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OK, Crymson. I vill give you something.


Churgh, healed (sort of), claws his way out of the blocked cave, then grouchily begins making his way back to the swamp. He needs to find another Seed.
Was this it?

IC: My unconscious body was being dragged out by one of the Wolf Spiders, their poison paralyzing me and making me lose me conscious.
I forgot you were poisoned, I was going to have you encounter and finish off Churgh. But this is better.

IC: The spiders drag Veronica away, bringing her towards a web shrouded grove of sickly trees in the western swamp. Churgh notices them, but decides not to engage. They would just vanish, and their catch likely wouldn't be worth his time to steal.
The Wolf Spider's were starting to cover me in their sticky web. Forming around me so I couldn't move when I woke up.
A hissing voice spoke out from the webs. "What have you brought me, my children? A Swampling? A silly troll, wandered too far from his tribe?"

The massive spider waves her forelegs in surprise as she sees what it is.

"One from the sky! I must discuss this with my master. Bring it to my chamber until I decide what to do with it. Besides, it is no good to eat them freshly caught. Let it hang awhile and grow more delicious...

Jake suddenly hears a voice within his head.

The swamp! One is dying there! You must go to her aid!
I stop and listen. A voice that didn't delight in the death of the other survivors? I shrug and head towards it. I was certain that there wasn't anything I couldn't handle yet. Of course, that was because I'd just got here.
My eyes opened, I saw a Spider salivating over me, dripping onto my exposed face. I tried to use my strength to tear the webbing apart, but it was to strong. I couldn't get out. My hand was at my pocket at the time so I pulled out a knife and the blade was up against the web. It wouldn't cut that either.
"So the rest of you will follow? Good."

[Some time later, still daylight]

"Careful of those plants, they will swallow you whole if you get too close. You don't want dat right? We almost there. I see the smoke up ahead."
A small spider wraps a few more layers of web around Veronica, then hangs her by her feet from one of the massive tree branches that forms the ceiling of the lair. Meanwhile the larger spider moves towards a strange black stone.

"My master..."

A faint female voice echoes from the stone.

W|h|a|t h|a|v|e y|o|u t|o t|e|l|l, S|i|s|s|a|s|k?
I head towards the swamp, reaching it's edge with a few hours to spare. "Alright voice, I'm here. Where am I going next?"
Jake hears a gasp, a gurgling noise like a dying being. Its source is a small human shaped figure huddled in the mud on the edge of the swamp, propped against a dead log.
"Yeah right, like I'm falling for that trick." I level my assault rifle with the gasping form. "Prove you're human."
The being looks up at you, eyes wide in fear.

"Are... are... did the gods send you?"
"Don't know, all I know is I felt a need to come this way."
"Then they did!" He says, then begins coughing violently, spraying blood onto his chest. "But which ones, I wonder?" He broods for a moment. "I saw... I saw the Queen of Spiders bring my... my qua... quarry into her... her lair. I tried to... to... save... save Skyborn... spiders."

He lets out a deep, bloody sigh and collapses.
I sigh. He'd been human alright. I think. The only spiders I knew of were those weird wolf headed ones. Sighing, I look around, noticing the webbed up trees. "Well, if that isn't a spider's home." I work my way towards it, activating the active camo I'd picked up on my travels, blending in in a way no detector would figure out.
Probably won't post tomorrow, and I need CR's char to overhear things, so later.
Let's say that Stefan followed Jake.

Drawing my rifle and knife, I follow close behind.
I was quiet, listening to my surroundings. Planning on a way to get out, but that wouldn't be easy. I then overheard the spiders a stone? I was nervous, was this one of their deity's? Was I sacrifice?
W|e|l|l... I s|e|e y|o|u h|a|v|e a|t l|a|s|t b|r|o|u|g|h|t m|e a p|r|i|z|e o|f i|n|t|e|r|e|s|t. I |h|a|v|e d|e|c|i|d|e|d t|o c|o|m|e... i|n|s|p|e|c|t i|t m|y|s|e|l|f. A|w|a|i|t m|y c|o|m|i|n|g.

"Yes, Master."

A small spider scurries up a dead-looking tree to its post. It has this worked out very nicely. Nobody ever checks to see if it is actually in the sentry web, so it just crawls off to catch some juicy frogs before returning a half-hour before the guard-change so it appears ot have done its work. Besides, it's not likely to see anything approaching anyways.

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