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Sinister Outpost Backstory

When The Apparition set forth disguised as a frigate. Scheduled to go to Umoja she went to an undiscovered, uncharted world in Protoss space. This world has an estimated 13x more valuable resources then red stone that could be sold for nearly three million credits per ton. It would change the way terrans fought war for ever.

Just before they started making plans, a new law was issued that no person or persons could mine on any worlds in Protoss space. This world was deep in Protoss space. Captain Trevor Balroy and Mike Richey were the only ones that knew where the mining crew was really going. When they reached the planet, the mining crew were only beginning to catch on. But it didn’t matter, after they saw how lucrative this world was, they were just going to play dumb and walk away millionares. They established a mining colony in complete secret. Nobody tried to communicate with the rest of the Korprulu sector until something terrible happened...

They had already hauled one hundred tons before they found a strange artifact. This majestic piece of art was put on a shuttle, and sent to The Apparition for further inspection. People only started to get a clue when strange sightings were seen. Things, not terran, protoss, or zerg were roaming around outside the colony. People within the colony would begin to do things over and over again that just didn’t make sense, like cooking the same thing for an hour and not even caring that is was a burnt rock. Or eating leaves and claiming it was jellyfish. Some would just start going crazy, ripping their teeth out and running into walls. Others would have strange dreams, some couldn’t sleep at all, not even a wink until their body finally collapsed on the floor in one big lump.

These symptoms are nothing compared to the trials they would face next. Pretty soon, their dead would rise, and mutate. Hands would become claws, legs would duplicate, eyes would become orange, or red. Skin would grow dark and hard. These mutations attack everything that moves and the miners were completely defenseless. The only defenses were a few turrets and about 100 security team members. Not much more details are known about the attack of the “Necromorphs,” as they called them.

About the same time The Apparition started to experience the same problems. The ship goes dark and multiple problems arise. Pretty soon, the dominion realized they had been missing for months. They sent out a small ship in search for the apparition, they only found death and destruction. Few survivors escaped on the escape pods. Others, weren’t so lucky.
The Story So Far

It all began with Umoja's Plains. The place where a battle erupted into a war of the wits. The place where a ship called the Daybreak crashed and caused it all. After the crash Yuun and Diego, aboard the Retribution hired Markus Devroy and "The Dishonored" aboard the Ignominy to hunt down the survivors of the Daybreak and find out what caused this ship to mysteriously crash for no apparent reason. In the end, a battle erupted between the Retribution and the Ignominy leaving the Ignominy in ruin above an outer fringe world.


A frigate named the Apparition goes dark on a outer fringe world. finally, an investigation team is sent with Sean Trope as their leader. After boarding the Apparition, they discover it has been contaminated by a terrible disease that causes people to go insane with dimensia, and causes the dead to rise and attack everything that moves. They bearily escape in the escape pods and are now stranded in a Sinister Outpost on the outer fringe world.

What they dont know... they're on the same fringe world.
If you would like to join this RP...
You may join as a survivor in the outpost (read the sinister outpost backstory)


All RPers are encouraged to have up to five survivors! Just fill out this character sheet!

<Your ID name>
Classification: (Survivor or Other)
Profession:(Some some ideas could be: Pilot, Computer Specialist, Droid Specialist, Mechanic, farmer. I'm really looking for your role in the outpost. Before and after the outbreak.)
Defining Characteristics:
Character Sheet:


Name: Jack Paltroski
Age: 30
Classification: Survivor
Profession:UED Veteran: Personal Defense Specialist/Apparition's Main Cook Chef (I thought something different would be nice so I put this. If this is a bad idea please tell me lol).
Backstory: After fighting in the Brood Wars as one of the best soldiers in the UED, he finds himself having to start a new life to get away from his past, and the many things he has seen that still haunt him. He decides to take it easy and becomes a Chef. After working at Dead Man's Rock in a bar, someone came and made him an offer to be the main Chef in the Apparition. Clearly, all the expedition goes wrong, and he is forced to relive his life as a soldier fighting for survival.
Appearance: Slightly tanned skin, muscular build. He is 6'1",230 pounds of mostly muscle, short dark brown hair.
Defining characteristics: Very strong grey eyed look. Usually friendly but could kill anyone within seconds if trouble came. Knows how to handle knifes well.

Name: Javier (Harvard) Linchnok
Deceased in the Mining compound.
Cause: Necromorph

Name: Paul Airson
Age: 27
Classification: Survivor
Profession: Co-owned a store with his brother, Jack.
Backstory: Was just another friendly face in town, when the outbreak happened he and his brother Jack got into the compound together, recently found his brother dead in Javier's room.\
Defining Characteristics: Wears casual clothes, Dark brown eyes, muscular, long, curly brown hair, rather big.

Name: Garret "Old man" Jones
Age: 74
Classification: Survivor
Profession: None, he was a crazy survivalist who was cared for by the colony.
Backstory: Noone knows for sure, he claims he was once the king of "The Empire", and refuses to say anything except that secret agents of the devil are stalking him, and that he was robbed of his position as king by the Demon "Naazarie" (i.e he's rather off the deep end).
Defining Characteristics: 5'8, 230 pounds, he wears a shadowy cloak over a t-shirt and shorts, Deep black eyes and short, greasy grey hair.

Name: Jeff Carson
Age: 27
Classification: survivor
Profession: Defense Technician (he keeps the turrets up and running and is very good at making defenses)
Primary Weapon: Assault rifle
Secondary Weapon: Combat Knife
Backstory: He was arrested after he built a small mortar and fired it at a government official. After his trial he got to choose between jail and working at the mining station. He should have chosen jail.
Defining Characteristics: He's about 5'11" and weighs about 210 pounds with a muscled build. He has a buzz cut and wears armor that is much less bulky than a marine suit but gives about the same protection.

Name: Rebecca Kline
Age: 23
Classification: Survivor
Profession: Chief Medical Personal
Backstory: Scored high on her entry tests into the university of Korhal where they trained them in medical arts and Biological Engineering, for during wartime they could draft them to begin work on secret projects or in the front lines healing the troops. She meet Grim after a mission after he was placed in medical discharge, they got to know each other and a couple years later they got in a steady relationship after being friends. After that she signed up on a mining ship with Salem for a chance at a new life.
Appearance: Hazel eyes with specks of red in the brown, wears a white lab coat and boots. Has medium cropped hair with the bangs in front of her eyes and the color of the hair is like a burnt auburn. Has a tannish complexion of the skin.

Name: Salem
Age: 27
Classification: Survivor
Profession: Retired Veteran
Backstory: Was put on medical discharge after a mission where he got shrapnel in his heart and the medical person on staff was Rebecca at the time and they ended up as friends, over the years they had slowly removed the shrapnel to avoid damaging his body. His next appointment was the next day and that would be his last before the last piece was removed.
Appearance: Has a cybernetic eye in his right socket while having a green eye in his left, he has short cut brown hair and a scar running down from his cheek to his chin.

Name: Kit
Age: unknown. speculated to be 20-30 judging by facial features
Armour:Nano Reflex Replication(this is very difficult to get past but not imposible also can function as an almost impossible to detect (by terran standards) cloak this was the only prototype in the dominion facility and she made the place go boom as she left)
Weapon:Modified Proton Rifle that also works with normal C-10 or C-20a rounds
Profession:ex special/black ops agent turned merc
Backstory: shortly before the events that took place during the original starcraft a young girl named Tari Kitanaka was recruited into the ghost program becuase she displayed exceptional psionic powers close to rivaling those of Sarah Kerrigan. after the fall of tarsonis in the turmoil the ghost programe was in she managed to escape and completely recover from the nueral wipes that the Confederacy had imposed on her. once she recovered she raided a dominion research facility and stole some advanced experimental armour and weapons. during the brood war and the intervening years she took on the name Kit and made a name for herself as a mercenary tackling even jobs against high ranking dominion officals. eventually she is highered by mike to be a well paid supervisor of the colony.
Defining Characteristics:snow-white/pure silver hair, likes to spend as much time alone as possible

Name: Stefan "Hawkeye" Alexander
Age: ? 35-45 ? (judging by facial features)
Race: Terran with a zerg and/or protoss DNA infusion
Classification: survivor/merc (I think?)
Profession: Merc sharp shooter, surprisingly skilled in other areas
Primary Weapon: Compact Magrail Battle Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Twin Machine Pistols, 18" vibro combat knife
Backstory: A merc hired as part of the security force, he goes to check out the ship (Bladerunner) that landed near the base.
Defining Characteristics: All black highly customized armor a marine & specter combination / 5' 11" / Stefan has some minor psychic capabilities; sensing others, minor self enhancement, etc. / His suit would have a stealth field generator.
Originals: Original's are the characters in the previous RP's that get to start in the RP.

Name: Kyle Darrok
Age: 32
Race: Terran
Class: Scientist and Medical staff.
Primary Weapon: Reaper pistols
Secondary Weapon: The Flamer that sean took.
Backstory: Worked on the Apparition before a crazed scientist locked him in a room. Korzis free'd him.
Defining Characteristics: Kind, Honest, caring, loyal, questionably insane.
Appearance: Reaper without the Jetpack, he found the suit aboard the Apparition.

Name: Sean Trope
Age: 28
Race: Terran
Class: assault
Primary Weapon: Pulse Rifle (,r:25,s:54,i:398)
Secondary Weapon: Flame thrower.
Backstory:Nothing else matters after surviving the events on the Apparition. He honestly probably couldn't even tell you even if you asked.

Name: Torvus Jentus
Age: 24
Race: Terran
Class: Fencer
Primary Weapon: Long sword
Secondary Weapon: Hidden Blades, throwing knives
( For reference purposes.)
Backstory: Was working freelance as an assassin for a long time when one of his jobs crossed with Markus. Working together, they made short work of the target. Decided to stick with him after words.
Defining Characteristics: Scar across his left eye and several along his arms.
Appearance: Wears leather reinforced armor. The metal is something he picked up visiting the Lorian system, light weight and strong. Dirty blonde hair, green eyes skinny, but muscular, build, sun-tanned skin.

Name: Graal
Race: Terran/Protoss
Position: Passenger
Age: 17
Height: 6' 1"
Characteristics: Orange eyes, cut off Protoss Appendages, dark brown hair, wavy, soul patch, has a tribal tattoo on his right arm going to his hand, average build, skin tone is tan. Has some Protoss features, but just enough where he still looks Terran. Is wearing a duster. He is a strong believer in his faith.

Backstory: He was abandoned by his parents at a early age, he had to fend for himself. At a decent age he became a Mercenary. When he was 15, he was supposed to go with a group to recover a Protoss Artifact, the Artifact released a Psionic Shockwave and it knocked him out. The energy started to enter his DNA structure. Some weeks later, he woke up from a coma, he was starting to develop Protoss features, but his appearance would pass him by as a Terran. He then cut off the appendages so he wouldn't be connected to the Khalai. He joined a Church after the incident and he was raised by them until he left at the age of 17. He became an Assassin for the Church when needed, his faith is strong.
Reason for being on Cruiser: He received a contract to kill off the Cargo on the ship, and to free the innocent prisoners.
Profession: Tactical 1, Blade Expert 2/3, Pistol Marksmen 1/3.

Name: Relasta, goes by Nightblade
Age: 18
Race: Terran
Class: fencer
Primary weapon: dual short swords
Secondary weapon: BOSUN FN92 (Inherited from Tracer, to be acquired)

Backstory: Relasta is Tracer's daughter, born midway through the Guild Wars. Her mother Maylene had been having an affair with a Kel-Morian official, and used a Kel-Morian raid on their home town to fake their deaths while her father was at war. Despising her mother for abandoning her father, Relasta fled from home two years later and taught herself swordswork while searching for her father, only to find that he had died in an explosion a year after her own supposed death. She spent the next few years on her own in the fringe worlds, where she learned how to forge weapons, specializing in swords but also capable at gunsmithing. Her greatest achievements are her swords, which she never parts from. She became curious when rumors of an expert sharpshooter for hire who matched her father's description arose. She has been pursuing him ever since in an effort to reconnect.

Defining characteristics: sarcastic humor, expert with her swords, burning desire to meet the father she never knew, capable smith, skilled pilot.

Appearance: Short, flaming hair, slim athletic body, stronger than she appears. Always keeps her two swords strapped to her back. Green eyes, skin dark with ash from forgework. Black pants, black t-shirt, black headband, black combat boots.

Name: Jackson Matar (Call-sign "Ghost Walker")
Deceased in the Sinister Outpost

Name: Michael Dare
Age: 18
Race: Terran
Class: Drone Specialist
Primary Weapon: Modded C-10 Canister Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Drone Remote
Backstory: Michael was hired to the Mobius foundation for a time, due to his skills in both hacking and just around anything high-tech in general, but held a particular interest for small robots. With a quick mind, he's more suited for tactical overview and analysis of situations than upfront combat, scouting with drones and using them to thin up enemy numbers through harassment. Can pick off larger targets with a customized, high caliber C-10 canister rifle, though he isn't a very good shot.
Defining Characteristics: Approximately six-foot four, very thin. Carries a small handheld with him used for controlling drones, and prefers long-range combat to short range scuffles.

Name: "Noctalus" Dare
Age: 17
Classification: Rescue/Lab Rat
Profession: Heavy Ordinance
Backstory:An adopted son of Michael's, Noctalus was an orphan on the run from a special ghost program by the project's codename: 'Nightmare'. Noctalus has been his assistant as well as a prime candidate for research into psionic research, due to unusual readings. Upon hearing the ship his father was told to investigate had crashed into a planet, he quickly ran from the Mobius foundation, determined to find his 'father' and only line of defense against the Dominion and Mobius, before the scientists decide to strap him onto a dissection table, or worse...
Defining Characteristics: Approximately six-foot three, is fairly thin, but ports advanced, prototyped armor with a heavy-duty nanite generator, as well as a plasmite-chaingun, designed to shred through tanks without much difficulty. His suit's energy well allows him to mitigate physical damage at the expense of energy, giving him inhuman endurance, though his mobility suffers significantly.
---Status Update---

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Kit stands up checking the sensor map of the apparition for any near by necros and stays at the ready for any problems

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"Im sorry i really shouldnt have said anything about that but ill explain later once we are done with this damn ship and the necros" Kit says sighing and turning around to face markus again "but please calm down"
EDIT:OOC: markus if you make a new rp that is set after this or something and markus and kit are in it ill have her explain it then ok but for now ill just say she isnt truly human but for the purposes of this rp she is the will be explained later in another rp perhaps
I could hear the commotion over my radio. {Kyle, what's going on in the tram?} Relasta and I had reached the ship and were getting it geared up to take off, Sean still on the minigun til I closed the ramp.
"It won't explode... at least not now. It's almost empty. But I don't know about the bleeping noises."

Jack looked at Kit, then at Markus, and sighed. Here we go again...
Kit seems to be staying very calm and is keeping eye contact with markus.
Relasta gave a bored look at Torvus, then quickly drew Andl'at across her arm, opening a fresh cut. She was careless, however, and cut deeper than intended. She hissed and tried to withdraw the blade, but to her surprise Andl'at stayed fast.

"What are you doing?"

Taking advantage.

She winced at the visible drain on her strength. Andl'at was taking copious amounts of her blood, and she could already feel a weakness in her knees.
Markus broke the eye contact in an attempt to calm things down.

{We are headed to the bridge, Torvus.} Kyle responded.
{That's not what I meant.} I noticed Andl'at was still in Relasta's arm. "Girly...sword, I don't think she want's you taking that much." Incendia heated up a bit in worry. She knew something was wrong. "Andl'at, I'm going to need her help."
Kit looks away as well and leans against the wall then slides to the floor. "im sorry for saying anything but please just forget about it for now. we need to focus on the real problem at hand" Kit says looking at the floor.
Relasta staggered backwards and collapsed onto a bench. After a few moments, Andl'at relinquished her mysterious hold.

There. You will recover, but you won't be able to do anything foolish for a while.

She gritted her teeth at the scar that was sure to form. "Sneaky little....."

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