed and the halberd across my lap. "You hear huh? I bet I sounded pathetic, huh?" I give her a weak smile.
Roy: "What's a hex blade?"
I turned my head the other way. "Even if it's for a good cause, you still get yelled at because of it. Because you didn't know what to do so you just went with your instincts."
Isobelle shrugged. "I don't know, just some swords that aren't magical but have the power of one. Like I said, personally to me, it sounds all clumsy."
"I panicked and I didn't think it through. Of course the Blood Queen is evil. I was a fool to think otherwise. Sometimes things don't always work out the way you plan it, even if you are doing the right thing."
Roy: "Clumsy as in 'incomplete?'"
"I thought that they would have been happy with your...sacrifice."
Shaking her head she continues. "No...just seems clumsy from what I've read. They are complete if they are real. But in my mind, they are clumsy."
"Who would be happy?"
Roy: "So what kind of weapon would you use if you had a choice?"
"His father and grandfather, but no...They just ridiculed you over a mistake, we wouldn't be able to think straight."
Isobelle shows a staff. "This, it's quick for me, it's easy to carry. I just prefer it."
"It was a warning, Lady Simiras. The Blood Queen is not a being who should run free. I haven't done anything to earn much praise yet. Thor'in was impressed that I gained control of the blade at all, but that was merely the first step in a long journey."
Roy: "Is it enchanted?"
"It doesn't matter, you didn't know everything about the blade and it's not all your fault. You were afraid, I was afraid. I...I would do anything to change what happened that day, even if I had to have her help." Fas'na knew who I was talking about.
"The Blood Queen helps only herself. She 'helped' me only because she wanted to walk the earth once more."
Roy: "So it's just an ordinary stick?" I say doubtfully.
Isobelle gave the man a quick glare. "'s just a stick that I can still bash your head in with."
"It's also Rod'nac's fault for making your pick it up in the first place."
Roy: "Hey, hey, hey. I'm sorry. I'm meant no offense. I'm just an archer."
"Listen Simiras" I say forgoing the title. "Rod'nac didn't force me to do anything. I did it by my own free will. He would've let me refused, but he predicted that I could use it and he was right."

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