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Smylez, you're running the show till KO gets back, remember?
"Then you are staying in da valley?"
"No, we were going to survey it from higher up."
"Why not follow our friend here? He's obviously a local, so he should know where to go."
"Let's keep in mind we also don't know why he wants us to follow him."
I sigh;
"Look, we're just dancing around the same bloody point; If he double crosses us, we're going to kill him. If we don't follow him, we may; starve, be eaten by local wildlife, etc. I say we run the risk and trust him."
I sigh. I hated blind trust, even though I'd taken a chance with Stefan and Vex. Hadn't come back to haunt me yet. "Fine, but if we die, I'll kill you."
"If you die, how can you kill me?"

The Voodoo Master counts his fingers.
I laugh, a flat and dead sound;
"We've all survived long enough to know a few tricks of our own, friend..."
I grin wickedly. "Me moreso than others."
Nina chuckles at the comment, and glances around. Spotting something up the mountain, she fires, and kills two Wolf-Spiders with one shot. She swaps out the battery, tossing the empty one away.
I laugh, a flat and dead sound;
"We've all survived long enough to know a few tricks of our own, friend..."

"Dat what day all say mon. Well, if you want to come wit me to my village, we can talk there if you like."
I shake my head, letting the others do the talking. There was enough issues on my mind, negotiations didn't need to be added.
For your C&P Zarkun

Name: Tyone
Age: 27
Armaments: sniper rifle (30 damage and 10 range), pistol (5 damage and 4 range), patracan (melee 15 damage)
Specifics: always secretive, 6 ft tall, wears black leather garments
A shadow moves across the mountain. It senses its goal by the noxious, choking cloud of horror that surrounds it.

Greetings, Zzerkas. The others will arrive soon to see that we handle this properly. Can your slave keep them occupied until then?

OOC: Soon I will submit the pantheon data. Let's get Rolein'!
Well...I've been waiting and waiting...and I still don't get nothing from the DM...not even from smylez.
"Of course, it will be a shame if our game were...put out early."

The Voodoo Master turns around, "If you follow me mon, da tribe be less than a few hundred yards to da north."
I sigh and shake my head. "I don't like the vibe I'm getting here, and I haven't lived this long ignoring my gut. You guys do what you will, I'm climbing the mountain and finding some new shelter."
"Dat be your choice mon. In a few hours, how long will you last in da darkness? Come with me the rest of you."
OK, Crymson. I vill give you something.


Churgh, healed (sort of), claws his way out of the blocked cave, then grouchily begins making his way back to the swamp. He needs to find another Seed.

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