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I waved him off, holding the pistol in one hand, while my left hand was on my leg, trying to feel it. Trying to feel if for when I can walk again.
I fire a steady stream of plasma into the Matriarch, followed shortly by a shredder grenade. "Stefan, down!"
A laser round impacts on the web barring the way. Several grenades were also thrown, and Nina sprints in, tossing Disk Grenades like Frisbees at the Matriarch.
"Did I miss the fun? I'll make up for it." She says, throwing an Incendiary Grenade and firing.
Sissask shrieks in anger as the bullets strike her, then flings a web that immobilizes the one who dared hurt her. A dozen smaller spiders, including a few Wolf Spiders and Widow Spiders, drop down from above.
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flings a web that immobilizes the one who dared hurt her.

Who's that? A name in parentheses or something would be nice.
"Dirty--Why don't you give up!" I fire plasma at the spiders dropping in. "You alright, Nina?"
Sorry, should have clarified. It's Stefan.
Nina turns her rifle to the new spiders, but tosses another Incendiary Grenade at the Matriarch to remind her that she isn't done yet.
"Stefan, you need help, or can you get out on your own?" She asks.
The webs continue to reweave themselves, glowing blue like the hairs on Sissask's body.

"Whhyy do we fight? Wee could be frieends..."

The males in the chamber find the spider's voice strangely comforting, appealing...
Gee thanks.

"I'll.. be fine.."
I grunt. Flicking my knife on, I quickly begin slicing through the webbing, ripping off what I can.
Sissask flings webs at her female assailants, pinning them and preventing them from speaking momentarily. She speaks to the males.

"We could be t peeaace with one another."
"Not falling for it, spider! I survived the Zerg, I won't fall to you!" I keep a steady stream of fire up, the fire from the first attack appearing in my eyes and I start the creed. "We will never die, we will never fall, because Heaven won't have us and Hell's afraid we'll take over. We give no quarter, no respite, and we never surrender. Who are we? Hell Raisers!"
Nina burns the web off, then turns her rifle to rapid-fire, firing at spiders along with lighting them on fire with Pyrokenesis. "I hate spiders now. Annoying creatures." She says, focusing on the lesser spiders.
Sissask shakes her head. "I do not wish to fight you. You are a great warrior. Let us be friends..."

A droplet of venom appears on each of her fangs.
I stop for half a second, then shaking my head, I rise to my feet;
"Your petty words don't fool me, I've dealt with enough black widows to know that."
I say softly, just audible over the din of the battle.
Stefan's momenary pause is all the Matriarch needs. She pounces with the speed found only in Arthropodae and strikes, sinking her fangs into his flesh.

Don't counter, this will develop plotfully.
It's kinda hard not to... Stefan has a fairly unique set of innards. Not to mention his armor...

I laugh maniacally; my enhancements would keep it at bay, for now. Grabbing onto it's head, I sink my knife hilt deep into the spider's skull, twisting the knife violently.
Spiders don't have skulls...

Sissask shrieks and tries to leap back, flinging Stefan through the air and ripping the knife from his grasp. She scratches at it with her feelers, trying to remove it.
"Hell Raisers!" I leap forward, holstering my rifle and drawing both swords, and slide underneath the spider, slamming them into the heart region. "Enjoy Hell, b!tch!"
Hitting the webbed "roof", I get caught in the webbing, conveniently facing the Matriarch. Pulling my rifle arm into position, I open fire on it's head.

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