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Mission Accomplished! With the conclusion of the first hunt, a tournament has been declared to help determine the teams. Who will win?

When applying, please use this format:
Abilities (two maximum, one active, one passive)
Used Weapons (Must include family weapon and at least one ranged and one melee)
Special Notes

Tobi Van Helsing (250 HP)
Armament: Argost, Blade of God {Melee, 50 damage [+30 v Light, +300 v monsters, +200 v heroic]}, Chaos and Order, the Justice Bringers {20 range, 60 damagex2 [+40 v Armored, +200 v monsters, +100 v heroic]}
Abilities: Monster's bane (Passive), Sixth Sense (Passive), Slayer's blow, Master Monster Hunter (Passive)

Valencia Van Helsing (210 HP)
Armament: Ragnarok, Shield of Faith {melee, 70 damage [+30 v monsters, +200 v Herioc]}, Etro, Ender of Darkness {9 range, 48 damage [+45 v Light, +70 v monsters, +60 v heroic]}, Ignitus, God's Rage {1 range, 70 damage [+200 v monster, + 50 v armored, +400 v heroic]}
Abilities: Monster's Bane (Passive), Sixth Sense (Passive), Master Monster Hunter (Passive), Rapid Stike, Killing Blow, Wall of Flame, Heavy Blows (Passive)

Alistair (300 HP)
Armament: Heretic {20 range, 60 damage [+60 v monsters, +100 v Heroic, +50 v Armored}], Arbiter {melee, 50 damage {+70 v monsters, +150 v Heroic, + 40 v Light]}
Abilities: Unleash Hell, Vampire King (Passive), Raise Undead, Drink Blood

Zarrath (450 HP)
Armament: Andilite {melee, 80 damage [+400 v monster, +250 v heroic, + 60 v Light]}, Heavyshot Shotgun {8 range, 50 damage [+120 v monsters, +200 v heroic, +70 v Armored]}
Abilties: Captain of the Guard (Passive), Heaven's Lightening, Demonic Flame, Smite, Fallen Essence (Passive), Essence of Gods (Passive)

Edward Livi, The Flame (105 HP)
Armament: Flamethrower {4 range, 12 damage[+12 v Light]}, Fire bombs {6 range, 20 damage[+30 v Armored]}, Oil tanks (about 2 feet long){6 range, 0 damage}, Inferno Shotgun {7 range, 30 damage}, Ragnos, the Purifying Flame {2 range, 15 damage[+90 v monsters]}
Abilities: Blue Flames, Thermal bomb (passive)

Chris Vict (75 HP)
Armament: Standard Issue Hunting Rifle with enhanced scope{8 range, 13 damage[+10 v Light]}, a Buck knife {Melee, 6 damage}, Zeus, God's Lightening {melee, 25 damage [+80 v monsters]}
Abilities: Hunt, Endurance (Passive)

Entrent Oliver (65 HP)
Armament: Spiked Gloves {melee, 23 damage [+10 v light]}, Spiked Chains {5 range, 26 damage[+13 v Massive]}, Twin Pistols with Armor-Piercing Rounds {7 range, 15 damage [+45 v Armored]}, Hades, God's Death Bringer {10 range, 35 damage [+75 v monsters]}
Abilities: Vengeance (Passive), Deadly Grasp, Death's Embrace

Adrammalech VII (100 HP)
Armament: Hauteclare {Gun-9 range, 16 damage; Sword-melee, 25 damage}, Scion Seal Launcher { 8 range, 23 damage [+80 v monsters]}, Gladius {Gun- 7 range, 20 damage, Sword- melee, 30 damage}, Abraxas {13 range, 20 damage [Various elemental abilities allowed]}
Abilities: (Passive) Hunter of Adrammalech, Empyrean, Summon Adrammalech

Toria Vorias (150 HP)
Armament: Ares and Athena, twin daggers of God's Wrath {melee, 25 damagex2 attacks [+40 v monsters, +20 v Light]}, Heaven's Light and Shadow Hunter {15 range, 23 damagex2 attacks [+45 v monsters, + 30 v Armored]}
Abilities: Vision of the Shadows (Passive), Call of the Huntress, The Hunt (Passive)

Graal (100 HP)
Armament: Bayonet Swords {melee, 11 damage}, Hermes, Bringer of Light {12 range, 26 damage [+80 v monsters, +20 v Light]}, Keeper, Balancer's Blade {melee, 45 damage [+85 v monsters, +25 v Armored, +15 v non-balancer]}
Abilities: Bayonet Storm, Oath & Faith(Passive), Way of Balance(Passive)

Linnzie (155 HP)
Armament: Claws {Melee, 23damagex2 attacks [+14 vs light]}, Teeth { Melee, 40 damage [+15 vs Biological]}, Hunting Bow {12 range, 15 damage}, Vanalia, Love and Balance {15 range, 27 damage [+75 vs monsters, +12 vs armored, +10 vs non-balencer]}
Abilities:Shadow Walk, Vision of the Pack (Passive), Slayer's blow, True Form (Active)

Name: Michael Rondey (110 HP)
Armament: Athos and Armads {6 range, 19 damage [+12 v Light]}, Solareon, The Purifying Light{melee, 29 damage[+70 v monsters]}, Long range sniper rifle {15 range, 20 damage [+25 v Armored]}, Athos and Armads {15 dmg, 7 range, [+15 vs monster]}
Abilities: Fatal Hit (Passive), Mental Strike, Enhanced Vision(Passive with active function)

Noct (180 HP)
Armament: Night's Edge {2 range, 40 damage [+35 v monsters]}, Shards {7 range, 20 damage [+28 v Armored]}
Abilities: Shards (Passive), Precognitive vision, Overclock

Seraphim Dante (120 HP)
Armament: Avenger {melee, 40 damage [+55 v monsters]}, Soul-storm Revolvers {range 7, rapid-fire, damage 20 [+15 vs monsters]}, Rift Warden Gauntlets {melee, charged, 5-30 damage [+15 vs monsters]} {ranged 12, charged, 5-30 damage [+15 vs monsters]}, Medical Kit, Hood of the Stranger (stealth)
Abilities: Psi Boost, Advanced Training(Passive), Psi Mastery LV1, Twilight Warden

Archangel Altun (165 HP)
Armament: Archangel's Blade {melee, 30 damage [+70 v monsters, +35 v light]}
Abilities: Holy Light (Passive), Smite

Ravener (155 HP)
Armament: The Blackrune sword "Lifeswallower" {melee, 28 damage [+75 v monsters, +23 v Light]}, Blackrune knife "Fleshgnawer" {melee, 15 damage}, Modified C-10 Canister Rifle {10 range, 16 damage [+36 v Armored]}
Abilities: Engulfing Hunger (Passive), Blackrune Tatoos (Passive), Consume, Blackrune Writing

Kit Eler (185 HP)
Armament: modified proton rifle {ranged 12, 45 damage}, Hos lIngwI' {melee/ranged 3, 25 damage}
Abilities: Nano Reflex Replication armor (Semi-passive), various psionic abilities (Semi-passive)

William Qin (75 HP)
Armament: Qin-Ting model 13 {4 range, 18 damage[+30 v Light]}, Qin-Ting Combat Knife model 2.7 {Melee, 14 damage}, Shantra {Melee, 20 damage[+90 v monsters]}
Abilities: Engineering mastery (Passive), Smoke Bomb
Welcome to the first Placement Tournament! The winner will be awarded with a new ability (Math craft starts soon, but I need a professional opinion on your stats and such. Think PKA without unit limitations) and +10 damage and +1 range (except on melee).

Match 1
Graal vs. Michael Victory- Graal

Match 2
Noct vs. Seraphim Victory- Seraphim

Match 3
Toria vs. Entrent Victory by Default-Toria

Match 4
Linnzie vs. Adrammalech VII Vitory-Adrammalech

Match 5
Graal vs. Seraphim Victory-Seraphim

Match 6
Toria vs. Adrammalech VII Victory-Adrammalech VII

Match 7
Seraphim vs. Adrammalech VII
I chuckle. "He's here as insurance. If the demon tries anything, he get's Zarrath's blade to the face."
Reposting my last IC post for personal convenience.

I open my eyes and once again find myself in the ether. The Warden floats some 10 feet away from me, arms crossed.
"That was a close call there, do it again, and I may have to intervene myself."
His tone is hard, yet forgiving in light of my lack of responsibility for it. I bow my head in wordless apology;
"I shall do better next ti~"
He cuts me off with a wave of his hand;
"Enough. What happened is what happened. This time here is for your training, let us not waste it. The incident gave you a tidbit of flight experience in reality, and I can happily say that you did a good job. You will need more practice, but it seems that you have a good grasp of the basics. You seem intent on using rift-gates, an understandable goal, but they are not something to be trifled with. And thus we reach the point of this lesson; Rift-tearing, how to safely open one, and the dangers in doing so..."

anyone trying to wake Seraphim won't be able to... He's not in his body.
Meh, that is such a waste. I mean really? You can't handle little ol' me? I love you to.
I chuckled. "I'm sorry there Tobi, he, she, whatever it is. I think were going to get along just fine, what do you think?"
I nod. "Most likely. Now, let me find the armor, and we'll be ready." I start digging around, Zarrath helping.
I truly am special...Armor? I knew you all love me, well...except for that Fallen Angel.
I just sat down. "Well, I'm ready whenever."
The Great Battle. The pure fire of the Ranks against the angry fire of the Rebels. Anger, anger and pain. Much pain. Burning, feeling the evil within igniting into torturous flames. Brother fighting brother, friend piercing friend, comrade striking comrade. A gleaming white blade descending...

Our Father, which art in Heaven...

Being cast into outer darkness. Cursing and rejecting the light. Living in darkness, becoming darkness. Hunger...

Hallowed be Thy name...

The Mission. Orders from the Leader. Hating the Leader. Kill him. Follow him. Consume him. Obey him. Seeking a world to corrupt, to feed on...

Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done...

The Lushes. Descending from the sky. Consuming the Nurturers. Devouring fearful villagers, destroying happiness, reveling in the terror of the weak...

On Earth, as it is in Heaven...

The Hero. Kill him, crush him, devour him. Defeat. Victory? For a time...

Give us this day, our daily bread...

The cursed Starborn and their brother the Warden. Crushing, ruinous defeat. Imprisonment, agonizing hunger...

And forgive us our trespasses...

Escape. The Warden, curse him. Broken and scattered, a blind hunger, a blight upon the land. Hunted by the Guardians and the Warden alike...

As we forgive those wo trespass against us...

A chance at redemption. Failure. Banishment. Van Helsing...

I must finish!

Linnzie. Hunger. Zarrath the Fallen. Memories...

And... Lead us not... into... temptation...
Linnzie awoke with a startle. "It's just the wind blowing against the trees." She was getting more nervous by hour. Her fingers on her hands were twitching, her eyes having a hard time adjusting to the light and darkness.
Hehehe, I'm so evil... and now I'm waiting for Zanon again.
KO, are you adjusting your lore for the RP?
10/16/2012 06:11 PMPosted by KnarledOne
And... Lead us not... into... temptation...

My heart breaks.

There are no words to describe how an angel feels, but those must suffice.
He is putting such effort into these thoughts.
but deliver us from evil.

There is always a cost.

This one shall be severe. More so than I ever would have guessed. Even now I pay for what I am to do. The pour soul...
I must strike now, lest I loose heart.

So focused is the ravager on his efforts that he does not feel the pain of my light.

I materialize my sword and stab base of the creature's neck. I angle downward as I strike, severing his spine, but FAR more importantly: his throat. He can eat nothing now.

"Do you truly dare to hope that a creature such as yourself can be saved?!"
You are right. And so close.
"Think of all you have done! And... all that you shall do creature. You do not belong here with the Helsing child. You are a danger to him and all around you."

Forgive me.

I hit him and he flies through the wall and lands just outside the manor grounds.
(Quite coincidental a bit more than 100 yards from a gleeman)

I follow him through the hole.
Man, the maintenance guys just don't get payed enough.
No matter how little they are paid, the company must be making money off you.
10/16/2012 07:04 PMPosted by Zarkun
KO, are you adjusting your lore for the RP?

Not necessary. I am using interdimensional stuff to explain my char.

I will post on this again later, but I don't have time for an appropriate response right now.

I am glad that the subplot proceeds as envisioned... sort of.

10/16/2012 11:46 PMPosted by Zanon
No matter how little they are paid, the company must be making money off you.

That...is most definitely true.
I paced back and forth, the waiting was killing me. "Really? How long does it take to find armor?"
Linnzie fell back asleep, the candle light in the room was dimming and with one final puff, the flame blew out.

A few minutes later she started to toss and turn, endless nightmares.
I bring the armor out at last, though it's clearly covered in dust. "Awhile when you don't remember where you put it." I set it down and face Graal. "You sure you're ready?"
I nod with agreement and I put the weapons down and take off my duster. "I don't want that torn up just yet."

The demon then possessed an eye to look at the armor. Sorry if that hurts, but I just want to see what that is...Meh, I can always change it up. Shouldn't be to hard. At that, the voice went back into my mind instead.
I nod and remove my own duster. "I understand. When you're ready, simply place your hand on the armor."

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