Darkest Heart IX

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"To put it bluntly-"

"Hush. This is... the afterlife for me. But, it comes with a cost..."

The grayed scene resumes itself.


"Now, how the hell do I get out of here...?" Noct thought aloud, curiously gazing the astral region of space.

"You don't. You're supposed to be dead. You died." A figure behind him stated. Turning around, Noct quickly seized him up with his eyes. It was Solaris, but minus a few years of his life. "Your mind exists outside of your body, and in its attempt to survive, by instinct, it injected you into a sea of realities."

Letting out a laugh, Noct wipes a pretend tear out of his eye. "So you're saying I'm dead? What kind of screwy joke is this?" He had a smile on his face, but he still had a haunted look in his eyes. That encounter with the auto turret was strikingly realistic...

"So, lets pretend I believe you, then. Why am I here, and what should I be doing? Boiled in a cauldron?" Noct jokes, eyes full of contempt for the fool trying to trick him.

"I'm fairly certain they did that to you in the laboratory, didn't they? No matter, I know how to convince you." Reaching for a nearby shard, he plucks it out of the air and sends it sailing towards Noct...

In a bright flash of light, he simply disappears from the strange world...


"Hey! Runt! What the 'ell are you doing in t'ere?"

I grunted;
"Now I understand why you try and kill him so much..."
"I went through untold aeons in that damned place, trying every single combination of turns in the labyrinth of fate itself. I raged, I fought and I died against the certainty placed upon me, and in the end, I won."

Whipping his fist in an uppercut, he shows Seraphim as it bursts into black flames, without harming him.

"That was my blessing and my curse. My ability to defy fate, certainty, and time itself, which gave me the strength I prayed and begged for."

"Of course, I got all the dead hims. Screwing with space is fun too!"
I shake my head, a little overwhelmed;
"Damn... I really don't know what to say, other than I'd like to get back to my body now."
I say with a chuckle.
"Feh. Just crush the shard. If I got it right, this damn mind link will dissolve under the stress, and you won't have to put up with these crazies anymore."

He turns around, heading back to the Piano, but pausing mid-way.

"...One last thing. Don't forget my ability to pierce the future... I'm doing the same thing. Dying, being remade, and dying again, forcing my way through each and every probability. Why do you think I drink a super potent calming mixture?"

"Because you'd be bat!@#$ crazy by now?" Solaris pips in.
I chuckle.
as annoying as Solaris is he can be rather entertaining...
I think to myself before crushing the shard. Everything swirls and changes as I find myself back in my body. Sitting up, I yawn;
well... that was certainly interesting...
In a black flare of energy, Seraphim disappears from the mindscape, and Noct sheds a bloody tear of pain.

"Sheesh, cutting strings was never this hard before..."

He plunks down on the seat by the piano, with a melancholy look on his face, pondering something.

"...I was never good at telling tales... How well did I do?"

Solaris and that unnamed figure chuckle.

"He looked like he was about to puke his guts out at that one kinematics test."

Noct playfully smacks Solaris's shoulder. "You, are annoying."

"I try."
With a grunt, I get up and head for the kitchen, my stomach rumbling;
what is up with this? I just ate not that long ago?!?
I wonder.

would you add this to Seraphim's char description? I feel that it's kinda important, given that it's a very unique look and would attract quite a bit of attention. Thanks.

He has pale white skin and long silver hair. His clothes are a deep purple and lined with silver. All of the runes on his weapons are in an unfamiliar flowing script, glowing purple. Avenger is a translucent purple and a hood lined with the script lies around his neck. His eyes are a deep translucent purple, flecked with silver.
Sorry, can't deviate from the current set up. Gotta keep the character limit in mind.
OOC: Where the heck is everyone?
If I'm not mistaken, Mark and CR are having internet trouble. Zanon has.. scheduling issues? (don't know) No idea about oBs or KO.
OOC: I'm just sitting around, watching
As am I. I'm, well, waiting on Zanon too.
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Zanon has.. scheduling issues?

I have all the time I have. I use it as I choose, I waste it as I choose.

It is so with us all.


Thom examined the manor as he approached. Most noticeable was the hole that had been punched through one of the stone walls.

The man couldn't be human. Thom realized with a start. No man could survive being... propelled, punched, or thrown through a stone wall. Thom began to question his choice of location yet again. Having a good story was excellent... dieing was not.

"Does this sort of thing happen often?"
I shrug. "Well, it wouldn't have happened at all if Altun had left things alone. And it can happen in the event of an attack, but the wards normally prevent that. So, no, not often."
Might as well try to do something in here as well.


The demon found himself outside, watching as Tobi and another was walking down the manor path through the darkness that was this world. "This shall be fun, another one that I get to playfully mess with."

Linnzie was starting to moan as the feeling was getting stronger, the pain increasing.

I just stayed sitting down on the chair, resting.
I pass through the the kitchen, grabbing a 'snack' on my way through. (namely a large plate with bread, fruit and cheese) Wandering through the manor, I start munching on the things I'd grabbed.
Noct lets out a large yawn, and quickly sends a glance around his room. With a tired sounding sigh, he sits up, and opens up the door.

"Geez, I really need a damn vacation. ...Maybe I should ask Tobi about it."

"Yeah! Lets go to a tropical place for once!" Solaris chips in.

"...You just want to ogle people, don't you?"

"...At least I'm honest!"

With a sigh, Noct sets out and wanders about the mansion, trying to find its owner.
Blast it Zanon...
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Blast it Zanon...

Altun returns and hovers over the manor.
These orders were making less and less sense by the day. Altun raises his hand at the Helsing manor.


The manor explodes outwards in a shower stone and dust.

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