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"Possible he's picking up on Noct. Man certainly knows how to give off a strange vibe."
"A half-werewolf? Poor child, a half-werewolf must be hard on them when they were younger." He then looks around. "I don't know who this Noct is, but this feeling is making even I nervous. I already know about the balencer, but he wouldn't be what I am feeling."
"Eh, nobody really knows about the energy Noct gives off except maybe him."
"You know of the Way's Wanderers Demon."
He nods. "Yes, I have heard about them. They are a crazy bunch that should just be exterminated for all the trouble they bring with them. But this is just my opinion, I may grow to like him though." The feeling came back to him. "But no, it can't be him then. This feeling is demonic, almost like it has a demons power but it isn't a demon, it's...young."
"Now's not the time or the place. I'll inform you of what information you need, but not now." Valencia came down the stairs and chuckled at the congregation of people and went to the hangar, climbing on her bike and taking off.
I arch an eyebrow at Valencia's and continue munching;
"Where's she off to?"
I ask.
"If you'll excuse me...I'll be on my way and I'll introduce myself later."
I picked myself up from the chair, my back was stiff but it wasn't to much. "Well, time to check on her again."

Linnzie was gripping the sides of the bed as the tension increased. The pain was unfolding as it grew.
Meanwhile, as if perfectly queued...

"No! Its mine! Mine! You were too slow!"

"Get back here you bloody thief! Or so help me, I'll kill you again!"

Cackling, Solaris ran by the doorway to the room the group was in, pausing when he noticed them. Turning so the group could see him, he raised a croissant to his mouth, and almost took a bite of it-

Only to be interrupted by a rather cruel-looking scythe emerging from the right side of his chest. Eyes widening comically and straightening, he only had time to gasp a single swearword before he was tugged back out of sight, while the croissant hung in mid-air, as if frozen in time. With a scream, the mansion's walls were once again splashed with golden blood.

Stepping into view, Noct simply swiped the little pastry from the air, and took a large bite out of it, failing to notice most of the group in the room with Ravener. With a smile, he turns to where Solaris's corpse probably was, and simply said one word with a point of his finger.

I shrug. "She's always been like that. Usually just likes to ride, but here...Who knows. Might have received a private request. She has those kinds of connections." I then glance at Noct. "Well, you know when to pop up."
I nod and give Noct a bemused look;
"Was that really necessary?"
I ask.
Didn't know that the entire mansion could be covered in blood?


The demon chuckled at the sight of Noct. "Never mind about the Way's...I think I'm going to like this guy already." As he walked right past him and left the room.
Noct straightens on hearing the conversation. Giving a brief stare as the demon walked by, he turns to Seraphim.

"Yes. Very much so. Food always tastes better wrest from undeserving hands!"

Solaris crawls into view, on his stomach. His face looked quite green.
I sigh, and shake my head at Noct's antics.
"Well, unless someone is in need of medical attention, I'm heading down to the armory."
I say, finishing my 'snack' and looking over my revolvers.
"Nah, he'll be fine. Just give him a moment. ...I really hope I don't have to pay for painting this place, gold-colored paint might be a nice style for it. We've got that in excess."

Taking a look down at the floor, he eyes Solaris temporarily. Pulling out his scythe once more, he rams its straightened blade through the back of his double's head, and pulls it out, coated once again in golden blood.

"Well, I suppose that my plans for a vacation will be put on hold, then. Whats going on?"
The demon walked up a set of stairs and heard a slight moan that had a wolf like accent to it. "This must be the half breed." He opened the door, opening up he saw that Linnzie was in pain and was stirring, yet asleep. "What do we have here?"

I made my way up the stairs and the door to my room was open. "What's going on?" As I approached it.
"Well, we've got a demon in a suit of armor and, unless I'm mistaken, a gleeman whose probably wondering if coming here was the best idea..."
I say, gesturing to Thom.
Ravener staggers out of the room.

They think I, one who has conquered universes, needs to rest? Fools.

He walks out of the manor and slumps down by the door.
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I chuckle. "There are few who don't know your rather interesting side job, Thom. What's your real reason for being here?"

Thom laughs. "I'm here to find a story boy. I'm much to old to be chasing vampires these days."

You blink and Thom is juggling knives instead of brightly colored balls. "That said, I haven't let myself slip... much."

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"Let's see; a werewolf, a half-werewolf, and a wanderer. I have no idea who or what your picking up on, demon."

Thom nearly drops a knife. "Light boy! It's true. You are sheltering monsters here!"
Linnzie awoke to see the demon slowly walking over to her, she started to scream. "DEMON! GET AWAY FROM ME!"

He was taken a back. "I'm not going to hurt you."

I came running in with the weapons out. "What's going on here!?" I then noticed the demon. "Linnzie, it's okay."

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