Version of SC2 required is unavailable...

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This is still a known issue and will be updated in a future update. Any workarounds that have been posted are hit/miss for some users, and there isn't a short term solution is those options have not resolved the issue.

When more information is available for this bug, we'll update our known issues sticky.

is this gonna get fixed?
Like everything else with this game we will be lucky to see a fix before Christmas 2013. The fact that this has not already been fixed shows just how valued we are as PAYING customers. The best option is to get the hack from the many sites on the web and circumvent this crap DRM.

Like all DRM the only ones that suffer are the ones that pay for the software!
This actually should be address in the near future.
This is how I got to get my game to work offline. Deleting the folders and files made no difference for me.

1. Go to your My Documents/Starcraft II folder.
2. Open the Variables.txt file.
3. Change "localeidassets=enGB" into "localeidassets=enUS"
Also change "localeiddata=enGB" into "localeiddata=enUS"
4. Save and close. Right click Variables.txt and go to properties. Check the box marked Read Only and then Apply.
(I also changed lowqualitymovies from 1 to 0. But I don't think that matters for this.)
5. Now go to My Documents/Starcraft II/Accounts/random acc numbers here/ and open Variables.txt
6. Repeat steps 3 and 4.
I also have this problem. Will blizzard issue an updated patch to fix this. I can't watch replays from beta HOS. Thank you.
I'll have to check into this and see if you can watch replays from beta. I'm not sure about this, as technically beta client versions didn't exist in the actual retail environment.

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