Sinister Outpost, III

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"Well, if Michael got off that hellhole, where could he be? Any of you guys see any drones floating merrily around on the planet?" Noct says, with an almost joking tone in his voice.
I shake my head. "Have you noticed how cramped it is in here with just us? There isn't room for the wounded. Best we can do is move everyone to the helipad and defend them there."
"I thought you said the Apparition was going to hit the outpost? And you want to stay there?!?"
"Feh. I'm just curious. I wan't to find someone, and they still haven't showed up. They're either hiding on the planet, or they're deader than the necromorphs consuming their corpse right now..."


Lorian, Lorian, Lorian... Where have I heard that before...?

The mauled man, wrapped in the darkness of the pit he was hiding dwelled on the name, before coming upon a chance memory, a dominion log that mentioned it.

Oh crap. Don't they have... planet crackers? And other fun, massive weapons?

With a quick push, the small drone hovering near his ear flew off. Thrusting a large rifle through a wire mesh acting as a makeshift roof of his little pit, he turned the beaten weapon around, and hauled himself out of the pit. Leaning and using the gun as a crutch, he looked around from the little hill serving as an outpost.

That transfer said something about survivors, right? Well, lets see if we can find them.

Hobbling on one leg, he sets off for a rather degraded looking outpost in the distance...
"We have approximately 48 hours before that thing hits. It's orbit was way the hell out there. Hopefully the Lorians get here in time. If not, then we go with your plan."
"Dont worry, the Lorians will have plenty of shuttles to get everyone out in time." Markus assured the group.

Sean cut in, "Actually... I have seen a little drone recently..."
"Heh. Lets hope..." A small amount of psionic energy floods the air, as Noct gets a little bit worried, too busy fretting about the future...

OOC: Two "Paths" can be taken from here.
  • Michael Dies, or goes missing.
  • Michael Lives.
  • Either happens, I get to open just a little more of my story on that entity back in DH...


    Noct turns to Sean. "You what...?" His eyes go wide, a bit incredulous. "Do you still have it...? Or can you describe it?"
    "It was about the size of a baseball... and it was obviously a scout drone..."
    Noct leaps to his feet, and quickly runs over to Sean. Tightly clasping both of Sean's shoulders, with panic and horror in his eyes, with just a bare tint of relief spoiling the thoughts. He says only one word.

    "Down at the colony, at the top of the hill..." Sean replied. Just they Noct noticed Sean had his gun at Noct's gut, he quickly put it back down when he realized Noct wasn't attacking him.
    I could see the helipad...and it was crawling with necros. "Hold on back there, gotta clear the LZ!" I activate the auto turrets along with the forward mounted minigun, peppering it with fire. "Someone get ready on the minigun back there, we're gonna need the extra fire when I go by!"
    "Any way I could use mine? I could blow them in half with single bullets!" Noct roared, eager to get even with the very beasts that threatened the future of both him and the only man who showed him any compassion in life.

    Hang on Michael... I'll pull your !@# out of this fire.
    "Both will be fine!" I hit the switch that drops the rear ramp to a good angle for fire support. "Someone get on that gun!"
    Sean runs over and mounts the gun, "BRING IT OOON!!" Sean yelled at the top of his lungs.

    Markus hit a few buttons and manually controlled a main turret.

    With a quick motion, Noct gets over to the minigun, taking up a place beside Sean. Pulling out his as well, he adjusted the sights quickly to compensate for distance. With a quick pull of the triggers, he began mowing through the damned beasts.

    ...Dropping like flies implies there was something notable left over. In this case? Bare shreds of flesh remained from each necromorph hit by the flurry of bullets leaving the twin weapons, a small artifact to testify for each one's existence.

    The platform was cleared quite quickly...

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    ...Make that a double ninja...?
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    Sean holds down the trigger and lets out a war cry through his teeth.
    "Cease fire, I'm coming back around. Open up again as I fly over!" I turn the ship and fly back at the pad, blowing away that many more necros. "NOW!" I was to a point where they could fire again. {Mike, come in!}
    Noct opens up on the Necromorphs hanging onto areas they hadn't quite reached. Like the first batch, these were quickly cut to less than ribbons, barely leaving hints to each one's existence, small bunches of energy gathering around each bullet, making it look as if a large beam were being whipped at each target.

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    Jack's hand already hurt for pressing the trigger of his gauss rifle so tight. "These necros just never end!"

    OOC: lol I feel like my character was useless in this RP oh well though
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