Sinister Outpost, III

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Jack was examining his tank. While the others were arguing, his mind drifted to that moment he didn't talk to the others about, before his tank got damaged.
We know what you did, something had told him.


He squeezed the memory out of his mind for a moment. That wasn't my fault. There was no other choice. He thought for a moment. He took a deep breath. I'm just tired, that's all.

He tried to think as happily as he could.
"You know what's funny?", he tried to say to the others, "All the roasting and burning of the necros reminded me of a time I was cooking a delicious meat back home. I just wish I could go back right now and have one of those again."
I sigh. "Sometimes I wish I knew what went through your mind, Relasta. Right now however, I can guess." I finish the launch sequence and take off, sweeping the ship with a scan. {Heading to the bridge now. We'll meet you there.}
{Bladerunner, this is Hawkeye, I have you on radar. Sending my transponder ID now. over}

CR, DH is waiting on you right now.
I pick up the transponder on my radar. {Copy that, Stefan, picking you up on radar as well. Coming in for the pick up.} I finally spot him visually and angle the airlock towards him. {Ready for you now, over.}
{Affirmative. I have visual on the airlock. Impact in 30.}
You can see the black suit sweeping in, micro-thrusters slowing his arrival. With a heavy 'thud', Stefan latches on, and climbs into the airlock.
{Welcome back, Stefan.} I close it up and pressurize the airlock. [Door's right in front of you. Just don't be surprised it's behind the seats.]
{Reality's a nice place. Yeah, it's good to be out of there.}
With the hiss of pistons, the airlock slides open. Stefan clambers through, his armor badly scorched, small nicks and dings marking his entire suit.
I spin around in the seat, waiting for everyone else to reach the bridge before going in. "What was that explosion?"
The tram slowed to a stop and the glass doors slid open. Markus and Kyle walked out and looked around.

"Let's go! We're almost there!" Kyle walked up to the first door. Kyle swore, "If you can't breath in space get back in the tram, everyone else follow me." Markus got back in the tram and walked over to the controls.

{Bladerunner this is shore party, entering the bridge now.}
Kit gets up and leaves the tram looking around with her rifle ready to blast away any necromorphs.
{Roger, maneuvering into position now.} I maneuvered the Bladerunner into position and activated it's shield mode. Now there was no openings for the air to escape through. {We're in position.}
{Roger, over and out.} Kyle pushed a few buttons and the bridge was decompressed and equalized with the rest of the ship. Kyle and Markus led everyone into the bridge. Kyle searched for the main console.

{Torvus, you bump the wrong button and we are all sucked into space.} Markus warned

Kyle got to the main console and tried to access it. The same message kept coming up each time.


Kyle swore and thought for a second. He then walked over to Rebecca and took her hand held. He plugged in some sort of device and before long the message changed


Kyle shook his fist in accomplishment "Yes..." He whispered.

Some noises were heard in the walls. Markus shifted to look at them and an audio tape started playing: A little girl's voice was singing this poem she wrote, in the background there are screaming doctors trying to heal an insane man

All around the world now
Like a big bright cherry cloud
Traveling from home to home
TV sets and telephones
Here it comes just like a storm
Bathe in it and be reborn
Time to let the world know
Welcome madness, say hello
Like a wave we cannot see
Washing over you and me
Hiding here and hiding there
Madness hiding everywhere
Such a curiosity
Here it comes to set us free
Plenty left for you and me
Say, "hello, insanity."

As soon as she said Insanity there was the sound of blade cutting flesh then screaming.

Markus scrambled to turn it off, when he finally found it he threw it on the ground and shot it several times.

"God those audio logs are depressing..."
I move in formation behind Markus, moving with my back toward them and keeping eyes on the group's back. I spread my psionic senses out, and spot the same thing I had spotted earlier. I shiver, but don't show my fear at the sight of it.
I drop the ramp and walk out. "Don't worry, we're gonna be fine. Now then, you need a frequency to send it too right? Let me do my thing."
"Got it!" Kyle yelped. "Just put in where you're sending the transmission, press this button then start speaking."
OOC:isnt there a big hole in the middle of the bridge?
"Jesus, what the hell happened in here...?" Noct says, strangling a small (if slightly insane) giggle. "That log was just so... wrong..."
When Endgame destroys the settlement? It's going to create a 10 mile hole Zarkun said, because that's pretty realistic for that type of weapon.


The four of them just followed along.
lulwut? You wanna explain that, CR? Because I didn't get a single word of what you said.

10/16/2012 05:15 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
OOC:isnt there a big hole in the middle of the bridge?

There is a space repair field being emanated from the Bladerunner across the whole bridge keeping the air in.


"These are the mild ones..." Kyle sadly reported to Noct.
Hard to short terms. The beam from the ship (It's a cleanser pretty much) is so powerful that it can destroy the core. So 10 miles is like small compared to that.

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