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I look around, scanning peoples vitals. Scans showed they were unconscious. {Believe it or not they did. I doubt the pilots did though. I'll head your way.} I start walking, drawing my rifle and flipping on the flashlights. I wasn't about to get jumped.
Smylez, the best retaliation to that is to simply accept your application.

However, I will alter it slightly by making you a native of this planet. Acceptable?
Hahaha! Why not? I'll post something serious tomorrow. Just make the edits and paste it in the character sheet and I'll look it over.
Okey-doke. Will do. A witch doctor is EXACTLY what will make my job easier.
lol.. this should be interesting.

Going to be off for a bit.. possible last post for evening.

{Right. I'll see what I can do from here.}
So all the natives are trolls?

This is going to be hilarious.
Same here. I'm done with Smylez' application tweaks, so I'm calling it quits for tonight.

EDIT - they can be. Though there will certainly be human tribes as well (survivors of older crashes).

EDIT EDIT - yes, I realize I just contradicted myself. G'night, peeps.
{Right.} I move up the aisle and sigh when I spot a flight attendant. She didn't make it to her seat in time, and paid with her life.
*flight attendants always die*
They're never in their seats. It's sad really.
Well, it looks like we're starting with just you guys.

The ship crashes in a small valley. The valley is in the shelter of a large mountain, and due to the mountain's position is dark for most of the day.


O = mountain
- = ground
~ = swamp
V = ship
C = river
W=The Voodoo Master


"Zzerkas! What do you want dis loyal servant to do?"

A distorted voice telepathically communicates with the Voodoo Master.

"And your wish is mah command."

The Voodoo Master sets forth for the main crash site.
I don't know if I should join this...I shouldn't because of how often I can get on and I'm already in pretty much all of them.

So it's going to be hard on me, I quit posting in some because I got so lost in them or I am trying to stick to a few so I don't get overwhelmed while I don't have internet.
The Voodoo Master finds himself staring at the crashed ship. He grabs a handful of stone and dirt and breathes into them. Then, he simply places it on the ground. He sits on top of a boulder near the crash site but far away from being seen.

"Fight or flight, the spirits delight in strife."
Hmm... *Scratching chin*
Koro, do it.
Party time. *cracks knuckles*
WOOT! One more to the party!
Vex "Blade" Zerash

Terran - Blade Kings
6'8", average body stature with a lot of muscle. White and Red medieval-themed power armor. Has light personal shielding. Wields a Energy-short sword (Imagine a dragon-themed sword about 3ft. in length, but the blade tip is curved and there is an electric-type energy going from the hilt to to blade tip when turned on, blade is a silver color, hilt black and gold.) And a blue (a little black finds its way in the color) "assault rifle" that fires projectiles somewhat like a rail gun but not as powerful and automatic, its barrel is open with a large horizontal opening in it. At the end there is a conductor where it charges bullets, making them deadlier. Dark skin, hair braided into dreadlocks and has a white milky eye with a scratch along it.

Personality - Usually very joking and humorous. Uses his strength to intimidate, and make intimidating jokes. Deep, voice and strong African accent. A very loyal man, usually nice, but can become very merciless on the battlefield

Background - Vex was always ambitious. He loved the concepts of order, loyalty and honor. His intelligence was good enough to get him through school as a slightly above average student, but he always excelled in physical activities. He was always the best cadet in the Junior Military Arts program. He saw a news-cast on the rising of the Blade Kings, and how they overthrew Omicron-3's oppressive government. That sparked his passion to join them. He is currently a Captain in their ranks and led many successful assaults on the "infidel" Archons of Steele, and the "shady bandits", the Shade Gheists.

Intro - He recently was sent here to scout this uncharted planet with a few P.E.O.N. worker units to create a new base of the "Outlands" region of the sector. The planets gravity pulled in his small ship, and only him and one comrade survived. His team-mate took a serious blow to the head and went insane, so Vex had to kill him. He sees a new ship arrive on this forsaken planet, and goes to see if they are even remotely friendly.
In a whisper, the Voodoo Master utters a phrase, "Zzerkas raknul a mal! Raza shal amok fa tera!"

The glowing dirt and stones vibrate and coalesce, forming a strange core. The core absorbs earthen matter until a golem-like being is formed.

It begins to head for the crash site.
The being 'climbs' its way through the dirt and stone, until it 'stands' atop the mountain. It climbs into the idol that stands there, and looks down upon the valley.

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