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What builds do you use when you don't feel like playing a macro game? Any Build Order for each match up that cripples or kills the enemy early on is appreciated. :D
zvp - 7 pool into max roach all in
zvt - 7RR
zvz - 7RR
7RR vs zerg? 7RR vs Terran?
I don't all-in very often, but I do have a few for when I'm at a tournament or want to play some fast games. I've got more builds than this, but these should get you started. Below are the "easiest" all-ins I have at my disposal.

For ZvZ:
9 - Overlord
15 - Pool
15 - Gas
14 - Hatch
15 - Queen
18 - Overlord
18 - Ling Speed (Drones off gas)
18 - Overlord
18+ - Lings
36 - Overlord x2

Speed finishes at 5:35.

9 - Overlord
15 - Hatch
16 - Pool
17 - Overlord
17 - Queen x2
23 - Gas
26 - Overlord
31 - Overlord
@100 Gas - Ling Speed
36 - Overlord
42 - Gas and Roach Warren
44 - Overlord x3
@50% Roach Warren - Baneling Nest
44 - Lings x3
47 - Roaches x9
65+ - Lings

Attack hits at 8:45 with 9 Roaches, 11 Banelings, ~20 Speedlings.

14 - Pool
16 - Hatch
15 - Lings
16 - Queen (first 50 energy: tumors)
18 - Lings
21 - Gas
20 - Hatch
28 - Roach Warren

****Stop Drones****

27 - Overlord
27 - Speed
27 - Lings
28-38 - Roaches (rally across map)
38 - Overlord x2
38 - Roach
40+ - Lings
54 - Overlord x2
Thanks alot ShaDoGI! :D I really appreciate it, do you have any macro builds you'd recommend?
Care to share some basic build orders Nasreth? :)
10/15/2012 07:00 PMPosted by BigBeezy
kills the enemy early on

Aggressive plays are different from all ins and timing attacks... here is a list of aggressive builds...

Ling Bling Muta
Burrowed roaches with burrowed Infested terrans
Ultra transfusion nydus
Roach drop
Roach ling corrupter
Mass muta base trade into defensive roaches and spine camp
Any specific build orders?
ZvT: 2 base baneling bust.
- 14 hatch
- 15 pool
- 18 gas
- Research speed at 100 gas
- Drop baneling nest whenever you are confident they won't scout it, but it needs to be fairly early
- Make a bunch of lings and banelings -> GG.

Don't do it if you scout a gas opener.

ZvP: Hydra/ling bust.
- 14 pool
- 15 hatch (or whenever you can)
- 20-25 gas
- Get ling speed and take control of the map. Don't make any more than 4 lings unless they are being gay and chronoing zealots at you off of vanilla gateways. (this slows down your time a bit)
- Get around 22 drones per mineral patch +1 for hydra den, start lair and add 2 gasses.
- Make hydras and lings
- Bust

Note: This is an all in. If it fails, you will have no tech other than hydras and lings with no extra money, and no third.

ZvZ: 14/14 ling/baneling.
This is a classic build. You should know it.

You've also been asking for macro build orders so here are my stock openers for macro games:

14/15 hatch
15 pool
18 gas
Pull drones off gas @100
2 creep tumors with your first queen energy.

This is for a relatively quick lair.

14 pool
15 hatch
20-something hatch
Get 4 queens
Gas timings depend on what you are doing.

This is to get lots of creep and economy.

15 hatch
16 gas
16 pool
Get ling speed @ 100 gas and go for roaches.

A greedy coinflip opener. It leads into an all in. Yes, this is the closest thing you will find to a macro game in my ZvZ.

Keep in mind that other people likely have other openers.
Thanks ALOT Nasreth & sTsTtzy! :D Ill be sure to check it out!
13 pool 15 hatch
11/17/2012 11:03 AMPosted by Nasreth
I always play a macro game ;)

I used to be like this. But then I got fed up with having to be twice as good as a protoss to beat them. As far as I'm concerned, the fact that you need to come back from being behind in workers for the first 8 minutes of the game AND behind in upgrades while keeping track of their every move is ridiculous.

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