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Ah... Zanon? I don't think that's what Zarkun meant...
I know >:)


Thom nods, but it seems apparent he doesn't quite believe you.

His tone lightens.
"Anyone I should avoid making jokes at their expense?"
But the double meaning is almost too obvious.
Who is dangerous?

"And far more importantly..."
His tone becomes deadly serious as he turns to look you in the eye.
"Do you juggle?"
"Well, truthfully, probably my sister, Valencia, and definitely Zarrath. But no one else. As for the juggling *Chuckles* not at all. Perhaps I could learn when things slow down."
Noct shivers as he walks through the mansion halls, an odd reality passing through his mind. Giving off a chuckle, he smoothly brushes it off as nothing.

Altun wouldn't, and probably couldn't smite the whole mansion at once... right?

Now where the heck is Tobi?
10/20/2012 08:44 PMPosted by morrjo
Altun wouldn't, and probably couldn't smite the whole mansion at once... right?

That never happened. I was giving Zarkun grief for using a perfectly acceptable non-explicative.

And yes. He could.
It's only stone and a little warding.

Thom takes out four colored balls and begins to juggle them.
"Sorry to impose, but do you have an available room? I can earn my keep with entertainment if you wish."
I chuckle. "There are few who don't know your rather interesting side job, Thom. What's your real reason for being here?"
Ravener lay panting in the mansion. The others had placed him in a room, promising to come back.

There is no point in doing anything. If I do evil, I am punished. If I do good, I am rejected. Certainly no point in doing good.

He considers this. Being immortal isn't all it's cracked up to be by the mortal. A human in his position could just give up and die. Actually, a human in his position would already be dead.

Can't die, can't turn good? Fine. Do evil. Show them exactly what they caused when they rejected you.

The problem with that idea was that they surely already knew... meaning they had decided they would rather unleash him in renewwed fury upon the world than take him back. Another though struck Ravener.

Where are these thoughts coming from?

He wondered if these were his own thoughts or if a demon was putting them there. This situation, which he had seen from the other side to many times, was eerily familiar. He knew the answer, too.

Demons don't put thoughts in people's heads. They simply encourage people to think the thoughts they like.

Ravener's hand shot out, seizing the two demons, Vengeful and Despair, by their throats. The two demons were too surprised to be terrified... briefly. Then they were face to face with someone who used to be one of their master's chief servants.

"We apologize, O great Frytharm! We did not know it was you!"

"Indeed, mighty One! Spare us! Spare..."

They were cut off in mid-beg as Ravener's sword swung, opening a dark rift in time/space. He hurled the screaming creatures in and swept the passage shut with the flat of his blade.

I hate imps, he thought. Then he got up and staggered out of the room.
I sigh as Ravener comes back into the room. "You should be resting."
I walk into the the room, happily munching away. I pause, noting the newcomer and an obviously wounded Ravener;
"Ah, great. I missed something important didn't I Tobi?"
The demon then appears behind Seraphim. "You missed a lot young one." He chuckled. "You missed a lot of interesting events."
I casually turn around and look the suit over;
"Young I may be, but the powers which I represent surpass your kind by an age. Something I feel it would be wise of you to remember, demon."
I say.
He just looks Seraphim over. "Did I say anything about power young one? No, so don't be arrogant. It doesn't help the reputation of the others around you. Plus young one...You don't know what I can truly do yet, now can you?" The demon was clearly toying with Seraphim.
I chuckle. "The Wardens are no older than the other factions, simply more focused. You would do well to remember that, Seraphim."
I laugh, turning to Tobi;
"So, just what have I missed?"
I ask.
The demon then laughs and it was filled with darkness. "Something that involves an angel and a creature that lives with you. And then here I am, that pretty much answers your question."
"Ravener is hurt because of Altun. Zarrath faced him about it, but he hasn't told me what it was about. The demon, well, he's bound to me, as is Alistair. That's about it."
"I wouldn't say bound, I was thinking more on the lines of a contract that I had to follow for some time...And then maybe I would get the chance to have my own destiny." He then felt a presence that was demonic, but it wasn't a demon. "What am I feeling that's demonic in here that isn't from me?"
"None of your business. As for the contract, we'll discuss it at a later date. You pretty much have free rein already, just with certain restrictions."
He just snorts. "Yes, that would be a good idea to discuss about it." He then felt the presence again. "It doesn't feel natural, what other creatures do you have here besides what happened to that young one, and the glutton?"
I begin listing off the other hunters;
"Let's see; a werewolf, a half-werewolf, and a wanderer. I have no idea who or what your picking up on, demon."

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