Maltheism (RP)

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I reach the edge of the forest and look around. No sentry. Interestingly poor planning. I creep in, charging around and looking around. One cocoon looks like it's human. Gotcha. I notice the larger spider above it and curse. No sentry, but plenty of guards.
Following Jake, I carefully watch the endless layers of webbing for any unpleasant surprises;
{Careful Jake, I don't like the looks of this...}

Could we (the RP's) come up with a member of said pantheon?
I'm open to suggestions. If you guys agree on one I'll amost certainly add him/her/it.

IC: THe sentry spider waves its feelers in alarm. It's never actually seen an intruder before.
I'm not visible....
Spiders don't see prey, silly. Though I admit seen was a poor word choice.
Are there webs on the ground too?
Subtilis Cultro; the "Goddess" of malice, deception and revenge.

How about this?
I mean, every good story needs a villain thats a sadistic, amoral manipulative b!tch, right?
Yes, there are webs on the ground.

And that sounds good, hawk, but how can a female be a SOB?
.... KO, you know what I mean.. right?...

...whatever, I edited it.
Yes, yes, I know what you mean. Just kidding.
I fire on the spider, killing it, then fire a beam, cutting the webs easily and dropping the female contents into my arms. "Hi there."
The giant spider whirls.

"Kill my children and steal my food, is that what you do? Perhaps you will provide COMPENSATION!!"


------------------------------Spider Matriarch------------------------------

The servant of the Weaver, an evil goddess of deception and seduction. This spider is deadly, swift and strong. She also has a strangely seductive air to her...
I activate my cloaking field, disappearing in a shimmering haze.

With a high pitched whine, a series of shots slam into the Spider Matriarch;
{Run! I'll cover you!}
I yell over the comm to Jake.
I looked into the man's eyes, my hair clearly a mess but I didn't care.
"Maybe now isn't the time...Maybe we should introduce ourselves later?"
I sprint away, firing my rifle into the Matriarch as I go. "Later is definitely a good idea. Can you move?"
I tried to move my legs, but they were still numb and paralyzed.
"No, the poison is still paralyzing a good portion of my body."
"Welcome to my hovel! The locals will guide you around if you have any questions. I will return shortly."

[Moves away and leaves the survivor to their own devices]
Sissask screeches, and the webs surrounding her chamber weave themselves together, preventing escape.

"Now you will die, fools."
I curse and slide behind a tree, leaning her against it and handing her my pistol. "We'll stay right here for a moment then. Gotta let my servos cool down."
Circling around the edge of the chamber, I continue firing at the giant spider and draw my vibro-blade.

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